How Much Money Does It Take To Feel Safe?

Setting aside the anxiety-inducing number I would need for my own retirement, the number I want in the bank to feel safe in my present life would be the same as my debt.

Fifty Years Old and Sandwiched Between Two Generations

Women in their fifth decade often find themselves wedged, viselike, between two generations.

The Costs Of Changing My Name, Revised And Updated

So much of my identity is tied up in how people find and see me online. But who is Kate Landon online?

What My Therapist Would Want Me to Do With The Money I’m No Longer Spending On Her

While I’m not having too much difficulty adjusting to no longer having a Sunday evening appointment every other week, the biggest joy of being done with therapy is what it’s done for my budget.

Doing It Ourselves, Island Style

Seeing how someone from another culture approached life on a daily basis was illuminating. Unfortunately, it mostly illuminated my own helplessness and laziness.

Billing The Patriarchy For My Emotional Labor

No one asked me to anticipate when we’ll need more toilet paper and find out which store has the best deal on an economy pack, either. My emotional labor is automatic, a kind of compulsion.

The Trouble With Being Scrooge

I’ve always identified with Scrooge—both the Scrooge at the end of the story who sees that money well-spent can ameliorate human suffering, and, critically, the Scrooge at the beginning who hates spending so much he doesn’t heat his home or office and dines on free street-cart soup.

Onwards and Upwards

There is nothing more uncertain than the future. You can set goals, make a plan, work hard, and still end up in a totally unexpected place. My life has been a lot of that lately: a swiftly changing ocean current that I’m compelled to follow.

Baby’s First Bequest: How Do You Spend Someone Else’s Money?

Plenty of men I’m close to have died, but I’ve never inherited money before.

The Cost Of Trying To Seem Perfect Via 5 Years Of Holiday Cards

As years passed, our shoots got more elaborate and more expensive.