On Trying To Give Up Candy For My Kids

I love treats. A brownie and Diet Coke are my ideal breakfast, though a chocolate glazed old fashioned donut works too.

Small, Almost Microscopically Small, DIY Victories

Some DIY projects are immense and impressive. Others merely help get you through the day without calling a locksmith.

A Gemstone in the Rough

I sometimes wonder if catering attracts a specific kind of person, a kind of cultural voyeur, someone who takes an almost lascivious delight in watching other people make fools of themselves—by which I mean simply trying, at life.

Cheap, Yet Doubling Down On A Gambling Habit

I am cheap when it comes to the day-to-day. But once or twice a year, I think nothing of dropping several hundred dollars in a weekend playing cards. Of course I’d rather win, but I definitely budget to lose.

My Life and Education as a Community College Transfer Student

When I was 17 my parents offered me a deal: We’ll pay for your entire undergraduate career if you go to community college first, and a public, in-state school for the bachelor’s degree. I couldn’t say no; this was free college.

Stealing Time

My sister will sometimes say, “Can’t chat, got to work,” reminding me that she is less distractible than I am, and correspondingly more successful.

What I Learned About Money After Growing Up With A Parent Who’s An Addict

My father had a heroin problem. Although he didn’t mean to, he taught me a lot about personal finance in the process.

Zero Money Down? No Thanks. On Spending Upfront.

“Value” is not always as awesome as it seems.

Hair Apparent: The Cost Of Caring For Natural Hair

Gels, crèmes, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers – not to mention wigs, headbands, hats, and appliances – have cost me a small fortune over the years.

Emotional Labor and the Man Who Paid Me $400 to Have Dinner With Him

He didn’t say $400 straight out. He didn’t name any sort of price and I knew it’d be gauche to ask; it would ruin the deal.