The Cost Of An American Girl Doll Experience

I whispered to my husband, “Are we insane? A $115 doll? Shouldn’t she be behind glass? What if her hair gets matted?”

Let’s Kill Til It’s Dead The Myth That Mom’s Salary Pays For Childcare

If everyone benefits from childcare, everyone pays for childcare. Period.

The Effects Of A Working Mom On Her Children, According To Science

Maybe it sounds familiar because it seems self-evident.

How Much Do You Plan Your Life With Parenthood Costs In Mind?

Forget retirement. Are you saving for parenthood?

Giving To Family Beyond Your Parents

I had never felt as much like I really had money as I did when I began sharing it with my family.

Twenty Percent of Millennial Parents Live in Poverty

A new study from Young Invincibles has some unexpected and surprising news about Millennial parents: 20 percent of Millennial parents live in poverty, and Millennial parents have the highest poverty rates of any parents in the past 25 years.

When Tragedy Forces You To Lean In

If employees manage to slow down without drawing attention to the fact that they’re doing so — being subtle; fudging a little bit here and there as necessary — they can remain in their company’s good graces.

Forgiving Is Not Forgetting: On Letting Go Of Debts

“As mothers we would never want *our* value to be trivialized to a dollar amount.”

Fond Memories Of Take Your Kid To Work Day

I never got to do an actual work day with my dad but I would have loved it if he let me, simply for the glimpse into the shadow world of what adults do for so many hours away from home.

Yay, More Mommy Wars! Now With A Tax Twist

Instead of tax code changes that could be here one year and gone the next, I myself would prefer structural and societal changes in the way we support parents.

How Much Allowance Money Should You Give Your Children?

I love the idea of giving kids “one dollar per year of age per week,” because I would have been able to do so much with that money.

8 Ways I Might Spend a Modest Windfall, In Order of Fiscal Prudence

This windfall, along with the fact that my fixed expenses are relatively low, will allow me to make this boring dream into a boring reality.

“Your Children Deserve To Know What You Make” Uh OK

Money and sex are so often a source of shame to adults that we assume they are inappropriate subjects. They don’t have to be.

Helaine Olen Explains “Expenditure Cascades” As They Relate to Birthday Parties

How much have expenditures cascaded since the days of box cake and paper hats? Olen writes that 7 out of 10 U.S. parents spend more than $300 on a birthday party, while 1 out of 7 spend more than $1,000.

How People Without Parents Do Money

Theoretically, it’s our parents who teach us about money, the technicalities of how to handle it, but also how we might feel about it as a concept and approach it through a moral lens. But what about when our parents die before they can teach us anything?