Wealthy People Think People Are Wealthier

“The wealthy, surrounded by other wealthy people, generally believed the U.S. population was wealthier than it actually is.”

“Stay Classy, America!”: What It Means When We Tie Worth To Wealth

Class seems to be about appearing moderate and restrained rather than excessive in any way.

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Turns out that the justices on the Supreme Court are way richer than you think they are. Or some of them are, at any rate; others are juggling credit card bills and dental payments.

My Years As A Kleptomaniac

1984. My breath catches in my throat as my fingers curl around the smooth porcelain bowl.

How Female CEOs Are Like Shark Attacks

“There are so few women CEOs that if you do a Google image search for ‘CEO,’ the first woman to pop up is CEO Barbie.”

Happiness Might Not Max Out At $75K After All

More $ = more :), period.

Dear Mom, Your Child’s Better Off If You Go To Work

Calling out stay-at-home parents is a social sin in posh neighborhoods.

The Richest Kids At Your College Majored In English

If you’re at college and you need a loan, ask an English major.

2016 Presidential Contenders, Ranked By Richness

The one thing we know for sure? The next inhabitant of the Oval Office will be rich.

The Rent Is Officially Too Damn High For ‘Pretty Much Everyone’

People who are spending 50-70% of their take-home pay on rent can’t pay down their student loans or save for retirement, meaning that more of them will end up depending on social services later on.

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Behind the earnest, do-gooder veneer of Whole Foods is the leer of a scoundrel.

It’s Not Your Imagination. Rich People ARE Jerks, Says Science

“The proportion of jerkdom among the rich appears to be substantially higher than among the general population.”

This Week In Millennials: Everyone Hates Us But What If We’re Secretly Great

Poverty is pathologized, but empathy helps. What if our social media obsessions make us better at empathy?

“Sadly The American Dream Is Dead”: Please Welcome Your Newest Presidential Candidate!

Trump once paid tens of thousands of dollars to have a rose named after him. Would a rose by any other name really smell as sweet — even one called “The Donald” or perhaps “You’re Fired”?

How Not To Do Couchsurfing

‘I’m downsizing my life and giving up all my possessions to focus on experiences and friendships.’