Adam Ruins Everything by Asking Coworkers to Share Salary Information

Adam’s conclusion that “if we just discussed salary, we’d all earn more” doesn’t ring true.

Paul Ryan: Pro His Family, Not-So-Pro Other People’s

Paul Ryan’s Take 2 welfare reform efforts are more revealingly anti-family than any party line stance he takes on laws related to leave.

Blood, Bail, or Jail

“Ordering defendants to give blood used to be more commonplace.”

Poor Little Rich Folks: That Article About “Wealth Therapy”

“Being in the 1%, it turns out, can be lonely.”

Two Dates With Robert Durst

I was fortunate enough to share paella with a woman who mentioned, in context, that she had briefly gone out with Robert Durst. Naturally, no else else at the table was allowed to speak until she had shared us with the full story.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Cost Of High-End Extensions

High-quality hair extensions turned one woman from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

A Pope You Can Believe In

It was like an Aaron Sorkin wet-dream made real in DC yesterday: a liberal president met with a progressive pope to talk about poverty, immigration, and climate change.

Rich And Poor Families Alike When It Comes To Spending

Vox has put together a series of colorful charts that show that, whether we make $70,000+ a year or only $5,000, we in America have relatively consistent spending priorities.

Would You Like to Buy a Bus For $5?

Bus includes: flat screen TV, refrigerator, reclaimed wood walls. Bus does not start.

Class Matters: How We First Learn About Class

“I have never been able to identify or understand my class.”