It Was Always Supposed To Be A Living Wage

To argue that the minimum wage was never supposed to be a living wage is completely anachronistic.

Wealthy People Think People Are Wealthier

“The wealthy, surrounded by other wealthy people, generally believed the U.S. population was wealthier than it actually is.”

What We’re Reading: Comrade Sanders; Is Uber The Man?; Pell Grants & Prisoners

Bernie Sanders comes off as a cantankerous old socialist in this interview, a really smart one, and I’ve kind of developed a crush on him, help.

Fifteen Is The Magic Number

New York is poised to be the most recent success in the ongoing national Fight For $15.

What We’re Reading: Supreme Wealth; The Cost Of Hogwarts; And More

Turns out that the justices on the Supreme Court are way richer than you think they are. Or some of them are, at any rate; others are juggling credit card bills and dental payments.

Even Bankruptcy Judges Think Student Loan Laws Are Wack

Do we really have to wait until desperate people are “hopeless” to help them?

Low Salary? Your Cynical Attitude May Be To Blame

Holding cynical beliefs about human nature is likely to hinder one’s financial success.

Happiness Might Not Max Out At $75K After All

More $ = more :), period.

The Private Prison Industrial Complex

If Season 3 of Netflix’s dark comedy “Orange Is The New Black” has taught us anything, it’s that the only thing worse than a state-managed prison is a privately managed one.

Crowdfunding For Countries

As of this writing, almost 31,000 people have raised almost 500,000 euros for the nation of Greece.

Domestic Partnerships In An Age of Same-Sex Marriage

Will domestic partnership-type arrangements still be honored by employers?

When The Banks Close

“The choice before Greece is: insolvency or political unrest. To delay the inevitable financial disaster, Greece has put its financial system on hiatus.”

What We’re Reading: Whole Foods Cheats; Dream House Demands Sacrifice; & More

Behind the earnest, do-gooder veneer of Whole Foods is the leer of a scoundrel.

Obamacare Lives, And Your Subsidy Is Safe

The Supreme Court ruled this morning 6-3 in favor of the Obamacare status quo, and as someone whose little family relies on the Obamacare status quo, I say, thank God.

The Effects Of A Working Mom On Her Children, According To Science

Maybe it sounds familiar because it seems self-evident.