Writer Now Has Everything

Congrats to Meaghan!

Do “Geniuses” Handle Money Better Than The Rest Of Us?

None of these grantees receives his or her award for being good with money — though perhaps the fact that so many of them have made it to mid-life without trust funds and without giving up speaks for itself.

Worldwide Gender Gap More Like A Yawning Abyss

The Guardian reports that tackling gender inequality in the developing world would generate an immense amount of wealth — $12 trillion, in fact.

Hey, Whatever Happened To The Deficit Anyway

If the deficit falls and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Retiring Without Money

One of our readers sent us an article with cautionary tales of seniors struggling to get by because they don’t have enough for retirement.

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby, At Least Until You Turn 30

Some good news on the pay equity front: ladies now command higher salaries than dudes, on average, at least in their twenties and at least in jolly old England.

When ‘Do What You Love’ Is A Trap But ‘Do What You’re Paid For’ Is Too

In the Times this week, psychologist and author Barry “Paradox Of Choice” Schwartz pointed out that the vast majority of us don’t like our jobs or find them meaningful, and that that’s a huge waste of human potential.

Please God Can We Stop Using Guns To Sell Things

There are guns in ads everywhere you look. Not ads for guns, per se, but ads that glamorize guns, that offer them as tempting solutions to the problem of other people.

Certified Genius Demonstrates Heart of Gold

It’s impressive enough to be a Genius — like, officially a Genius, as recognized by a MacArthur Grant. It’s even more impressive to be a good person. Poet Heather McHugh has proven herself to be both at once.

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Our Litigious Society: Customer chooses to eat at restaurant famous for throwing rolls at customers; gets hit by a thrown roll; sues for $25,000.