The Wife Bonus Is REAL And It Is Spectacular

The role he’s rewarding me for is my work as a stay-at-home wife and mother. And the luxury labels are purchased with the “wife bonus” — 20 percent of his own company bonus — that I’m proud to receive for putting his career before my own, and keeping our lives together.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leather Shoelaces & How They Relate To Lunch

“Leather in all its forms—the aspirational $10,000 Hermès bag, the $6,000 upgrade package in a Mercedes, the $120 New Balance sneaker—is the wrapper around what will become someone else’s Big Mac.”

Would You Function Better Without Your Boss?

“In the place of bosses and managers, Zappos will create hundreds of committee-like ‘circles’ filled by employees.”

Welcome to Our Newly Redesigned Website!

Oh, hey! We have a new website!

Pretty Sure I Deserve A “Wife Bonus”

“Access to your husband’s money might feel good. But it can’t buy you the power you get by being the one who earns.”

Food Cart Entrepreneurs, Maple Syrup Mafias, & More

“In my first two years of the food cart, people said that I’d reached the American dream. But I didn’t know what that was so I Googled it.”

1 in 21 New Yorkers Is A Millionaire, & More Fun Facts About The Rich!

“Millionaires saved only 14% a year on average.”

Pop Quiz, Hotshot! Do More People Walk/Bike To Work Or Work From Home?

Water cooler conversation is almost as vital as water itself.

Happy Monday! Do You Consider Yourself Financially Secure?

If you are among the financially secure elect, congratulations! You probably benefit from: 1) An internal compass; 2) Perseverance; 3) Emotional control; 4) Confidence

How Your 401(k) Stacks Up Against Fortune 500 Companies and Other Stories

Three stories to start your day.

Say Goodbye To Your Little Friend (Avocado)

In a world where the sun is hot and water is scarce, survival comes down to competition.

Inside Baseball: ‘New York Mets, Take My Money’

Let me give you more money for your fundamentally worthless product.

Life, And Doing Money, In The New Middle Age

What if this is part of our grand cultural delusion that we’ll never get old, and that affects how we save or don’t save for retirement?

Our Favorite Time of the Day and Other Stories

Allison Jones, FICO scores, and trelfies.

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