Please God Can We Stop Using Guns To Sell Things

There are guns in ads everywhere you look. Not ads for guns, per se, but ads that glamorize guns, that offer them as tempting solutions to the problem of other people.

Certified Genius Demonstrates Heart of Gold

It’s impressive enough to be a Genius — like, officially a Genius, as recognized by a MacArthur Grant. It’s even more impressive to be a good person. Poet Heather McHugh has proven herself to be both at once.

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Our Litigious Society: Customer chooses to eat at restaurant famous for throwing rolls at customers; gets hit by a thrown roll; sues for $25,000.

Does “Non-Refundable” Mean What We Think It Means?

The consumer advocate at The Washington Post has published a fascinating piece about the intricacies of trying to get a refund on a non-refundable airline ticket.

It Was Always Supposed To Be A Living Wage

To argue that the minimum wage was never supposed to be a living wage is completely anachronistic.

Wealthy People Think People Are Wealthier

“The wealthy, surrounded by other wealthy people, generally believed the U.S. population was wealthier than it actually is.”

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Bernie Sanders comes off as a cantankerous old socialist in this interview, a really smart one, and I’ve kind of developed a crush on him, help.

Fifteen Is The Magic Number

New York is poised to be the most recent success in the ongoing national Fight For $15.

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Turns out that the justices on the Supreme Court are way richer than you think they are. Or some of them are, at any rate; others are juggling credit card bills and dental payments.

Even Bankruptcy Judges Think Student Loan Laws Are Wack

Do we really have to wait until desperate people are “hopeless” to help them?