Zero Money Down? No Thanks. On Spending Upfront.

“Value” is not always as awesome as it seems.

Are Budgets BS? The Experts Weigh In

You don’t need to budget to live within your means.

Hair Apparent: The Cost Of Caring For Natural Hair

Gels, crèmes, sprays, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers – not to mention wigs, headbands, hats, and appliances – have cost me a small fortune over the years.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Cost Of High-End Extensions

High-quality hair extensions turned one woman from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde.

When Sephora Calls You A “VIP,” You Might Have A Problem

I will gladly, any day of the week, spend 30 minutes in the aisles of a drugstore, sneakily opening shampoo bottles to get a whiff, trying to wipe the shampoo off my face after I’ve inadvertently snorted some onto my nose.

I’ve Spent ~$15K On Trapeze And I Regret Nothing

My financial vice is that I spend more on circus lessons each month than I do on rent.

The Cost Of A Broken Toilet

Babygirl cuddled with me in bed, telling me not to worry because I could use her potty, while Ben dragged himself out to the nearest hardware store. He was determined to fix the bathroom problem himself using elbow grease and YouTube videos.

Don’t Live In Brooklyn. Commute! From Ohio

One of the zillions of us who are astonished and even grossed out by the obscenity of current real estate prices in New York’s hippest borough has come up with a novel solution to the dilemma of where to live.

Kink Is Expensive: The Cost Of Setting Up As A Dom

The picture of a Dom you may have in your mind, with leather corset, boots, skirt and maybe a whip? That’s a minimum five hundred dollar outlay IF you buy 2nd hand.

In My Time of Need, a Rich Friend Helped Me Put Together a Budget

I lost a job, suffered through a broken engagement, and worried about my five-figure credit card debt. Enter Rich Friend and her fountain pen.