Kink Is Expensive: The Cost Of Setting Up As A Dom

The picture of a Dom you may have in your mind, with leather corset, boots, skirt and maybe a whip? That’s a minimum five hundred dollar outlay IF you buy 2nd hand.

In My Time of Need, a Rich Friend Helped Me Put Together a Budget

I lost a job, suffered through a broken engagement, and worried about my five-figure credit card debt. Enter Rich Friend and her fountain pen.

When The Couch Comes

When the couch comes, you’re not wearing a bra, because of course you’re not, it’s not even noon yet and you work for the Internet.

My Kids Go To School With Holes In Their Shoes But They Also Go To Europe

The general rule in our house is that new clothes come at Christmas and birthdays unless your toes are sticking out of your shoes. Otherwise, you can buy them yourself.

The Pros And Cons Of Air-Conditioning

We need AC to be more productive, but it contributes to global warming, which raises earth temperatures which causes us to use more AC, which can stress out our electrical circuits and cause sweltering blackouts.

It Was Always Supposed To Be A Living Wage

To argue that the minimum wage was never supposed to be a living wage is completely anachronistic.

Can We Make Renting Better?

Is there anything we can do as a society to make renting less onerous and stressful and expensive?

Buy the Flowers

How a $3.99 bouquet of flowers can change an entire perspective.

Seattle’s Tent Cities Provide Structure to Homeless Residents

This is Nickelsville, a Seattle tent city that has been operating since 2008. The city and its residents find a place to set up camp, and live there until they are forced to relocate.

Movin’ On Up While Keeping Costs Down

Prepping to move is a great time to try KonMarie!