The Surprisingly Queer-Friendly World Of Finance

Banking and financial services companies are leading the way on LGBT workplace equality.

Working The Jobs That Must Stay Open Over The Holidays

There are no perfect fixes if your work must stay open every day of the year, but staffing/scheduling policies can help.

‘Tis the Season for Emotional Labor

Why does the holiday season leave so many of us worn out? Because most holiday work is straight-up emotional labor.

Susie Cagle’s Ledger Lists Her Freelancing Income, and the Numbers Are Very Familiar

Susie Cagle and I are making roughly the same amount of money.

It’s A Good Time To Become A Nurse

“Salaries and bonuses for nurses have been ‘unprecedented.'”

Several People Are Typing

If you work remotely, with the rest of your coworkers in another state, unless you insist on video chats every week, you could go for months without hearing another coworker’s voice.

When Tuesday Begins to Feel like Wednesday

If you’re at work on Tuesday and it feels like you’re already in the middle of the workweek, it might be because you’ve fallen into a routine of getting a jump on Monday by starting work on Sunday.

Revising the American Dream

Even though I know that the very idea of the American Dream is flawed, I still can’t seem to help but measure myself against it, and I always find myself lacking.

Be Grateful. But Don’t Let Them Use That Against You.

“You should be grateful for the opportunity and the exposure that we are offering you.”

The Tempestuous Relationships Between Millennials And Their Employers

Your tolerance for the following open letter, which appeared in Forbes, explaining why Millennials keep quitting their jobs, will depend a lot on a) how you feel about open letters, and b) how you feel about Millennials who play to type.