Scraping a Living at a Crêpes Restaurant

“Are you afraid of getting burned?” asked my supervisor as I gingerly lifted a floppy, undercooked crêpe with a spatula. I looked at it with dismay as it fell apart. She swept it off to the side with one long motion of her own spatula, greasing the griddle again. “I’m not,” she said as I struggled to spread the thick buckwheat batter evenly on the huge griddle.

A Cupcake Decorator Gets Fired for Being a Hero

For three sweet weeks in 2008 while the economy was on the brink of extinction, I decorated cupcakes. The job—froster at a cupcakes-only bakery—came from my roommate, who worked there on weekends. She was working part-time at the ACLU during the week. The decorator job opened up when she got a full-time spot campaigning for Death with Dignity.

The Givers

Last night I read Jerry Useem’s 6,000-word feature in the June issue of The Atlantic examining a bunch of research that looks into why jerks get ahead and, as the saying goes, “nice guys finish last,” to see if I could glean anything new from a relatively well-worn argument.

Los Angeles Announces $15 Minimum Wage By 2020

Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council made plans to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15/hr by 2020. This comes after a series of #FightFor15 protests, including a 15-day hunger strike in front of LA’s City Hall.

Do The Side Hustle

“Even a non-cool writing job is still a gift.”

Why Self-Driving Trucks Are an Argument for Basic Income

Scott Santens’ thesis is that we need to start planning now for a Basic Income because as we continue to automate jobs like truck driver, we’ll need some kind of basic survival income to provide for all the people who become unemployed.

A Guide To — And The Cost Of — Being A Modern Farmer

“My cousin in North Carolina told me that a farmer only needs two things in her house: a good bed and a good hot shower. She was right.”

Facebook Announces $15 Minimum Wage, 15 Paid Days Off

It’s a good day to be a Facebook contractor. The company just announced that they were raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour, and giving contractors at least 15 paid days off to be used for vacation, sick leave, or holidays.

A New Way to Work From Home: Telecommute Into a Robot Body

We have a long way to go before we get to the point where everyone will be as happy to see a Beam robot as they are to see a real person, but this signifies a huge possibility shift in the way we approach work and the work-life balance.

Robert Reich Explains the $15 Minimum Wage in Two Minutes and 30 Seconds

Here’s today’s must-watch video: former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich takes a flip chart and a Sharpie and, in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, explains exactly how a $15 minimum wage would benefit the economy.

Pop Quiz, Hotshot! Do More People Walk/Bike To Work Or Work From Home?

Water cooler conversation is almost as vital as water itself.

How To Get A Grown-Up Job In D.C., 67 Weeks And 100 Coffees Later

When asked about a salary range, say, “Something that starts with a six.”

When Tragedy Forces You To Lean In

If employees manage to slow down without drawing attention to the fact that they’re doing so — being subtle; fudging a little bit here and there as necessary — they can remain in their company’s good graces.

The Hours We Put In

If you’ve got a 9-to-5 kind of job, have you noticed yourself working longer hours but not seeing any additional financial benefits from putting in the extra hours?

Today’s Tweens Want Jobs in STEM and Healthcare

In this small sample size, every single student wants to pursue a STEM career (yes, architecture is classified as a STEM career) or a STEM-adjacent career in healthcare/veterinary care.