The Doggie Daycare Day Job

While earning what I’ve calculated to be $1.67 an hour for my creativity, I also worked at dog daycare, where my roommate, a fellow employee, had secured me an interview. There, I made $10 an hour to mop up pee.

Working 9-5, And Also 5-8 And Sometimes More For The Same Money

The latest domestic front on which the Obama administration is waging a battle? Paid overtime for the American worker.

Very Dry Fine Arts Summer Camp

I was a rising college junior, and very eager to take on adult workplace responsibilities such as “explaining why your policies are ineffective.”

Wet Hot American Soccer Camp

The first thing my boss ever said to me was, “You haven’t killed anyone have you?” This was at the soccer camp where I worked for two summers in college.

Frustrated With Big-City Parking? Pay a Gig Economy Worker to Park for You

We now live in a world where “you take home 100% of what you earn” is presented as a benefit.

What Would You Do With a 32-Hour Workweek?

Would a 32-hour workweek change your life dramatically, or would it be pretty much the same life with a little less work in it?

Publish a Book and Change Your Life, or, Well, Maybe Not

If you were an attorney or an accountant and you said to someone, “I’ve been doing this job for two decades and am finally starting to make money at it,” people would look at you like you were crazy.

“What if you could triple profits by paying employees more?”

“You cannot tell me that your business model relies on paying people below the poverty line.”

What It’s Like To Work At The Happiest Place On Earth

The Disney College Program is an easy internship to get, but a hard one to finish.

A Working Vacation and Chance to Decompress in Key West

When I first arrived in the Keys, I didn’t have much in mind for what I wanted to do. I had given myself two months to decompress after working at an office job in San Francisco that I despised.

How to Get Free Money And Still Be Broke

Few things will remind you of your station in life more quickly than a $100 gift card for a store where things begin at $300.

When Doing What You Love Doesn’t Pay: What Next?

The notion that the perfect book/sculpture/performance equals the perfect life stems from a deep-seated belief that if “you can be the ideal artist and be so in touch with your creativity, everything else will just fall into place,” says Clayman.

“Our Laws Weren’t Written With This Economy in Mind”: Susie Cagle on the Gig Economy

Two days ago we looked at the decoupling of productivity and wages, courtesy of Hank and John Green.
Now, journalist and artist Susie Cagle helps us look at another decoupling: one of employers and employees.

The Moral Conflict of Living and Working in Qatar

The place has a way of sucking you in with its material comforts and opportunities for travel. It has a way of making you forget the bad stuff or, worse, becoming inured to it.

“Don’t Say You’re Sorry”: Advice On Firing People From Time & J. Crew

It’s usually awkward when the news reports that you’re outsourcing American union jobs to Manilla. It’s even more awkward when you’re caught telling your managers to refuse to apologize.