Job Of The Day: Cat Circus Attendant

It’s time to run away and join the cat circus.

When Working For Yourself Is About Getting a Company to Hire You

Becoming part of a larger entity is one of the smartest things you can do for yourself, if you are interested in having a creative career.


‘Leap’ is about asking ourselves the following question: “Who am I without my job?”

On Women’s Equality Day, Former Amazon Employee Asks Jeff Bezos to Treat Women and Parents Better

Julia Cheiffetz, the executive editor of HarperCollins Publishers writes on Medium about the time she worked in Amazon’s book publishing division and took time off to have a baby and battle cancer.

Zirtual’s Zeople Are Zuing

Turns out Zirtual’s mass firing might have violated federal law, and the Zeople are putting together a zlass-zaction lawzuit.

Can We End Tipping Culture?

In cities where the minimum wage has been successfully raised, restaurants are increasingly considering abolishing tips altogether.

In Office Cheerleaders, Game Rooms, & Everything Else Your Employer Is Willing To Give You Besides Childcare

Having ladies around in skirts and heels to chitchat and play ping-pong improved efficiency? I find that a mite hard to believe.

The Future of Music Coalition Responds to the “Creative Apocalypse” Story

The Future of Music Coalition provided data to The New York Times for the Creative Apocalypse piece, and they think the NYT got the interpretation wrong.

Dissecting Cats With High School Students

As a first-year high school teacher, I was required to lead a cat dissection unit. This is my story.