How a 27-Year-Old Worrying About Lifestyle Inflation Does Money

It was probably immediately post college when I got really determined to pay off that credit card debt and never miss a payment on my student loans, all on a $12/hr fellowship wage commuting from the VA suburbs.

How a Faith Healer Does Money

Jason Cooper is a traveling faith healer and speaker/pastor at Cityreach Schenectady who lives with his wife and two daughters in a condo in Schenectady, NY.

How a Bay Area Engineer Who Decided It’s Not Worth It Anymore Does Money

I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s not worth it anymore. Everyone is overworked and stressed and we never have time to see each other because there is always a deadline.

‘Moneytripping’ Across the U.S.

This summer, Bailey Reutzel decided to quit her job and drive across the country interviewing people about how they are making do (or not) in the post-financial-crisis America.

How a Research Manager Preparing to Live on a Houseboat in Cairo Does Money

“One time we desperately needed money for operations, and went to a guy who literally DUG WADS OF NOTES OUT OF THE GROUND to change our money.”

How a Woman Who Prioritizes Savings Over Debt Repayment Does Money

I’d rather have the flexibility of (not quite, but soon!) $10,000 in the bank rather than $10,000 in loans, for the relatively low cost of $2,000 in interest. I’m risk-adverse.

Talking to Seth Boyer About Burgerwave Music and Living on $12,000

The end goal is to live long enough to watch capitalism be dismantled so I can continue to make art and take care of the regrettable physical necessities like eating and shelter.

How a New Zealand Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writer Does Money

In a move I attribute entirely to The Billfold, I set up a whole bunch of sub-savings accounts last year, and it’s been great.

An Interview With a 17-Year-Old Theater Accountant

“I really like how structured it is and how it makes you think. It’s not so much about math, it’s about finding the appropriate place to put a number. It’s sort of like solving a puzzle. Each amount of money is it’s own little piece and once you place them all together and they fit your budget, it’s like you’ve solved the puzzle.”

How a Communications Professional Near Detroit Does Money

Financial freedom, even on a small scale, is amazing. Being able to say yes without sweating the cost is excellent. I’m not talking trips around the world, but Prince tickets or a quick weekend away.