Hank and John Green on the Decoupling of Productivity and Wages

Today, if you’ve got eight minutes, consider watching these two Vlogbrothers videos from Hank and John Green about the decoupling of productivity and wages.

Uh Oh, Marco Rubio: How Money Savvy Should A Candidate Be?

The point of the Times piece is not that Rubio has made one or two mistakes with money but that there is a discernible “imprudent” pattern in his behavior.

Troubled By Wealth Inequality and By Our Own Futures

My mode of operation has always been to be worried.

Underemployment, Illustrated; Why Not Take Your Cat To A Restaurant?; & More

“Underemployed” is a beautifully illustrated and painfully sad account of graduating into a recession and trying to get meaningful work.

The Moral Dilemma Posed by the Mani-Pedi

it’s a small, cheap, accessible luxury in a city where most luxuries are inaccessible to me.

2014 Wall Street Bonus Pool Is Double the Full-Time Minimum Wage Earnings Combined

The Wall Street bonus pool may be double the full-time minimum wage earnings combined, but an individual bonus could be twelve times as much as a minimum-wage worker earns.

Pittsburgh Store Charges Women 76 Percent Less Than Men, to Make Up for the Wage Gap

As we wait for equal pay for everybody, Pittsburgh store 76<100 is working to make up the gap at the other end: by charging women 76 percent of what the store charges men for the same purchases.

#FightFor15 Stands Up for a Living Wage

Yesterday was #FightFor15, a nation-wide strike/protest/assembly where a reported 60,000 people in 200 cities rallied in support of a single goal: a $15 minimum wage, across America, as soon as possible.

CEO Lowers His Salary to $70,000, Raises Employees’ Salaries to $70,000

Dan Price, founder and CEO of Gravity Payments, just announced that he would lower his million-dollar salary to $70,000 in order to pay all of his employees at least $70,000.

Happy Equal Pay Day!

Today is Equal Pay Day, which—to quote the National Committee on Pay Equity—”symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.”

McDonald’s Sues Seattle Over $15 Minimum Wage, Cites Fourteenth Amendment

If certain types of Seattle small businesses are temporarily exempt from the minimum wage increase (at least until 2021, when all Seattle employers are required to pay $15 an hour), all businesses should be temporarily exempt, because businesses are people and people are required to be equal under the law. It says so right there in the Fourteenth Amendment.

What Marriage (And Remarriage) Has To Do With Money

re-marriage for women is correlated with a number of positives, whereas uggghhhhh staying divorced for a woman can spell d i s a s t e r

For Whom Is The New York Times?

Of course newspapers are, if we’re being cynical here which we are, a way of disseminating advertising. But shouldn’t they still strive to be populist?

John Oliver Throws Stones at the Lottery

People hate taxes yet love lotteries, even though lottery winners are often quite unlucky in the long run.

Cutting The Boys’ Pay To Give More To The Girls

as Jill Abramson would say: TOO BAD.