Adam Ruins Everything by Asking Coworkers to Share Salary Information

Adam’s conclusion that “if we just discussed salary, we’d all earn more” doesn’t ring true.

Sesame Street Is Moving to HBO, And Poor Kids Get Hand-Me-Down Episodes

Sesame Street was originally designed for low-income children; I mean, it was designed for all children, but it was designed specifically so low-income kids could look at the television and see their world.

When Law Enforcement Revenue Generation Gets Out of Control

When police officers are required to generate revenue for the cities they serve, they become motivated to make more arrests—which in turn can have devastating consequences.

Do You Manage Your Money Like CGAP’s Definition of a “Poor Person?”

Choosing to spend most of our time working for regular payments instead of longer-term, riskier investments isn’t just a low-income thing, right? It’s a “most of our incomes” thing.

To Make Up for Wage Gap, The Way Station Charges Women 77 Percent of Bar Tab

This week, Brooklyn bar The Way Station ran a special promotion: women would only pay 77% of their bar tab, to make up for the wage gap.

Hank and John Green on the Decoupling of Productivity and Wages

Today, if you’ve got eight minutes, consider watching these two Vlogbrothers videos from Hank and John Green about the decoupling of productivity and wages.

Uh Oh, Marco Rubio: How Money Savvy Should A Candidate Be?

The point of the Times piece is not that Rubio has made one or two mistakes with money but that there is a discernible “imprudent” pattern in his behavior.

Troubled By Wealth Inequality and By Our Own Futures

My mode of operation has always been to be worried.

Underemployment, Illustrated; Why Not Take Your Cat To A Restaurant?; & More

“Underemployed” is a beautifully illustrated and painfully sad account of graduating into a recession and trying to get meaningful work.

The Moral Dilemma Posed by the Mani-Pedi

it’s a small, cheap, accessible luxury in a city where most luxuries are inaccessible to me.