You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Real Estate Edition

We shot for the moon, bidding on a house in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and when we missed, we landed on our asses, busted & bruised.

“It’s unclear where one can live comfortably, affordably, & ethically in New York.”

If the housing situation is Portland is rough, the situation in New York is galactically bad, apocalyptically bad, as bad as those first three Star Wars prequels.

High-End Approach To Homelessness Freaks People Out About What The Poor “Deserve”

The idea of doing more for people with needs rather than less — even with private, not government, funds! — is, it turns out, anathema.

An Interview With the Internet’s Favorite House Hunter

As a young New York City resident I’ll admit I initially didn’t want to follow House Hunting. I know this sounds crazy, but following the blog—as charming as it was—felt like potentially opening a portal to a life (or lives) free from NYC real estate. Like: Moving to a place where I can have a cottage for $500 a month.

Couple Plus Dog & MiniPig Want To Pay $200 To Camp/Farm/Lodge With You

“We stopped renting 6 months ago, and moved into a trailer, which we currently live in. We are now parked in my parents driveway while we look for a place a little more permanent.”

Pick A Suburb, Any Suburb

Americans at large still retain a positive view of the suburbs.

Why Buy The House When You Can Get The Village For Free

Look, a hamlet for sale, cheap! Do you suppose it was abandoned because it took forever to make up its mind about anything and couldn’t commit to an action? ba-dum-CHING, y’all, that was a Shakespeare joke.

A Minority View On Inner-City Poverty

“Building new affordable housing in wealthy areas takes investment away from the downtrodden areas that most need it.”

How Do You Sell a Stigmatized House?

Will Hunt and Matt Wolfe have a great feature story up about a family who spent six years in court trying to have the sale of the house they bought rescinded after they discovered that it was the site of a gruesome murder-suicide.

Going Home to the West Coast, via Chicago, Paris, West Africa, and New England

If you want a house that will ruin you for everywhere else you’ll ever live, go to a women’s college.