Pick A Suburb, Any Suburb

Americans at large still retain a positive view of the suburbs.

Why Buy The House When You Can Get The Village For Free

Look, a hamlet for sale, cheap! Do you suppose it was abandoned because it took forever to make up its mind about anything and couldn’t commit to an action? ba-dum-CHING, y’all, that was a Shakespeare joke.

A Minority View On Inner-City Poverty

“Building new affordable housing in wealthy areas takes investment away from the downtrodden areas that most need it.”

How Do You Sell a Stigmatized House?

Will Hunt and Matt Wolfe have a great feature story up about a family who spent six years in court trying to have the sale of the house they bought rescinded after they discovered that it was the site of a gruesome murder-suicide.

Going Home to the West Coast, via Chicago, Paris, West Africa, and New England

If you want a house that will ruin you for everywhere else you’ll ever live, go to a women’s college.

Living in Fort Worth and Trying to Find an Affordable Place to Live

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, where rent is manageable compared to major West and East Coast housing markets, but the rent here has recently been skyrocketing. Even so, I was just able to find my new apartment for the next year.

Not Exactly What You Think of When You Hear ‘Millennial Commune’

When I came across this article with the headline “The Millennial Commune,” I expected to read a story about young, broke millennials getting together in large houses or apartments to save on living costs and find like-minded individuals. Nope.

Can We Make Renting Better?

Is there anything we can do as a society to make renting less onerous and stressful and expensive?

Apartment Hunting in the Age of Social Media

I don’t know about you, but I find it unnerving that someone would even ask you for your social media accounts in a situation where you should be judged on the fact that you have a stable job and the ability to pay rent?

Happy Birthday! I Bought You Something That Costs $5K A Month

Don’t buy someone a present that costs them money.