“Come On, Move In! It’ll Take You 5 Minutes!”

Choice quote: “This is a bathroom and a home office.” Very efficient.


A Guide to Maybe, Someday Buying a Home

The process of buying a home can seem overwhelming to those of us who haven’t gone through it before. So as any good millennial would do, I decided the first place to start my investigation would be with some good, old-fashioned crowdsourcing. I asked more than a dozen friends who’ve made the plunge in the past couple years about where to get started.


How To Buy A Dining Room Table In 24 Easy Steps

1) You don’t need a dining room table. You don’t have a dining room. You have some space in your living area that you use for eating, and the table you have right now is fine, thanks.

2) Anyway, you hate buying furniture.

3) Admittedly your sister-in-law walked into your apartment for the first time and said, “Hey! Once you get some real furniture in here, I think this will be nice!”

4) But what is “real furniture”? For years you used a dresser that your husband’s ex-stepmother found in a field on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike. For years you slept on a futon frame you and your then-boyfriend found on 2nd Avenue and carried upstairs. It was broken, half of it sloped, so you and your then-boyfriend slept curled up like a quotation mark on one half of the bed.

5) Isn’t that kind of romantic?

6) This was before you’d heard about bedbugs.


And on the Eighth Offer, We Got a House

In October 2012, my husband and I had established careers in our town, a down payment saved, and a big student loan and a truck paid off. We were ready to buy a house, and our lease was up, so we packed up our stuff and moved into a small apartment that came with a six-month lease that turned month-to-month.


What’s Student Loan Debt Preventing You From Doing? A Lot of Things

Nicole wrote yesterday that the reason she’s not a homeowner is because owning a home means building a life together with someone else, and she’s still waiting for the right person to come along. At the same time Nicole’s post went up, the Associated Press reported that student debt is one of the biggest factors that’s preventing young people from buying homes.


The Post-Modern One-Percenter Version of the Brady Bunch

The story is that the ex wants to move out but doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to do so. So, until Levy can sell the mansion-like apartment where the entire brood currently lives, she and Lipman are stuck sharing a kitchen and squabbling over inanities.


On Saving Money with Solar Panels, Renewable Energy, and Such Like

Maybe solar was too cumbersome. Maybe the start up costs were too high. But at least one person has found workarounds and has been surprisingly satisfied by the results.


The Hunt: In Manhattan, Creative Types from Galaxy UDFj-39546284 Find a Home

The asking price for the island was $4 billion, with monthly charges of around $3 million. The couple made a low offer, and were thrilled be accepted. “It’s a buyer’s market right now,” said Ms. Miller, “and the current tenants were really motivated to avoid provoking a stressful protracted intergalactic war.”


Talking to a Millennial Homeowner

My friend Mo Hayes and her husband Jeff fall into this dual category of Millennials and homeowners. In fact, the two of them bought their home while Mo was still in college. What prompted them to join the 33.3 percent of Millennials who are homeowners? I asked Mo about her decision.