Going Platinum

Well, I did it. I waded through the fire-swamp of the NY State of Health online insurance marketplace, I got cleared to apply for insurance for next year, and I finally got to compare my current Bronze plan to the various alternatives.

When Your Health Insurance Drops Your Hospital, Which Means You Must Drop It

I’m feeling more in sympathy with the Lost Boys these days as I’m forced to adult as hard as I can on several fronts at once. Including: choosing a new health plan.

The Deductibles Are Too Damn High

Mine is basically the cheapest decent plan I could find and I can afford it only because I’m married to an employed person and we have savings. Many Americans aren’t so lucky.

Go For The Bronze, Maybe! Advice From An Obamacare/HSA Expert

I spoke to the very well-informed Steve Neeleman about getting your health insurance house in order for this coming year, especially if you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant in 2016.

Open Enrollment Has Started, and My Options Are Worse This Year

I’m paying $2,948.28 over the course of the year for the privilege of only having to pay $6,100 towards any medical costs.

$275 For An Anatomy Scan: Worth It?

After a frank conversation with my midwife, I found I had a choice to make. The anatomy scan, which takes place at about twenty weeks, loomed. Did I want it, knowing roughly what — or at least that — I would have to pay?

Paid For “Playing The Role Of An Employed Fertile Human Body”

“The $8,000 started to look laughable.”

Deals Make The Fine Print Extra Fine

I wasn’t sure I could afford a gym membership. Then I checked the fine print on my health insurance.

Free Market Saves The Day. Yay?

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals’ action amounts to a kind of charity, and charity, however welcome and important, can’t be counted on.

I Can Stand on My Head But $$ Falls From My Pockets: The Costs of Keeping Fit

I spend a lot of money on exercise. So much money that you might consider my workout habit a vice.