How Lucrative Is Dentistry?

How lucrative is dentistry? Very.

Thoughts on Medicare’s 50th Birthday

“What the patient really needs is better insurance.”

The physician said it abruptly, matter-of-factly. Her comment was not meant to evoke empathy in the rest of the medical team. She stated it like a diagnosis.

What I’ve Learned As A Fake Patient In A Simulated Hospital

I’m a medical actor, a person who gets paid to inhabit the experiences of imaginary people on the worst days of their lives. The going rate for that is about $20 an hour.

The Cost Of Things: Returning To Orthodontia As An Adult

Go ahead, ask me about my retainer.

The Cost Of Things: Living & Working With Depression

We hear a lot about the cost of illness, whether physical or mental, but it’s the way these costs are presented that is perhaps most troubling.

The Benefits Crystal Ball

I should have consulted a clairvoyant before I went to the New Employee Orientation.

Obamacare Lives, And Your Subsidy Is Safe

The Supreme Court ruled this morning 6-3 in favor of the Obamacare status quo, and as someone whose little family relies on the Obamacare status quo, I say, thank God.

The Cost Of Things: A Brain Tumor

MRI at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s astoundingly high-end, almost spa-like MRI center, required upfront on a credit card: $1,631.79. The MRI shows a large benign growth on my pituitary gland.

How Much You Earn Could Be Determined By Your Height

When we prefer tall people and pay them more, what we might really be reacting to is the fact that they are the products of a) good genes, and b) a careful upbringing by affluent parents.

Standing Desks Compensate For Overly Long Workdays

The best way to reverse the negative effects of sitting all day is to make workdays shorter. The reason we have to squeeze in our own four-hour standing blocks and light intensity activity breaks is because we spend so much time working.

The Cost Of A Bruised Tailbone

I started using my credit card for things I shouldn’t, like daily take-out, more Uber rides, Amazon movie rentals, and sad online shopping. I racked up nearly $500.

The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

At that point I wanted to bang my forehead against the mirrored wall and ask “does everything cost some ridiculous amount of money these days?” Glasses should cost no more than $150. My health insurance program should give me at least some kind of discount on my eye exam and my new frames.

Happy Earth Day!

Good news from the EPA: we have made a lot of progress towards saving the environment, and some of our progress comes with financial benefits as well.

Non-Refundable: The Price Tag Of Emotional Well-Being

So this was what I chose to do with my $500. I looked around the room for some sign of additional perks. Didn’t we get books? A pamphlet? Some handouts?

The Billions We Spend on Our Annual Check-Ups

In January, Ezekiel J. Emanuel, an oncologist at the University of Pennsylvania wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying that he was skipping his annual physical, which he argued as costly and ineffective.