IUDs For Everyone! $50 A Pop

Why should your birth control cost more than an iPhone?

Gaming Live-Stream Site Twitch Provides Income Opportunities for People With Disabilities

Mackenseize’s epilepsy is an important part of her Twitch story, as it is for many people with disabilities who are using Twitch to earn a living.

Nothing Is More Terrifying Than A For-Profit Hospital

Thanks to our withering scorn, the douche-bro backpedaled. Imagine what hospitals might do if we rose up.

Douchebro Price Gouger And The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Shkreli sparked an overdue conversation about why rich, conscience-less individuals should be allowed to profit off of America’s sickest, most vulnerable citizens. He also inspired Hilary Clinton to put forth a potential solution.

For Good or For Ill, Health Care Spending Is My Vice

Between work, life, relationship, and school stress I had enough maladies real or imagined to keep me going to various healers, medical or otherwise.

Big Changes & Adulting As Hard As We Can: A Friday Chat

“I even went to the Minute Clinic after I got hit by the car.”

A Low Cost DIY Approach to Depression! Caveat: It Doesn’t Work

For 10-plus years, I’ve taken a do-it-yourself approach to dealing with anxiety and depression.

The Cost of Being Hearing-Impaired in America

Being a 20-something with hearing loss has meant many things to me and my everyday life, but the biggest concern for me since entering adulthood has been monetary.

This Labor Day, President Obama Extended Sick Leave Benefits to 300,000 Federal Workers

A lot of us spent Labor Day working, including President Obama. He used his Labor Day federal holiday to extend sick leave benefits to 300,000 federal workers.

“You’re Asking Way Too Much”: The Response To Publicly Doing What You Love

My whole life, part of me has existed in a defensive crouch waiting for people to yell at me about my decisions. Turns out all I needed to do was write a personal essay for the Atlantic.