What We Do And Don’t Save For

According to a T. Rowe Price study via Forbes, a lot of American parents have impulse control problems.

MacArthur Geniuses: They Pay Off Student Loans Just Like Us!

On the same day the MacArthur Genius Fellowships were announced, Lin-Manuel Miranda was celebrating because he and his wife finally paid off her student loans.

Happy Birthday! I Bought You Something That Costs $5K A Month

Don’t buy someone a present that costs them money.

Welcome To Our Guest Room! There Are Rules

It’s the unspoken rules that are tricky. I don’t charge for our space and I won’t take money if you offer, but I do have expectations.

Giving To Family Beyond Your Parents

I had never felt as much like I really had money as I did when I began sharing it with my family.

It’s Engagement Season! Does Your Ring Come At A Heinous Cost?

Uninterested in narrative? More of a #STEM major? Get a diamond grown in a lab!

How Small Is Too Small, When It Comes To Charitable Gifts

Do small gifts help, or are they more of a hinderance, because they cost as much to process as larger gifts but are far less valuable?

The Resources We Have to Give

Six years ago, none of my peers had anything extra to give. Now, I feel like I missed an important part of adulthood. I want to be able to host people and cook for people and share my extra things.

The One-way Gift

Good morning, Billfolders! Let’s start off this Tuesday with a question: have you ever given or received a “one-way gift?”