Holding on for Dear Life to My 12-Year-Old Car

When I paid off my Jeep two years ago, I decided I would keep her as long as I could. I’ve never seen the benefit of trading her in for a newer model.

Remember When Halloween Was Free(ish)?

It seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t do with red lipstick and a glue gun, but a trip to the Halloween costume store reveals those days are long gone.

Couple Plus Dog & MiniPig Want To Pay $200 To Camp/Farm/Lodge With You

“We stopped renting 6 months ago, and moved into a trailer, which we currently live in. We are now parked in my parents driveway while we look for a place a little more permanent.”

Would You Buy A Rental Car?

Even if you think you’d never buy a former rental, you may have done so without knowing it.

The Cost of a Weeklong Bike Tour

Seven days on a bike tour—from Sioux City to Davenport.

Wheeliz Provides Carshare Options for People With Disabilities

Uber and Lyft have both received numerous complaints that their services are not accessible to people with disabilities, and that the companies violate the Americans With Disabilities Act, which—well, you can guess Uber’s response.

Would You Like to Buy a Bus For $5?

Bus includes: flat screen TV, refrigerator, reclaimed wood walls. Bus does not start.

Having a Public Transit Stop Near Work

For those taking public transit, which is more important: living near a transit stop, or working near one?

The Cost Of Staying In The Suburbs Without A Car

Ben and I went to a Boston suburb this weekend for a college friend’s wedding and, ill accustomed as we are at this point to suburban life, we forgot how hard it would be to get around without our own transportation.

Do We Ever Regret (What We Spend On) Travel: A Friday Chat!

I am telling myself: This is what the money is for. We will get to see family. We will get to say a proper farewell to my uncle, who died very suddenly. We will set a good example for Babygirl, maybe, that this is the kind of thing we splurge on.