Hosting a Brunch in a Small Apartment for 40 People

Once a year, my roommate and I say “screw it” to our just-big-enough-for-two two-bedroom and invite all our nearest and dearest and then some to come hang out in our apartment, all at once, to be fed.

Feeding Yourself When You Have Two Jobs

Your goal is to get back home at the end of the day, so invest in yourself; make sure you get what you need to get through.

A Guide To — And The Cost Of — Being A Modern Farmer

“My cousin in North Carolina told me that a farmer only needs two things in her house: a good bed and a good hot shower. She was right.”

Food Cart Entrepreneurs, Maple Syrup Mafias, & More

“In my first two years of the food cart, people said that I’d reached the American dream. But I didn’t know what that was so I Googled it.”

The Cost of Giving Up Grocery Shopping

When my boyfriend and I first started to pretend to be grown-ups, grocery shopping was an adventure.

Becoming A Nun And Other Wacky Ways We And Our Families Paid For College

“My college fund was my brain.”

How To Feed Your Family In 8 or 9 Complicated Steps

My dissertation—defended in April and deposited just the other week—is about food access and farmers’ markets.

It’s Time to Go Grocery Shopping Again

I came back from my shopping experience thinking “well, I got everything on the list, but I feel like I hardly bought any food.”

Food Coops, In Park Slope & Elsewhere

“I can’t think of another place where so many people are so quick to jump down each other’s throats.”

Cooking Time

Cooking becomes a series of economizations; first, you discover that you don’t need a knife to slice your banana over your cereal—the spoon you’re going to eat the cereal with works just as well—and then you realize that it’s even faster if you just rip off chunks of banana with your hands.

Sandwiches for Everyone

Even false creation stories become true in time. First there was Adam and Eve, and now there’s Western misogyny. First there was John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, and now tuna melts. Even the tamest packaged loaf owes its ancestral rise to wild yeast.

Cooking Like A Boss While Unemployed

Even on a limited budget, fancy-pants eats are not out of reach.

Disloyal Grocery Shopping

Whenever I visit my parents for an extended period time in their suburban neighborhood, we always decide to buy groceries for my stay, and my dad goes through the weekly grocery store circulars to determines which store is offering the best deals.

Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

My sisters and I do not fight that often anymore, because we are older and more mature, but every time we do, it’s because of money.

The Yoghurt Factor

For breakfast, I used to have nothing but a cup of coffee, until I decided that wasn’t really healthy and made myself get into the habit of eating a container of Fage yogurt every day. And then I switched brands.