The Cost Of Food In 2050

We all know that sea levels are rising, but the cost of food may be rising too. By how much?

The Cost of Everything I Slow-Cooked In The Past Few Days

Instead of filling up your entire week with “the cost of everything Nicole made in her slow cooker,” I figured I’d start batching these like cookies. (Can you make cookies in a slow cooker? Internet says… yes.)

The Cost of Baking Slow Cooker Bread

When I moved into this apartment, I thought about getting myself a breadmaker—and then I thought about Googling whether I could make bread in my slow cooker.

Everything You Need to Stock a Kitchen

I thought very strategically about how I wanted to tackle my kitchen shopping. There were charts, and then there were revised charts, and there were many hours of price comparisons on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The Pumpkin Shortage Will Not Stop Me From Making Fireball Pumpkin-Flavored Desserts

Libby’s may run out of canned pumpkin, but I have a cutting board and a backup plan.

Uber Disrupts the Food Delivery Business Because Of Course It Does

UberEATS aims to set itself appart from the grubby food delivery hubs of the internet by providing curated menus and limited choices—and by creating anticipation and demand for these choices days in advance.

The Cost of Making Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Let’s figure out if making slow cooker beef stew is the type of thing that’s going to benefit me financially, or if it’s going to be another $17 thing of homemade muesli.

The Cost of Feeling Competent By Dumping a Lot of Stuff Into a Bowl

I told you, when I listed the habits I was going to change when I moved into my apartment, that I was going to seriously get into cooking—and I was going to start with The Hairpin’s “How to Feel Competent by Dumping a Lot of Stuff Into a Bowl” muesli recipe.

The Cost of Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator Prior to Moving

I want to put off the inevitable $25-per-day takeout hole for as long as possible—but I’ve still spent roughly $25 on dinner in the past three days, and I have six days left to go.

The Best (But Expensive!) Food Is From Food Trucks

Give me your truck food, your artisanal sodas—I’ll blow my paycheck on them.