In Charge of a Thanksgiving Side

American Thanksgiving seemed to come suddenly this year, and I didn’t make plans until very recently, when a handful of my “orphaned” friends asked me if I was interested in having Thanksgiving with them, and I said, yes, of course, just tell me what to bring.

The Cost of Cooking a Butternut Squash

The butternut squash cost me $2.98. I ate it with a $1.62 pork chop and probably $0.20 worth of broccoli.

Snacking at Work

I dropped by Trader Joe’s the other day on my way to work and dropped a bunch of money on snacks to take back with me to the office.

When “Home For The Holidays” Means Your Home: The First Friendsgiving

I’d never cooked a turkey or made stuffing in my life, but I figured it was nothing the Internet couldn’t teach me how to do.

All This Cooking Is Starting to Pay Off

I have almost enough food in my kitchen to tide me over for the entire month.

Eating Alone

Our pal Dan Nosowitz writes in Modern Farmer about an Australian study showing that people who live alone tend to have poor diets.

The Cost of Baking S’mores Brownies

Were they delicious? YES.
Did I eat four of them? YES.

Is It The Food Network’s Fault That There’s No One To Cook You Dinner?

Cooks are disappearing from our nation’s kitchens! Can we blame the Food Network?

The Cost of Making Alphabet Soup, Beer Bread, and Baking Powder Bread

It’s time for another Cost of Slow-Cooking Roundup.

We’re Gonna Save So Much $$ Now That We Can’t Buy Bacon!

That sausage is fatal news from the World Health Organization yesterday? Which should have come subtitled, “Meat Is Murder — Of Yourself”? Totally great from a frugality standpoint.