Doing It Ourselves, Island Style

Seeing how someone from another culture approached life on a daily basis was illuminating. Unfortunately, it mostly illuminated my own helplessness and laziness.

A New Life, Beginning With A New Bookcase, Built From Scratch

I wanted to show off a downtown studio apartment worthy of its own Instagram, one that would reflect positively on my newfound existence as a young professional who is put-together and not a screw-up.

The Cost Of A Constructive Hobby: Knitting My Own Sweaters

$25 an hour for 80.5 hours of work is $2012.50. If I were to be paid for my labor, this sweater would be stupidly expensive.

Are Homemade Children’s Halloween Costumes Worth It?

One of the principal problems with children is that if you do something nice for them a couple times, they get used to it and expect it EVERY TIME. My kids expect homemade Halloween costumes. They take pride in their homemade Halloween costumes.

Small, Almost Microscopically Small, DIY Victories

Some DIY projects are immense and impressive. Others merely help get you through the day without calling a locksmith.

Making Money in Real Estate: Crazy / Not Crazy / If Trump Can Do It …

I don’t really know anyone who does this, who puts money in real estate rather than mutual funds, who buys property beyond the property they need to live in. Anyone besides Donald Trump, I guess I should say, and he’s not exactly my kind of role model.

5 Ways the Wedding Industry Is Plotting to Destroy Us

Take it slow, because whatever numbers you and your fiance have come up with will be quickly obliterated.

The Money Affirmations Experiment

What would happen if we said Money Affirmations for a week?

Radio Recaps: StartUp Podcast Ep. 6, “How to Value Your Start Up”

#6 is the first episode that discusses, on a meta level, the effect the podcast — created to document but also promote the fledgling venture — has on the venture itself.

In Search of Lost Money and How it Just Got Easier

your money could be waiting for you right now, like little orphan Annie in the window of Miss Hannigan’s singing the wistful song, “Maybe.”