Have You Ever Been Asked For a Refund After a Date?

The story of a Tinder date gone wrong, and a man who asked his date to reimburse him £5 for her cup of coffee.

Tipping Is Dead, RIP, Hurrah

Now that cool kid restauranteur Danny Meyer has declared tipping over, can the rest of the food service world be far behind?

Getting Stuck In a Takeout Hole

The takeout arrives, and it generally lasts for two meals, which means you find yourself right in the same place 24 hours later: done with work, hungry for dinner, and way too hungry to go to the grocery store and buy everything and come back and put it all away and then cook.

Restaurant Workers Lose Tips to Third-Party Delivery Drivers

When you buy food from a third-party delivery app, you have the option to tip. That money may (or may not) end up in the pockets of the delivery driver. No tip money ends up in the pockets of restaurant servers, even though they are very likely to be involved in putting together your delivery order in between serving tables.

Moorhead, Minn. Dairy Queen Is Not Bound by Dairy Queen’s Chain

The Moorhead Dairy Queen has no drive-thru, no indoor seating, and is only open during the warmer months of the year. It also serves ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate.

Going to Restaurants With Friends Is the Best and Also the Worst

The Laws of Friendship state that whenever a group of people goes to a restaurant, there’s always at least one person silently adding up numbers.

Had We But World Enough & Time, Here’s What We’d Splurge On, Food-Wise

Really good bourbon whisky, for when the situation calls for it. Really good dark chocolate, preferably with sea salt, for the same reason.

Splitting the Bill With My Sisters

My sisters and I do not fight that often anymore, because we are older and more mature, but every time we do, it’s because of money.

Blood Sacrifice

A week ago, I took a plane from Naples, Florida, to Chicago, Illinois. I spent a grand total of 24 hours in Chicago, and the only reason I was there was to eat a $350 dinner at a restaurant called Next. The highlight of the meal was the part where we were served a canard à la presse tableside. The idea is French and this: a smothered cooked duck is hacked to pieces; what remains is packed into a press, and the blood runs out of the press and is made into a sauce. The technique has been considered “the height of elegance.” Watching the blood flow, it felt kind of obscene.

How Much Is Your Love Of Hot Sauce Costing Taco Bell?

Fast food joints have made condiments harder to get ahold of. You can’t grab them off the table anymore; you have to ask the staff for the taste-enhancers that should be your right as a consumer.