Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2015 Check-In

It’s time to check in on our debt payments and savings goals again.

Figuring Out Finances at 25

A 25-year-old male who works in digital media writes to Fusion and asks the following question: “How do you balance between savings and quality of life/personal development?”

Money in Your 40s

Last month, Jonnelle Marte talked about money in our 30s. Now she does it for the 40-somethings.


Growing up while living on the financial edge.

Would You Buy These Plane Tickets Today?

When you’ve been working at paying down your debt, taking out any new debt seems like the biggest possible financial mistake, even if you have every expectation of being able to pay it off at the end of the month, and even if it will save you $100 or more.

‘Shame Isn’t a Motivator of Positive Change’

“Most of us are trying to prevent future mistakes without realizing that shame and blame won’t fix what needs fixing.”

Six Months of Austerity: Personal Care Cuts

In the absence of heavy-drinking, grooming has become my prime spending vice. So I’m giving it up for the month.

When Even Small Debts Pose Big Problems

The borrowers who are in the most trouble are the ones who took out the least.

Five Years of Tackling My Student Debt: An In-Depth History

I was embarrassed to admit what my lifestyle entailed and unsure I could explain why it was so important for me to pay off these loans early, in a time when it seemed like everybody had loans and nobody’s job paid them what it should.

Paying Off Debt vs. Saving for Emergencies

Michelle Singletary answers a question that I’m sure many of us have asked: How do you balance saving with paying down debt?