Please Hold: The Next Representative Will Be With You Shortly

I find few things as frustrating as dealing with customer service representatives. Generally, I consider myself a patient person. Slow waitstaff and inefficient baristas are only a mild irritant, like seasonal allergies or when my cat knocks over a full glass of water off my bedside table. I’m effusively polite with those in the service industry, because I remember what it was like to serve demanding customers who want both soy milk and half and half in their iced coffees. I tip well, I smile. But, when it comes to customer service representatives, generally, I’m a giant asshole.

Exciting Things To Learn About Your Favorite Lunch Spot!

Happy businesses can be creepy; one hates to think of employees who are tasked with not merely showing up on time and doing their job well but projecting good cheer at customers too like professional Care Bears.

The Art of Losing Isn’t Hard To Master: J. Crew Shirt Edition

A few nights ago, Ben arrived home from work carrying several bags, none of them the one containing his newly bought shirt from J. Crew ($66, on sale).

Am I Hurting Hotel Housekeepers’ Income by Not Leaving My Hotel Room?

How can I do my job and not prevent housekeeping from doing their jobs, and how can we all be happy?

Talking Dirty to Your Creditors

A former millionaire with a cocaine habit, now broke, gets tired of daily calls from Chase asking him for the $60,000 he owes them, which persist even as he tells the bank rep over and over that he doesn’t have the money. When logic doesn’t work, he tries something … different.

Asking Companies for Recompense

It never hurts to ask.

Hey, Wait, I’ve Got a New Complaint

I am, perhaps to my own detriment, a person who doesn’t complain very often.

King of the Christmas Jews

I’d found my Christmas calling: to make money.

Only Connect: What We (Over)Pay For Wireless

We will all do what’s necessary for connectivity: lie, cheat, steal, risk our necks, buy coffee we don’t need, deal with neighbors we don’t like.

“If That Thief Counts as a Customer, I Had Two Customers That Week:” A RadioShack Story

This story shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who’s ever worked a retail commission-based job. Yes, they take returns out of your paycheck, and yes, they holler at you about not making sales goals. What’s surprising, as Bois notes, is that RadioShack is still in business at all.