Do-It-Yourself Or Have Someone Do-It-For-You?

Mostly, when it comes to DIY projects, I either like to pay for what I need, ready to be used, or I just do without.

Cheer And Loathing In Las Vegas: Working At Zappos In 2015

What does Zappos color shift from “Green” to “Teal” entail, and what are the ramifications of having a corporation function like a mood ring? New Republic launched a #longread investigation into the Vegas-based company to find out.

Me v. Ikea: A Lawsuit

A box fell on my foot at Ikea—and all I got was $10,586.

The Job That Taught Me How To Be An Adult

The job paid minimum wage and remains one of my favorites I’ve ever held.

How Bad Does a Haircut Have to Be Before You Ask For a Free One?

Have any of you gone back into a salon—or a discount hair chain—and asked them to fix your haircut for free? Did it work?

SeekingArrangement, Ashley Madison, & The Way We Pay For Sex Now

Sex obtained, and often paid for, via the internet is really having a moment.

Three Complaints, Three Different Outcomes

What happened when two friends and I complained to Delta customer service about a recent flight we took.

How Much Do You Tip The Valet

What Moonves should do is send the valet’s kids to college, or at least give them roles as extras on “Two And A Half Men.”

Work Hard, Figure Out Solutions, and Help People: A Talk With Dan Price

Dan Price often gets asked, by would-be entrepreneurs, what first step they should take to achieve their goals.
“The first step is doing something for someone,” he answers.

What It Means to ‘Lean In’ as a Waitress in Vegas

Is there any job a woman could do that would disqualify her from being a feminist?