The Cost Of A Comic Book Hobby

According to Comixology, I have bought over 482 comic books in the past five years. This of course doesn’t include the 13 physical trade volumes I have in my library at my home, which brings the total to 495.

Bloomberg Asks: ‘Are Millennials Financially Screwed?’

Something is very obviously wrong about this video.

Emotional Labor and the Man Who Paid Me $400 to Have Dinner With Him

He didn’t say $400 straight out. He didn’t name any sort of price and I knew it’d be gauche to ask; it would ruin the deal.

Getting Older, Facing Obstacles

The seas get rougher as we age towards our ‘golden years.’

A Musical About Getting Things Done: Friday Chatting About HAMILTON

A Futurist Vision of Retirement Planning

I spend a lot of time trying to predict the future and spinning fantasies about it.

Rich And Poor Families Alike When It Comes To Spending

Vox has put together a series of colorful charts that show that, whether we make $70,000+ a year or only $5,000, we in America have relatively consistent spending priorities.

The Humans Behind “Dogs Of Instagram”

Four years ago, Ahmed got an idea to start an Instagram page dedicated to just posting pictures of dogs. He called it ‘Dogs of Instagram’ and his first post was of his dog Lucy, a pug and Boston terrier mix. Within 10 days, he had 1,000 followers.

We Are All Yuppies Now

“We have so deeply internalized the values of the yuppie that we have ceased to notice when one is in our midst — or when we have become one ourselves.”

The Discomforting Compulsion of Making Comparisons in Your 30s

We have already made some of the decisions that are defining what kind of lives we can lead, and the sum of these choices is expressing itself again, now as adults, and in big ways.