A Really Easy Way to Throw Away $6

You can buy a bottle of water with asparagus in it for only $6!

Vine Is Also Work, But You Can Make $1 Million So That’s Okay?

It’s the same model as, shall we say, “traditional” media: you make the content that attracts the audience, and then you slip in the ads to get the cash.

Eating Well For Less And Working Out At Work

Meanwhile, in Finland, which as we already know offers its citizens amazing pre-natal care and education, the government incentivizes physical activity for grown ups, even through or at places of business.

Sleep Is Also Work, And You’re Not Working Hard Enough At It

You are doing sleep ALL WRONG. Don’t you know that if you just worked a little harder at sleep, you’d be happier?

The Cost of Teen Fandom

I came of age when music videos were still a big deal, Rolling Stone created controversial covers, and in order to guarantee album sales, an artist had to visit TRL and ham it up with Carson Daly.

FitBit Is Also Work Now, Everything Is Work

Wearing a FitBit is also clearly an act of conspicuous consumption. My FitBit works just as well tucked into a pocket, but nobody can see it if it’s in my pocket.

Living at the Office Is a Thing Now

Want to hack your life? Save time and money by sleeping at the office.

Twitter Is Officially Work Now

A comedian or writer might submit a DMCA request on a tweet because tweeting original material counts as part of their livelihood, even if they aren’t directly getting paid for their Twitter activity.

Want to Know More About the Rich? Ask the People Who Clean Up After Them

There is no better way to see how the rich live than to literally clean up their garbage.

Summer Fridays and the Under-Studied

Summer Fridays are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Stars, They’re Just Like Us: Broke / Going Bankrupt

As several prominent examples have shown us, so very many things can go wrong. Success is not a Hazmat suit.

Tell Jeb Bush How Many Hours You Already Work

Maybe Jeb would find it really helpful if everyone wrote their name, their age, and how many hours they work a week on a postcard and mailed it to his campaign headquarters.

Harvard MBA Will Pay You $10K If You Find Him a Girlfriend

A 29-year-old Harvard MBA will pay you $10,000 to find him a long-term girlfriend.

What Are Our Most Regrettable Pop-Culture Purchases?

Today we’re going to look at regrettable purchases, in the category “but I thought it was cool at the time!”

The Nonprofit Grocery Store That’s Not Letting Food Go to Waste

The vegetables might be a little misshapen, but they’re still perfectly good to eat.