SeekingArrangement, Ashley Madison, & The Way We Pay For Sex Now

Sex obtained, and often paid for, via the internet is really having a moment.

Please God Can We Stop Using Guns To Sell Things

There are guns in ads everywhere you look. Not ads for guns, per se, but ads that glamorize guns, that offer them as tempting solutions to the problem of other people.

On Women’s Equality Day, Former Amazon Employee Asks Jeff Bezos to Treat Women and Parents Better

Julia Cheiffetz, the executive editor of HarperCollins Publishers writes on Medium about the time she worked in Amazon’s book publishing division and took time off to have a baby and battle cancer.

Burning Man Complains: Old-Fashioned Anarchy Spoiled By New Money Libertarians

This Jacobin article about how the rich have appropriated and ruined Burning Man is a bit unfair, or at least incomplete: the rich have appropriated and ruined, like, everything, from San Francisco to national politics.

John Oliver And His Church Are Doing The Lord’s Work

God bless and keep John Oliver. The man has raised thousands for Doctors Without Borders while also raising consciousness about our country’s insane tax laws when it comes to the shady-if-not-criminal enterprise of faux Christians getting rich by preaching “the Prosperity Gospel” on TV.

Summer Camp (Adults Only)

Re-living our 14-year-old lives again.

Can We End Tipping Culture?

In cities where the minimum wage has been successfully raised, restaurants are increasingly considering abolishing tips altogether.

On Being the Only ‘One’ at Work

Being the only person of color in the workplace is a sensation that’s hard to describe.

Winner-Take-All Economics

The Amazon story can be replicated at all sorts of companies that haven’t yet received the Times treatment.

A Future Where None of Us Will Have a Single Career

“The notion of pursuing a single career will seem as quaint as receiving a gold watch upon retirement.”