Offered a Rewards Card? Credit Card Companies Think You’re Rich

MIT economists Hong Ru and Antoinette Schoar analyzed more than a million credit card mailings from 1999 to 2011 and made note of the income and education levels of recipients.

How Much Can A Credit Score Tell You About A Person?

In an ideal world, a credit score would tell you nothing about a person except, well, their history of handling credit. Increasingly though companies and other entities are trying to use credit scores as proxies for indicators about a person’s general success at life.

Facebook Wants to Judge Your Credit Worthiness By the Company You Keep

Facebook wants to use our friends’ credit scores to determine our access to credit.

The History of Credit and Our Credit Histories

Super high interest rate cards really took off in 2010, as—and this is just my educated guess—a bunch of people who took a credit score hit in the recession needed access to credit.

I Survived College Without Consumer Debt, But Not Grad School

The first year I had the card, I never even activated it; I kept that little white sticker that read “To activate this card, call 555-whatever” on the card and never called the number. If I didn’t use the credit card, it couldn’t hurt me.

I Survived College Without Consumer Debt, and So Can You

When I was in school, working part time for very little money and thus totally unable to afford payments on a credit card, I was pre-approved, but now that I’d gotten a well-paying (by 1990 standards) full-time job in my degree field, I was a bad credit risk because I’d been smart about not getting in debt when I was in school?

Me, My Debt and My Discover Card

By the time I left Alabama, I had run the card up to $6,000.

Multiple Credit Scores

Recently, I’ve noticed that my credit card companies have been offering me free FICO credit scores, but they’re not the same.

Talking to a Zero Interest Balance Transfer Wizard

“When I do a balance transfer, I try to remember to log in my calendar when the rate expires. At that time, I’ll transfer that balance to another card. Then, after a billing cycle, I’ll transfer it back to the 0 percent card.”

Work Hard, Figure Out Solutions, and Help People: A Talk With Dan Price

Dan Price often gets asked, by would-be entrepreneurs, what first step they should take to achieve their goals.
“The first step is doing something for someone,” he answers.