A BA That Spans Four Years, Three Colleges, And Two Countries

My mom has asked me, on a few occasions, whether or not I felt my atypical college experience was worth it, and it’s hard to say. I’ve struggled a lot since graduation, and I don’t know if the road could have been easier had I taken a different path.

“Useless” Liberal Arts Degrees Less Useless Than Previously Thought!

“Software companies are discovering that liberal arts thinking makes them stronger.”

At What Point Do College Costs Become “Something You Can’t Afford?”

Understanding that college is not about getting a job, but that it is also important to build the skills and connections that’ll help you get hired, what college experiences are important enough to do even if you can’t afford them?

Why I Stopped Attending Entrepreneurship Class

The most important thing I learned in my grad school entrepreneurship course was how to spell “entrepreneurship.”

Did You Take Personal Finance Classes in College?

I don’t recall taking any personal finance classes in college, but I’m mentally panicking that I did in fact take FIN 101 and have no conscious memory of it.

Transferring Twice to Afford a College Education

People were nice, but coming in as a transfer and an introvert, it was hard to find my people and my place.

Financial Advice for College Students, as Presented by Our Most Reputable Publications

To understand what tips and warnings are most important to communicate to today’s college students—and, maybe, just to suss out the competition—I gathered samples of financial advice from three reputable publications.

When Non-High Earners Attempt to Refinance Their Student Loans

With HENRYs encountering roadblocks when trying to refinance their student loans, I was interested in seeing if non-HENRYs had any luck with getting better interest rates for their loans.

I Survived College Without Consumer Debt, But Not Grad School

The first year I had the card, I never even activated it; I kept that little white sticker that read “To activate this card, call 555-whatever” on the card and never called the number. If I didn’t use the credit card, it couldn’t hurt me.

I Survived College Without Consumer Debt, and So Can You

When I was in school, working part time for very little money and thus totally unable to afford payments on a credit card, I was pre-approved, but now that I’d gotten a well-paying (by 1990 standards) full-time job in my degree field, I was a bad credit risk because I’d been smart about not getting in debt when I was in school?