Is College Too Expensive? Yes, But Especially for Those Attending Non-Elite Schools

It’s the time of year when students are heading off to college all across the country, and we start seeing the perennial “Is College Too Expensive?” articles popping up everywhere.

Working for the Office of Financial Aid, as a Student and as an Adult

I had such high hopes for the things we’d be able to do to help students. I remembered all too well what it had been like to be ill-equipped and subsequently (and also needlessly) graduate with more debt than I knew what to do with, and I was confident I could make a difference.

Democrats And (Some) Republicans Agree: We Must Overhaul How We Pay For College

Contenders for the Democratic nomination have unveiled policies to help solve the problem of rapidly rising college costs. Though the plans differ in details, they agree in essentials.

Why I Chose My Last-Choice College (Hint: Money)

Two things were always understood: I would earn a degree, and I would pay for it myself.

Cartoon Villainy In The World of For-Profit Higher Ed

Cruella de Vil is alive and living in San Francisco.

I Could Have Avoided Student Debt, But Have No Regrets

Financially, it was a plainly hideous decision, but it was the right one for me.

The Grad School Debt Problem

Of the $1.19 trillion in student debt in the U.S., 40 percent belongs to graduate students, who account for just 14 percent of the college population.

I Didn’t Intend to Go to College Until I Was Offered a Job

Most people attend college to get started on a career path. I also went to college for a job, but in a more immediate sense: I was headed toward the door of my high school, floating on that superior feeling of the final days of senior year, when the guidance counselor stuck her head of the office and hailed me by name.

University of Missouri Grad Students Received 14 Hours Notice on Health Insurance Cancellation

Mizzou just announced that it was changing its health insurance program, giving grad students 14 hours notice to find other coverage.

I Tried to Choose Money Over Art, But Art Came Back

During the final semester of graduate school, I announced a new career plan. I wanted a job that paid $50,000 a year.