Taking a Year off from College and Moving to Silicon Valley, Part II

Last you’d heard from me, I was about to move to San Jose to work in a technical role at a very technical company.

For-Profit Colleges Continue to Receive Billions in Federal Aid Despite Being Sued by Everyone

What if your sub-par for-profit college doesn’t go bankrupt, and instead continues to pilfer billions of dollars in federal money and put you in debt despite being sued or investigated by prosecutors in your state?

The Cost Of College Tuition In 1692

How 17th century American Puritans did taxes, banks, and paying for college. (It involves mutton.)

Taking a Year off from College and Moving to Silicon Valley

I’m not normally the kind of person who would take a break from school when I’m so close to graduating, and yet here I am.

My Life and Education as a Community College Transfer Student

When I was 17 my parents offered me a deal: We’ll pay for your entire undergraduate career if you go to community college first, and a public, in-state school for the bachelor’s degree. I couldn’t say no; this was free college.

Malia’s College Search!

Now that she’s a high school senior and gets to set her own agenda, Malia is trying to figure out where to go next. Stanford? Berkeley? Harvard? Back to the city for NYU? Somewhere lower profile?

The Real Cost of Colleges

Planet Money has put together a very cool tool showing the average net price that students pay at 1,550 colleges at various income levels, rather than the sticker price.

The Job That Taught Me How To Be An Adult

The job paid minimum wage and remains one of my favorites I’ve ever held.

College Can’t Be Reduced To How Much Money It Lets You Make

“People get a lot more out of college than earnings potential. They learn to be better citizens and better human beings.”

Time To Tax Harvard?

“Normal hedge funds have to pay taxes on their earnings. Because it’s a nonprofit, Harvard doesn’t.”