Why Women In The Workforce Don’t Excel & How Boston Is Trying To Help

Boston is offering free, two-hour salary negotiation classes to every woman who works in the city.

The Unintended Consequence Of Endless Workdays: Gentrification

Because white-collar jobs are demanding more of their employees, employees try to find housing near their offices to keep up with their jobs — and that means often, if unintentionally, displacing longtime, lower-income residents.

On Gentrification, Ambition, and Portland

I’m stuck on this comparison Copperman makes between the Portlanders who are trying to win games that are rigged against them, and the Portlanders who have chosen the city as a place to stay out of games they do not want to play.

The Cost of Living in the Most Affordable City In America

Forbes named Birmingham, Alabama, the most affordable city in America in their list for 2015, and as a freshly-minted Birminghamite, I’d have to agree.

Reparations And Unionization In The Great City Of Chicago

Chicago is making headlines right now in two cutting edge, money-related ways at once.

Hilariously Bad Financial Advice You Should Not Take But Should Enjoy Reading Nonetheless

“When you care about your 401k, your life is just ‘K.'” I don’t know what that means, but I’d like it carved on my tombstone.

Maybe Don’t Move To Portland Just Yet

“We’re talking about the death of the American Dream for more than one group of people.”

The Pros And Cons Of Air-Conditioning

We need AC to be more productive, but it contributes to global warming, which raises earth temperatures which causes us to use more AC, which can stress out our electrical circuits and cause sweltering blackouts.

Fun! An “Are You A Gentrifier?” Quiz

If you move to one of the few neighborhoods you can afford and, in so doing, unintentionally contribute to the raising of rents in your area, are you a gentrifier?

Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

It feels strange to move without some kind of practical driving force; yet in looking ahead at the next decades of my life, I want to spend my time in a place I enjoy.