Maybe Don’t Move To Portland Just Yet

“We’re talking about the death of the American Dream for more than one group of people.”

The Pros And Cons Of Air-Conditioning

We need AC to be more productive, but it contributes to global warming, which raises earth temperatures which causes us to use more AC, which can stress out our electrical circuits and cause sweltering blackouts.

Fun! An “Are You A Gentrifier?” Quiz

If you move to one of the few neighborhoods you can afford and, in so doing, unintentionally contribute to the raising of rents in your area, are you a gentrifier?

Location, Location, Location: Where To Move When You Could Go Anywhere

It feels strange to move without some kind of practical driving force; yet in looking ahead at the next decades of my life, I want to spend my time in a place I enjoy.

What Minneapolis Does Right

In the March issue of The Atlantic, Derek Thompson writes that young people can find, according to study published by economists from Harvard and Berkeley, upward mobility in “rich coastal metropolises, including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York City.” One major problem: These cities have also been found to be the least affordable in the country. But in these studies, one metropolitan area stands out as landing in the top 10 in the Harvard-Berkeley mobility study and being generally affordable: Minneapolis–St. Paul.

Day Trips Back to NYC

The round-trip ticket from Albany-Rensselaer to New York-Penn cost $84, which is too much for what is, essentially, a commuter rail with only marginally cleaner bathrooms and more comfortable seats. I left on a Friday after work on the 4:10 and arrived in New York around seven. At Penn Station I bought a $10 Metrocard and took the 1 train to Times Square where I transferred to the N or the Q or the R, none of which were running normally, and then walked the four or five blocks to our hotel, where my fiancé was staying on business.

“Cops Are Basically Revenue Collectors”

Did the NYPD accidentally reveal that one of its primary mandates has little to do with general well-being and much more to do with raising money for the city at the expense of its most vulnerable?

Allowance Reduced, 30-Year-Old Turns Patricidal

Perhaps it’s a good time to read that Michael Lewis piece going around about “What Wealth Does To Your Soul.”

Gentrification Turns 50! Aristocratization Turns 6

The city that once turned on its aristocrats and fed them to guillotines has decided, again, to take a stand against rapacious, unchecked capitalism.

The Poverty-Stricken Half-Jewish Brooklyn Christmases Of Our Youth

I didn’t really understand the import of the food pantries and the free gift grab bags at the church, but I could sense the desperation of my mom’s situation.