Talking to Michael Dougherty About His New Podcast, “Your Crowdfunding Sucks”

Your Crowdfunding Sucks is a podcast dedicated to helping people overcome the hurdles at the beginning, middle, or even end of their campaign.


Holiday Shopping Check-In: Chatting about Progress and Perfect Gifts

How’s your holiday shopping going?


Chatting About A New Era

Mike: Meaghan, you have some news, yes?

Meaghan:Omg you’re going to make me say it. Yes, as of next week, I am going back to being a commenter.


Flying Over The Ocean in Economy Class

Mike: I definitely brought up Snowpiercer! But then the flight attendant asked me if I was sure if I didn’t want any champagne or wine, and remembered that flying international, no matter what seat you get, is so much more amazing than flying domestic in the U.S.


So You Want to Be a Pilot: What It Costs And How Much You’ll Make

The dream job with the major airlines is very competitive. They want you to have experience flying in the airlines, so what you have to do is get all of the commuter airlines. They pay anywhere from sixteen to $20,000 your first year.


Bouncing Back from Bankruptcy: Brittany Powell and the Debt Project

I’m interested in creating a platform to discuss how stigmatized debt is in our culture. It’s a publicly enforced system, but it’s typically privately experienced.


Wishing For A Unicorn

I went to an open house for an apartment this weekend, because the money is hypothetically an apartment fund, but in New York I might as well be wishing for a unicorn.


WINTER IS COMING Time to Watch Some Movies

That was my favorite part of Interstellar: sitting in the theater. Especially since it was 3 hours.


Chatting About Big Projects

I don’t know why they choose November for either of these [big projects like NaNoWriMo]. November is always a busy time of year as we gear up for the holidays. But maybe that’s why: you want something done, ask a busy person.


Rationalizing Adorable, Impractical Online Purchases

Meaghan:: Um, can I buy baby booties for $60 with tax and shipping? No, right?

Mike: Hah I mean if you need them. If they are just cute, um, maybe close the tab


Mike: You know that baby clothes last for like, 5 days and then they grow out of it

Meaghan: Definitely. Also we just bought him functional winter booties that were a third of this price. Also they are 0-6 months and he’s 5 months and generally follows the size guidelines. But I mean, look at them.

Mike: Omg. Hah, they are very cute

Meaghan: I put in my card info then saw the shipping and tax and was like WAIT WHAT AM I DOING?

Mike: The Cost of Being Cute For One Month