Do We Ever Regret (What We Spend On) Travel: A Friday Chat!

I am telling myself: This is what the money is for. We will get to see family. We will get to say a proper farewell to my uncle, who died very suddenly. We will set a good example for Babygirl, maybe, that this is the kind of thing we splurge on.

Summer Lovin’, Had Me A Blast: A Friday Chat About Amusement Parks

The thing about Disney is that they have designed every experience to maximize your happiness and delight, unlike, say, airports.

How do you decide what you can and can’t afford on vacation?

There seems to be no limit on the amount of money you can manage to spend on a vacation, even when it seems like the biggest ticket item is taken care of.

The Author Of ‘The Power Of The Past’ On Class And Relationships

Because of the American Dream, we tend to think of people who get ahead as hard working and morally sound. Likewise, the American Dream implies that people who do not make it to the middle-class did not work hard enough.

Reflections On Taylor Swift And The End Of Wedding Season

31 days of stories about bridesmaids in debt, and saving money by getting married in Iceland, and the rest. What’s your main takeaway? Did anything stick with you / surprise you?

Sympathy For The Devil, i.e. Lydia Bennet And Amy March: A Friday Chat

NICOLE: Team Amy.
ESTER: There is no Team Amy, take it back right now.

We’ve Saved Money AND Dignity Not Being Bridesmaids But We’re Rueful Anyway: A Chat

“There are snacks and Kleenex in my purse right now. I am like a bridesmaid waiting for a wedding.”

Sweet Dreams: On Returning To The Place You Studied Abroad To Open An Ice Cream Shop

Corrie is a 23 year old American expat partnering with her boyfriend Alberto, a 33 year old from Peru, in their first business venture: running an ice cream shop in Cusco.

Chatting About Putting a Woman on the $10 Bill

“Hamilton’s image is about to shrink on the $10 bill. And he’ll be joined by a woman.”

On Glasses, Bathing Suits, & Whether Budgets Make Any Sense

All financial advice is useless, best of luck!