Friday Chatting About Perks Vs Benefits In Our Brave New World

Does the gig economy help people out of the underclass or create a whole new one?

A Musical About Getting Things Done: Friday Chatting About HAMILTON

How To Buy A Suit

“I really enjoyed putting on a good-looking suit and tie every day — it made me feel like a true professional when I was just out of college.”

The Next Generation

Moving on to Generation Z.

Are We Yuppies? Are People Still Using That Word?: A Friday Chat

“I believe the new word for ‘yuppie’ is ‘Millennial.'”

The Humans Behind “Dogs Of Instagram”

Four years ago, Ahmed got an idea to start an Instagram page dedicated to just posting pictures of dogs. He called it ‘Dogs of Instagram’ and his first post was of his dog Lucy, a pug and Boston terrier mix. Within 10 days, he had 1,000 followers.

Big Changes & Adulting As Hard As We Can: A Friday Chat

“I even went to the Minute Clinic after I got hit by the car.”

Farewell, Summer Fridays! And Farewell, Summer! A Chat

Happy Last Summer Friday of the Season / Beginning of Labor Day Weekend!

Do We Ever Regret (What We Spend On) Travel: A Friday Chat!

I am telling myself: This is what the money is for. We will get to see family. We will get to say a proper farewell to my uncle, who died very suddenly. We will set a good example for Babygirl, maybe, that this is the kind of thing we splurge on.

Summer Lovin’, Had Me A Blast: A Friday Chat About Amusement Parks

The thing about Disney is that they have designed every experience to maximize your happiness and delight, unlike, say, airports.