Holiday Giving: Heart-Melting Stories About People Using Money For Good

Stories of holiday giving that make you proud to be a person.

A Junior League Of Their Own

Eleanor Roosevelt was in the Junior League — one of the first members, in fact, along with founder Mary Harriman.

The Lifestyles Of The Rich And Generous

Actor Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne have amassed a fortune over decades and now they’re having fun giving it away.

Certified Genius Demonstrates Heart of Gold

It’s impressive enough to be a Genius — like, officially a Genius, as recognized by a MacArthur Grant. It’s even more impressive to be a good person. Poet Heather McHugh has proven herself to be both at once.

Girl Scouts Raise $257,000 to Support Transgender Scouts and Make Scouting #ForEVERYGirl

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington gave back a $100,000 donation after the donor wanted them to promise it wouldn’t be used for transgender girls. Then they launched a crowdfunding campaign to make up the difference and make scouting #ForEVERYGirl.

Let’s Talk About Philanthropy

I feel like philanthropy is something that is missing in most budgeting discussions aimed at millennials (me being one of said millennials, here). I’m biased because I work in fundraising at a nonprofit … BUT I also care deeply about making personal charitable contributions. I just wish more people were asking my generation to give back, because we can. Even when we were broke, we could, and now that a recovery is starting to peep out from the muck, it should become as intrinsic to our budget as Netflix.

Increased Income and Decreased Generosity

If you’re earning “enough” and you’ve got a little bit left over, and you’re only ever going to have a little bit left over, why not share some of what you’ve got? But now I’ve got more than a little bit left over, and I’m starting to think of my money as stackable units.

The Internet as Safety Net

If I were experiencing an Accident: Personal Crisis, I would absolutely get on a crowdfunding site and ask my friends for help. It would probably be about the sixth or seventh plan down the list, after maxing out my credit cards and the rest of it, but I would ask.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Your Voice

Like a lot of us, I’ve been making charitable donations as we approach the end of the year, but I’m also pretty much tapped out in terms of cash I can afford to give. During a month when many of us take a look at how we are giving back to our community, it’s pretty cool to know that there’s a way to give back that is as easy as taking your laptop into the bathroom and making a recording.

Revenge Giving, or Giving Out Of Spite

When you give money to a cause you know a person would hate, and you do it in their name.