The Cost of Things: St. Patrick’s Day

Do you budget for St. Patrick’s Day or just let the expense wash over you like so much green-tinted water?


If The Whiskey Bubble Pops, At Least It’ll Be Delicious

Today, in Unusual Places To Put Your Money: whiskey.

Whiskey isn’t just a good for consumption or a means toward intoxication: it’s a collector’s item, an investment portfolio, and an incredibly valuable commodity. “Whiskey as an investment is being driven by an escalating international demand, combined with an ever-decreasing supply of rare and aged single malt,” the Whisky Corporation’s Stephen Notman told CNN last year. This international demand and decreasing supply has driven serious returns: according to materials provided by the Platinum Whisky Investment Fund, the world’s first whisky fund, the top whiskeys have appreciated in value anywhere from 130% to, among the 100 best, a staggering 230% from 2011-2013. Interested? The buy-in for the Platinum Whisky Investment Fund’s only a cool quarter-million.

Likely your first question is, are we spelling whiskey with or without the “e”? Because it matters! 


A Guide to (the Costs of) Getting Lost

As for groceries, I’ve lived on the gift cards to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s I got in my Christmas stocking.


Highlights From A Year of Emotional Spending

Because sometimes the universe is beautiful, near the end of 2014 I found a networking event that combined my love of too much alcohol and my love of pitching billion-dollar business ideas.


Is “Dry January” Worth The Savings

What would you save by trying the Dry January thing? Would it be worth it?


On Appreciating the Little Things, Especially Around the Holidays

For those of us who live paycheck-to-paycheck, for whom the accumulation of savings is always one perfect-month-without-crises away, it is important to take pleasure in the little things. For me, one of those little things is the stretch of the month between the 15th and the 25th, when all my big bills are paid — student loan, 2011 independent contractor taxes on the installment plan — but the next round of them — rent, phone, after-school for two kids — is still the better part of a week away.

Often, a paycheck, or, more precisely, a pay advice from a direct deposit, arrives during this period, giving me the false sense that I am getting ahead and accumulating the absurd amount of emergency cash that financial planners smugly say I should have. By now I have learned not to rely on my foolish notions, so I resist big purchases (well, maybe a few extra drinks). Instead, I just luxuriate for a few days in a false sense of financial security. This month, it’s false financial security and a glass of egg nog with rum in it. Happy holidays.


Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

Fortune claims that 90% of offices are planning parties in 2014. Get out those reindeer headbands!


Rent An Off-Season Beach House & Other Holiday Party Advice

My favorite Christmas was when we ran away.


Will the Fireball Whisky Recall Affect Sales?

“Antifreeze chemical” aside, does this Fireball whisky recall affect sales?