How Sarah Hepola, Author Of ‘Blackout,’ Does Money

“I went to school with kids who were vacationing in Aspen and Vail and their parents drove Mercedes and there was this roar in my head that told me I needed that. It’s funny, because as an adult, I’m uncomfortable around extreme wealth, and it’s not something I want for myself. But back then, yeah, I thought that was what success and happiness would be.”

Brunch-ian Economics

I like bacon, eggs, and any valid reason to start drinking before noon, but I detest spending $30 for approximately $5 of value.

When I Worked For $1 An Hour

My shifts were from 7pm to midnight. I worked every night except Sunday making $30 a week.

The Cost of Things: St. Patrick’s Day

Do you budget for St. Patrick’s Day or just let the expense wash over you like so much green-tinted water?

If The Whiskey Bubble Pops, At Least It’ll Be Delicious

A Guide to (the Costs of) Getting Lost

As for groceries, I’ve lived on the gift cards to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s I got in my Christmas stocking.

Highlights From A Year of Emotional Spending

Because sometimes the universe is beautiful, near the end of 2014 I found a networking event that combined my love of too much alcohol and my love of pitching billion-dollar business ideas.

Is “Dry January” Worth The Savings

What would you save by trying the Dry January thing? Would it be worth it?

On Appreciating the Little Things, Especially Around the Holidays

Is Your Boss Springing for a Holiday Party

Fortune claims that 90% of offices are planning parties in 2014. Get out those reindeer headbands!