How Sarah Hepola, Author Of ‘Blackout,’ Does Money

“I went to school with kids who were vacationing in Aspen and Vail and their parents drove Mercedes and there was this roar in my head that told me I needed that. It’s funny, because as an adult, I’m uncomfortable around extreme wealth, and it’s not something I want for myself. But back then, yeah, I thought that was what success and happiness would be.”

Jill Talbot’s ‘The Way We Weren’t’ Describes Single Parenting and Privation in Academia

When I asked Talbot if she had any advice to share for Billfold readers considering a career in academia, she laughed for a very long time and then asked me to quote her as “laughing for a very long time.”

The Billfold Book Club: Karl Taro Greenfeld’s ‘The Subprimes’

It is hard to read the final chapters of Karl Taro Greenfeld’s The Subprimes and not think of Bree Newsome climbing the flagpole outside the South Carolina State House to take down the Confederate flag.

Publish a Book and Change Your Life, or, Well, Maybe Not

If you were an attorney or an accountant and you said to someone, “I’ve been doing this job for two decades and am finally starting to make money at it,” people would look at you like you were crazy.

Reminder: The Billfold Book Club Is Discussing Karl Taro Greenfeld’s ‘The Subprimes’ on Tuesday, June 30

If you have not yet snagged (or borrowed) your copy of Karl Taro Greenfeld’s The Subprimes, there’s still time to read it before our Billfold Book Club discussion on Tuesday, June 30.

Billfold Book Club, Summer Edition: Karl Taro Greenfeld’s ‘The Subprimes’

Need a beach read for this summer? The Billfold Book Club has got you covered. Our next selection, sent in by one of our trusty readers, is Karl Taro Greenfeld’s The Subprimes.

A Conversation With Craig Lambert, Author of ‘Shadow Work’

Everyone has a slightly different version of which tasks they consider their responsibilities and which tasks they feel like they have been tricked into doing themselves.

The Billfold Book Club: Terry Pratchett’s ‘Men At Arms’

Terry Pratchett’s Men At Arms isn’t specifically about money, but money manages to make its importance known in nearly every interaction, starting on the first page when Corporal Carrot writes his parents that his promotion means an extra $5 a month.

Interview With Dina Gachman, Author Of ‘BROKENOMICS’

Being broke isn’t always hilarious, obviously, often it’s terrifying, but I do think you have to step back and try and gain some sort of perspective about the things you’re experiencing, and knowing when to laugh is crucial.

Chatting About Dash Buttons, Mass-Market Paperbacks, and More

I love the idea of the Dash Button—please let me stick these all over my apartment—but I also feel a little strange about advocating for Amazon Everything.

Reminder: The Billfold Book Club Is Discussing Terry Pratchett’s ‘Men at Arms’ on Thursday, April 23

This is a good time to remind Billfold Book Club readers that we’ll be discussing Pratchett’s Men at Arms on Thursday, April 23.

A Billfold Book Review: Carl Richards’ ‘The One-page Financial Plan’

The One-page Financial Plan, which I received as a complimentary review copy, is written for a very specific type of person: the middle to upper-middle class professional who wants to change money habits to achieve family-related goals.

The Next Billfold Book Club Selection Is Terry Pratchett’s ‘Men At Arms’

Welcome to the spring semester of the Billfold Book Club! In honor of the late Terry Pratchett, and continuing our study of economics through fiction, we are going to be reading Pratchett’s Men At Arms.

To Terry Pratchett, Who Gave Us Sam Vimes’ ‘Boots’ Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness

As I am sure many of you know, Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series, co-author of Good Omens with Neil Gaiman, and inventor of many fantastical worlds and characters, has died.

A Review of “Pay Off” by Shannon Young

For Young, paying her loans off quickly was her number one priority. I get that, but it seems extreme.