The Library Gets Me Every Time

What starts as a free pile of books ends up being a $15.50 pile of books and counting.

The Cost Of A Comic Book Hobby

According to Comixology, I have bought over 482 comic books in the past five years. This of course doesn’t include the 13 physical trade volumes I have in my library at my home, which brings the total to 495.

Where The Lost Books Are: Confessions Of A Compulsive Buyer

I know the guilt of bringing bags of books to the Strand selling counter which have never had their spines cracked, and which I sell back to the very place I bought them from without so much as a single dog-ear or coffee stain. I have whispered “I’m so sorry” and then traded my refund in for another set of books that would meet a similar fate.

J.K. Rowling Splits ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Into Two Parts Because Of Course She Does

How do you double your money in the theater?
Be J.K. Rowling, name your play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and split it into two parts.

How Harry Potter Really Does Money

Harry is heir to a hair fortune! We know that Rowling likes to use Dickensian-level descriptive names (see: naming a man who eventually becomes a werewolf “Remus Lupin”) but this is beyond delightful.

The Real (and Theoretical) Perks of Joining a Wine Club

I’m not sure if it was the ambience, the booze, or the fact that the non-member tasting for each person was $30 (unusually steep for a tasting in my limited experience), but three of us decided to join the wine club to have the group’s tasting fees waived.

Today, In Our Favorite Free Things: Libraries

When a couple of friends of mine were looking for a new apartment, they told us they had three requirements: some kind of outdoor space; near the park; and within walking distance of a Carnegie library.

How Sarah Hepola, Author Of ‘Blackout,’ Does Money

“I went to school with kids who were vacationing in Aspen and Vail and their parents drove Mercedes and there was this roar in my head that told me I needed that. It’s funny, because as an adult, I’m uncomfortable around extreme wealth, and it’s not something I want for myself. But back then, yeah, I thought that was what success and happiness would be.”

Jill Talbot’s ‘The Way We Weren’t’ Describes Single Parenting and Privation in Academia

When I asked Talbot if she had any advice to share for Billfold readers considering a career in academia, she laughed for a very long time and then asked me to quote her as “laughing for a very long time.”

The Billfold Book Club: Karl Taro Greenfeld’s ‘The Subprimes’

It is hard to read the final chapters of Karl Taro Greenfeld’s The Subprimes and not think of Bree Newsome climbing the flagpole outside the South Carolina State House to take down the Confederate flag.