The Unprecedented Success Of, And Backlash To, A LITTLE LIFE

The success of such a lengthy book of literary fiction by a relatively unknown author is surprising. The backlash has been commensurately severe.

Shonda Rhimes on Saying Yes—But Not to Everything

When can we afford to say yes to something new? When should we push ourselves to say yes even when we think we can’t add anything more to our lives?

I Went to the New Amazon Books Store

It was a comfortable, well-organized, well-lit bookstore focusing on popular titles while simultaneously highlighting the popularity of these titles.

Special Friday Billfold Book Club Session: Mallory Ortberg’s ‘North and South’

Last year, the Billfold Book Club read “North and South.” Now, Mallory Ortberg’s written her own version of the story.

“I’m A Poor Person Who Has Money” –J. Franzen

“Great American novelist” Jonathan Franzen, our nation’s most public bird-lover who is also a Twitter-hater, has made himself notorious again, this time while in conversation with the Financial Times.

The Library Gets Me Every Time

What starts as a free pile of books ends up being a $15.50 pile of books and counting.

The Cost Of A Comic Book Hobby

According to Comixology, I have bought over 482 comic books in the past five years. This of course doesn’t include the 13 physical trade volumes I have in my library at my home, which brings the total to 495.

Where The Lost Books Are: Confessions Of A Compulsive Buyer

I know the guilt of bringing bags of books to the Strand selling counter which have never had their spines cracked, and which I sell back to the very place I bought them from without so much as a single dog-ear or coffee stain. I have whispered “I’m so sorry” and then traded my refund in for another set of books that would meet a similar fate.

J.K. Rowling Splits ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Into Two Parts Because Of Course She Does

How do you double your money in the theater?
Be J.K. Rowling, name your play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and split it into two parts.

How Harry Potter Really Does Money

Harry is heir to a hair fortune! We know that Rowling likes to use Dickensian-level descriptive names (see: naming a man who eventually becomes a werewolf “Remus Lupin”) but this is beyond delightful.