Will This Childcare Nightmare Wake People Up To The Necessity Of Real Parental Leave?

It is an everyday tragedy that our profits-over-people system puts parents in these impossible positions.

$275 For An Anatomy Scan: Worth It?

After a frank conversation with my midwife, I found I had a choice to make. The anatomy scan, which takes place at about twenty weeks, loomed. Did I want it, knowing roughly what — or at least that — I would have to pay?

Talking About the Cost of Potty Training With Jane Marie

“I’ve probably spent around $40 on baby underwear, but I am who I am and that might not be everyone’s bag. I just love lingerie.”

I Can’t Afford A Second Kid

We’d rather live in the city that never sleeps than have a second baby who sometimes sleeps.

Obamacare Pregnancies: LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES

If you or someone you love is considering getting pregnant — with or without the support of the ACA — please, feel free to learn from my mistakes and take into account the following.

Paid Family Leave Is A Pipe Dream. Unless You Live In DC.

“If you’re planning to start a family, the nation’s capital could soon become the best place to do it.”

A $10,000 Question of the Day

What if someone offered you money to name your baby?

Nearly Halfway: What Pregnancy Has Cost Me So Far

The cost of nearly 17 weeks of gestation.

This Just In: Republican Cares About Paid Family Leave!

The standard GOP response to parents agitating for a national paid family leave policy is usually some version of “tough.” Rubio, however, has suddenly strayed from the pack.

Every Comment On Parental Leave Articles

“Parents are always using their children to get advantages.”