Are Budgets BS? The Experts Weigh In

You don’t need to budget to live within your means.

Today In Terrible Things To Spend Your Money On

Maybe do not start, invest in, or sign up for a company like Peeple that promises to commodify interpersonal relationships by being “Yelp for humans.”

Saying ‘No’ Is Not Very Good Financial Advice

“Merely saying ‘no’ is not financial advice; it is a form of blind risk avoidance.”

Rambling Man: Help! I’m Scared Of The Paycut That Might Make Me Happy

“In your case, the decent salary & the overpriced apartment in the city with access to coffee shops and fancy cocktail joints and artisanal donut bakeries are not enough to make up for the soulless job.”

Figuring Out Finances at 25

A 25-year-old male who works in digital media writes to Fusion and asks the following question: “How do you balance between savings and quality of life/personal development?”

Rambling Man: I Love Him But He’s A Pothead With No Savings

“Am I a morally vacant asshole for professing adoration while simultaneously keeping my eyes peeled for a candidate with some actual savings and a less serious chemical dependency?”

Hilariously Bad Financial Advice You Should Not Take But Should Enjoy Reading Nonetheless

“When you care about your 401k, your life is just ‘K.'” I don’t know what that means, but I’d like it carved on my tombstone.

Rambling Man: On Staying Friends When Financial & Other Circumstances Diverge

Gilgamesh and I are on opposite trajectories. She is stressed, unhappy, and unhealthy, whereas I am fulfilled, happy, and considering starting a family. Needless to say, our relationship is not great.

How To Buy Your Lover Flowers

If you are committed to going through with this purchase, do it right.

The ‘Ethicists’ Address the Question of Accepting Financial Support from a Homophobic Parent

In the NYT Mag’s “Ethicists” column this week, a college student writes in to ask if it’s okay to hide the fact that he’s gay because his father has threatened to pull his financial support if he made it clear that he is.