Rambling Man: On Tipping At Counters & Kids As A Retirement Plan

Tipping in the face of low wages and unjust labor conditions is kind of like voting in the context of a two-party system with effectively unlimited campaign contributions: you recognize that what you want is revolution, but in the mean time, you do what you can.

Things Vs Experiences, Take Two

Go ahead and buy that guitar, then, or those roller blades, or that SLR camera — but only if you’re going to commit to getting good.

Rambling Man: On Fulbrights And In-Fights

“My spouse was recently awarded a Fulbright grant. I am so proud of him. He worked hard and in solitary conditions to obtain this award.” BUT …

The Rambling Man: Advice on Trying to Make a Living and Doing the Best You Can

I realized the world was full of marginally important questions — many of them tangentially related to money and finance — just crying out for breathless, curmudgeonly answers.

More Financial Advice for College Students

Many of your classroom supply expenses can be shared. That art class that requires the fancy Bristol board pad? Split it with a friend.

How To Be Your Own Life Coach

It turned out I was a pretty good life coach. I was told by one friend that he would have gladly paid for my services and by another that it was better than therapy.

“If You’re Going To Splurge, Buy Art”

Filmmaker John Waters is charming in this Business Insider video, giving financial advice to millennials.

Low Salary? Your Cynical Attitude May Be To Blame

Holding cynical beliefs about human nature is likely to hinder one’s financial success.

So You’re Ready To Buy Some Grown-Up Furniture

STEP 1: DON’T PANIC. Breathe in. Remind yourself that grown-up furniture often costs grown-up sums of money, and that’s okay. Breathe out.

‘Dear Sugar’ Answers Questions About Money, Family, and Class

As always, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give compassionate responses to these questions—but we have a few additional pieces of advice.