The Humanities Grad (A Poem)

I should have studied comp sci,
I should have studied math.
I should have picked a job track
With a clear and guided path.
I should have learned to program,
I should have learned to code.
Maybe then my earnings
Would outweigh what I owed.
Instead I studied Butler,
Sontag and Foucault,
And now all I’m “unpacking”
Are bottles of cointreau.


Emma D. Miller vandalized lockers with rhyming poems in high school. Now she works at a film festival in Durham, NC. She tweets mostly about documentaries.


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j a y (#3,935)

Heh, so I fell into CompSci (my orientation, since I didn’t specify, was full of would-be kinesiology students… HELL NO/flip desperately through curriculum).

But all my electives were Humanities for 2 reasons: they were easier (for a strong reader and writer) and they were worth more credits. When I discovered I was 6 credits short of graduating in my final year, I enrolled in two 9-credit lit courses instead of 9×3-credit science courses.

(The math works out because only 6 credits were extra… the rest were part of the regular course load.)

One can easily read lit on the commute… it’s a lot harder to do math homework. And while the readings weren’t what I would choose for fun, I really enjoyed the majority of them – excepting the philosophers and psychologists.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Firstly, this is great.

Secondly, I really want a Shel Silverstein style illustration to accompany it.

potatopotato (#5,255)

I am applauding, quietly and sadly, at my desk.

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