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Monday Check-in

Good morning! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

I had an amazing week off and will remember this the next time I’m wondering if I should take a week off even if I don’t have any major plans or trips because it gave me the time I needed to recharge. I got a chance to avoid thinking about work and all the daily tabs we encounter, like what everyone thought of Taylor Swift’s new single. At previous jobs, I was the kind of employee who accumulated lots of vacation days because I was bad at taking time off. Bad move—take your vacations! Prevent yourself from burning out!

Moving on: Let’s check in.

I spent most of my week waking up at a leisurely hour, eating a lot of great food, reading in parks and cafés and catching up with some friends.

• I’ve been watching Mind of a Chef on Netflix, and when April Bloomfield made her appearance, I was inspired to go to The Spotted Pig for lunch to have her burger and deviled eggs. $37.49

Spotted Pig

• An afternoon at Chelsea Market buying some good cheese and wine, which Elizabeth and I had before devouring tacos at a place in our neighborhood and catching up on episodes of Mad Men, and then eating some dessert I picked up from Amy’s Bread. $48

• For breakfast one morning, a friend met me at Russ and Daughters and I treated the two of us to bagels and smoked fish and iced coffees, and then had a doughnut from Doughnut Plant, which we ate in the park. $33.71


• I met some friends for a beer in the Lower East Side ($7), and then we had dinner at Ivan Ramen, which recently received a positive review in the Times. My friends insisted on paying for me, but I managed to slip them $20 to help with the tip.


• $20 for a book while browsing a bookstore.


• A lunch at Saiguette: lemongrass pork banh mi, spring rolls, and a Vietnamese iced coffee: $19.

• Ticket to a Yankees game ($23), and then $29 for two hot dog’s, crinkle fries and a large soda from Nathan’s.


• Logan and I bought groceries for dinner ($75), and then she showed me Taylor Swift’s new music video.

• $100 spent at Whole foods on steaks, veggies, and other fixins for dinner with four old friends I haven’t seen in a long time.


For my week off, I spent about $413, all money taken out of the $500 I had in my vacation savings account. I consider it money well-spent.

And how about you?


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Allison (#4,509)

Friday I ordered pizza and flopped dramatically upon my couch and didn’t move for hours. It was wonderful. $17

Saturday I slept in, my roommate bought me a bagel and a chai ($0) and then I took a nap. Life was wonderful and I watched the Romola Garai/Johnny Lee Miller Emma on Amazon Prime. It was delightful. $0

Bought three dresses on Modcloth to try on and see if I like them enough to wear them to my friend’s wedding $280. Could end up actually being anywhere from $0-$100.

Yesterday I meant to buy breakfast but the bus timing wasn’t great, so I shoved some brownies I made into my face and bought an ice tea while waiting on a transfer $2. Got to hang out with the cutest puppy for hours (http://www.pawschicago.org/gaby-anne/), she didn’t end up adopted before we finished but I expect her to go in the next day or two. Since we were in front of a wine shop all day, we decided to have a glass before departing. It ended up being a few glasses, but other people were nice enough to pay.

Ended up taking a cab home/to the grocery store because I was buzzed and exhausted and starving. $15 for the cab, $20 on groceries/food from the hot bar. <3 you mariano’s

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Allison oh, that sweet puppy face!

Allison (#4,509)

@LookUponMyWorks she was playing with everyone that came by, but if I picked her up she was 100% about those cuddles.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Allison Interested to see how the Modcloth dresses work out! How tall are you? I ask only because I’ve returned 90% of the things I’ve ordered from them because they were too short (I’m 5′ 9″)

Allison (#4,509)

@andnowlights I’m a smidge taller than that, so I have high hopes for this (http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/dont-wait-up-dress) …which is now $70 less than I paid but final sale and I’m not sure which size I need/if I’ll like it. Do I cancel and reorder two for less than the price of one?

This one will probably be too short, but I already have shoes I could wear with it http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/luck-be-a-lady-dress-in-violet

lemonhead3159 (#6,051)

I estimated $92 and spent significantly less because I was lazy…

Friday: $0, as my BF was nice enough to cover my portion of dinner
Saturday: $0, because it was dreary and gray out and I didn’t feel like leaving the house
Sunday: $7 for breakfast and coffee for a friend, $28 gas

Total: $35

andnowlights (#2,902)

This sounds like a wonderful week off! Glad you had so much fun! I feel bad about using my vacation days during the school year since my bosses depend on me to keep order in the court during the week, but I’m so looking forward to having 7 (!) days off in October.

This weekend was not the weekend I expected it to be.

Prescriptions: $10
Husband needed clothes: $78.57
Joann’s: $49.68
We ended up with a frozen pizza and ice cream for dinner Saturday despite having perfectly good food at home: $17.14
Breakfast Saturday morning while I was running errands with 2 students in tow: $4.56

Total: $160.04, estimated $50. Ah, yeah. The fabric I bought at Joann’s was totally worth it, though. It’s super cute and very autumnal (it’s a word, really). Despite the fact that I’m not ready for summer to end, I have to start thinking about fall clothes, I guess, since my goal is to sew more than buy.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@andnowlights I’m sure the fabric is super cute but it makes me really bummed that “autumnal” fabrics are in stock. Summer is going too fast.

calamity (#2,577)

What book did you buy, Mike??

This weekend I spent …

Friday: $5.19 sandwich from Potbelly, $4.25 at the corner store because I needed lunch meat

Saturday: $25.45 at Giant and the farmer’s market, $7.49 for a frozen pizza, because my avocado was not yet ripe enough to use said lunch meat; $5.08 at the corner store because I was reading an essay from The Empathy Exams where she mentioned Snickers and suddenly I had to have one (and there’s a $5 card minimum, so I stocked up on future snacks too)

Sunday: $10.90 for a latte and breakfast sandwich, $18.78 on groceries and beer

Total: $77.14 out of a $60 estimate, and all of it was spent on food – almost all of which was technically groceries. How?? (Fancy free-range meat and a pricey convenience store I can see from my doorstep is how, but STILL.)

Mike Dang (#2)

The Ocean at the End of the Lane!

bgprincipessa (#699)

@Mike Dang Such a quick little magical book!

kentuckienne (#4,294)

As suspected, this was a fairly low spend weekend. On Friday, I worked at my second job and bought some coffee for $3 to motivate me. It was a really long day, and I rewarded myself with some new pants (needed for an upcoming work conference anyway), $30, and dinner out with the fiance to celebrate his promotion $49 (and a reminder that eating out is so expensive, why do we do it?!).

Saturday, I worked longer than intended at the second job and then came home to nap/watch TV for a bit. It had been a day at work that made me question wanting to have this second job, no matter how flexible it is. We ended up going to a house party, complete with flip cup, which was something I hadn’t done in years. I spent $0.

On Sunday, I worked some more and realized I wouldn’t be able to finish, so cut out early to have some weekend time. Fiance bought a big grocery haul and I spent $9 on Amazon for household stuff.

All told, $91. I had a $40 paycheck waiting on me Friday and made more over the weekend.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@kentuckienne Love me some flip cup!

MrDean (#6,289)

Spotted Pig and Doughnut Plant? That’s a good time. I lived around the corner from Spotted Pig for 3 years and only late in the game went in. It was easier to get a table, and much less expensive, than I thought. So good.

Mike, you are very good at vacations.

lizziefresh (#651)

Yay vacations, using time off if you have it is a good good thing.

This weekend was good! The drive from Boston to NY was brutal, but I eventually made it down to see my sister’s new place and have dinner with her. It was so so great to see her. $35 for dinner and $5 for post dinner ice cream truck ice cream (yuuuuuum.)

Saturday Ihad a bagel breakfast ($10) and picked up a gift to bring for meeting a friend’s new baby ($28). Met up with the friend and adorable small child and we grabbed some pizza ($7) That morning I realized I forgot to bring deodorant so picked some of that up ($6). Had a coffee with another friend and then went to dinner with my folks, who treated.

Sunday I grabbed another bagel breakfast ($9). Went for a long run and then got ready to head back. Stopped for a snack on the way back to Boston ($5)

I ended up spending $70 in gas all told over the weekend and not taking the ferry back to Boston since I was spending more over the weekend than I had planned…

Total was $175 against a $177 guess.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

I estimated nothing beyond the $100ish for saddle fitting. Spend less than that but not as I expected.

Friday: rode after work and went out with the boy, he paid. Side note, this was the first time he has EVER had Thai food. He actually liked it. This is why you should try new things Mr. Steak and Potatoes. $2 on parking.

Saturday: The saddle fitter only cost $50 since she was only able to work on one saddle. Interesting to watch her at work. I did yoga because I had no desire to run in the monsoon. Went to work at my side gig. +$40 tip!!! (and salary to come. We get a flat $12 hourly and no tips unless the family getting married feel generous and gives a flat tip.)

Sunday: Spent $5 on coffee. The boy planned to teach me to golf, but the course was full so instead we went to the diner and spent $15. $4 on parking downtown, which pissed me off because normally it is free on Sundays! Chose poorly I guess. He was tired so I went to polo solo and watched a game.

Spent a total of $76 this weekend, with my surprise tip covering food and my Philly parking ticket.

Tripleoxer (#5,676)

@RiffRandell So, what’s the saddle status? I just went through this last spring with my mare and it was a nightmare (no pun intended). Ended up with a used Prestige saddle.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Tripleoxer @RiffRandell How do y’all feel about saddles with an adjustable gullet?

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@LookUponMyWorks I have never found a saddle I liked, that worked for me, that had them! My Passier jump saddle now fits like a dream, but the dressage saddle she didn’t think she could balance well enough, so didn’t change it at all. It is an older County and just doesn’t have very much space in the panels to add flocking. ETA guess I need to sell and buy different one :(

Tripleoxer (#5,676)

@LookUponMyWorks I am kind of old school and tend to steer clear of them. I’ve heard saddle experts say that changeable gullet systems result in a saddle that basically doesn’t fit any horse well.

Tripleoxer (#5,676)

I took Friday off for a job interview at another company and actually ended up making $80 because my friend’s parents offered me their nice old couch for free, so I picked that up and sold my old crappy couch on craigslist within a few hours. I did spend $35 on a half hour sports massage, and $10 on a bottle of Chardonnay to thank my friend’s mom for giving us her couch.

Saturday: I had my weigh-in for my powerlifting meet. I had to sit in the sauna to lose the final couple of ounces to make my weight class (114 lbs!). I then spent $17 on protein bars, Gatorade, and candy at the grocery store. Rode my horse later and hung around the house for the rest of the day. I spent $2 at Subway because it was free sub day if you bought a drink, and also $20 on wine because it was made by a winery called Dark Horse.

Sunday: My powerlifting meet! All I spent was $2 on a coffee before the meet. (As for the meet, I did awesome. I pulled a 240 lb deadlift which was a personal record for me. I won my weight class and also outlifted the gals in the weight class above mine.) I took my boyfriend out for dinner afterwards ($15– I had a gift card) and then out for frozen yogurt ($8).

Total: $109. When I subtract the $80 I made for selling my old couch, it’s $29. Not too bad.

Goodie (#5,447)

@Tripleoxer congratulations on the personal record and on winning your weight class!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Tripleoxer Congrats!

Tripleoxer (#5,676)

@LookUponMyWorks @nnlsbin Thanks!!!

Stina (#686)

@Tripleoxer Wooooo! Congrats! That’s so great.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Tripleoxer Whoo! Congrats on PR and winning!

appleaday (#6,367)

A little nervous to add this all up because this past weekend=birthday weekend. On the other hand, this past weekend=birthday weekend so all purchases are justified, no?
Friday: $150 on birthday party supplies because it was one of those milestone numbers.
Saturday: $25 on brunch with visiting friends. I’m never much of a brunch person but woke up on Saturday noooot feeling great and home fries and eggs felt necessary.
$27 on Arcade Fire with said visiting friends. Vaguely considered getting a drink too, until I saw Barclay’s Center’s prices.
$5 my share of a cab after the concert to catch the end of a friend’s goodbye party.
Sunday: $13 at Afropunk – including donation to the festival & a snack. The show felt worth wayyy more than that, so I’m considering this good financial planning. :)
Total: $220? I think?

appleaday (#6,367)

Also feeling very hungry after looking at all your food photos Mike.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Sounds like such a nice week off, Mike. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

I estimated about $230 and spent a lot of money but did basically nothing of what I had planned on Friday.

Friday: grocery store for food, flowers and some amazing chocolate pastry: $56.38. Lazed about that night.

Saturday: terrible weather so I ran errands instead of hiking. TJ Maxx for silly stuff: $10.59, Target for dog stuff, cleaning supplies, September issue of a Lady Magazine: $41.30, Taco Bell: $6.88. Friend and I went to late movie (The Giver) that night: $13.00.

Sunday: lazed about. Then went to Ulta ($20.18) and checked out new restaurant in neighborhood (good beer, lackluster food :-( ): $20.50. Also ran, started “Getting Things Done” and cleaned the house. Very nice weekend. :-)

Total: $168.83

Goodie (#5,447)

@LookUponMyWorks I also read getting things done and have now been trying to find an app which I can use for my lists and such that works and doesn’t cost too much.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I know they recommend paperbased systems but I know I would lose the paper.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)


LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@nnlsbin Let’s try this again: no,I don’t have any app suggestions. I find writing to-do lists very pleasing. If you have a smartphone, there are usually list/note taking apps native to the phone, along with reminder options.

erinep (#4,236)

@nnlsbin I just got Wunderlist not too long ago. When I remember to use it, I find it helpful. You can have lists and sub-lists and categories.

nell (#4,295)

@erinep I really like Clear (I got it as an app of the week from Starbucks but I think it’s maybe 2 or 3 bucks in the app store). Very simple interface, lets you create all sorts of lists and also prioritize your to-dos, which my Seven Habits-indoctrinated brain really likes.

Goodie (#5,447)

I didnt do a Friday estimate, and this total is a bit of a guess.

Friday- was with family at a funeral/wake and didnt spend anything all fay
Saturday- lunch with cousin, followed by drinks with cousins $50
Sunday – greasy takeout for myself and cousins $25

$75 for the weekend isnt too bad, and I got to spend time with lots of family who I never see.

Stina (#686)

@nnlsbin Oh hon. Many sympathies to you and your family.

Goodie (#5,447)

@Stina thanks :)
Trying to take the time with family to celebrate the life and not the loss

Stina (#686)

Mike I am loving the picture filled check-in. Glad that you had a good time.

I did not check in on Friday because I was super busy. I was getting ready for the church rummage sale I was organizing. We went out to dinner but it was paid for in some gift cards we had. We gave a cash tip though $7. My Husband bought an impact wrench $96 which was a great deal because it came with a battery and charger pack.

Saturday: Rummage sale. While I was working at it I became an great customer during my 2 hour break (I worked 8 hours total though) About $5 on food. $42.50 on stuff. We did very good for sales.

Sunday. Church, bag sale day. Packed up the leftover books for selling to used bookstore. Napped. Did dishes. $0

PicNic (#3,760)

I had said nothing or $40 and fell somewhere in the middle.

I didn’t do laundry or go to SOWA but Friday after work I picked up some vegetables at the farmer’s market to roast for dinner ($8.50). I took a nap when I got home (I have been nonstop exhausted lately) and when I woke up my roommate was gone for the weekend! Glorious present, best ever. Really excited. Granted – next weekend she’s throwing herself a house warming party that I wasn’t originally invited to and asking her friends for presents, but I’ll deal with that awkwardness when I have to.

Saturday I got breakfast at Dunks because I didn’t have any coffee creamer in the house ($6). I watched a million hours of extreme couponing. No one ever really talks about diving in to their stash to actually use anything, so I’m wondering if these are all JUST IN CASE items that isn’t part of their regularly consumption. Also, one woman wasn’t with anyone or pregnant and didn’t have a child but had like a years’ worth of diapers. If I started dating someone and found out they had a stash like that it would be SO MUCH PRESSURE! My friend dropped off her microwave (mine is pathetic and old and she doesn’t need hers anymore) and I found out she and her boyfriend were going to office max so I tagged along to look at all the back to school stuff. We picked up lunch at Panera ($7.50).

Sunday I worked on the dress I had been meaning to work on, and changed two lightbulbs in the livingroom that had been dead for a while and then even took the light cover thing and cleaned out the dead bugs with warm soapy water and felt extra virtuous. I re-read some Louisa May Alcott and watched Dead Poets Society and some of the Simpsons marathon (1997 season). Took a couple naps (again with the exhaustion).

Total spent: $22.
Naps taken: 4
Awkward roommate encounters: 0

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@PicNic Your roommate stories continue to intrigue me. She sounds like such a…character.

Tripleoxer (#5,676)

@PicNic I extreme coupon at CVS to the point where I haven’t paid for shampoo, tampons, makeup, etc for over a year, but I don’t have that kind of stockpile built up. I’ll buy a few months’ worth and then buy more when it’s out.

Also, I can never get out of Panera for less than $12-13, so good for you on only spending $7.50!

PicNic (#3,760)

@LookUponMyWorks she is basically my favorite topic of conversation because most of the things she says/does makes my friends jaws drop to the floor and it’s pretty hilarious. Trying to laugh at this comedy of errors until I move out so I don’t get so stressed out about it anymore.

@Tripleoxer I would love to read a how-to guide about this! I try to always use my coupons at CVS but I have a feeling I could use them more effectively. As for panera – I was super overwhelmed and just got a half sandwich and some chips and a fountain drink. I think if I’d had my wits about me I could have easily spent $15!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@PicNic Feeling you on the exhaustion thing. It’s unrelenting lately. I almost watched Extreme Couponing on Netflix last night, but got sucked into Overhaulin’ instead! I feel like at the rate I lose energy, my time is better spent doing other things than trying to figure out how to get free shampoo, though it helps that I’m not picky and use the $1.99 Suave stuff, or the $3.99 Herbal Essences if I’m feeling fancy.

annecara (#1,914)

Friday: Got to come home early from work because the office was dead; made two batches of muffins (blueberry and chocolate chip-banana) for a goodbye breakfast for our next door neighbors, who are moving to New York. :( May or may not have eaten muffins for dinner, $0.

Saturday: Woke up far too early for a Saturday to attend the aforementioned goodbye breakfast. In the afternoon, I got my eyebrows waxed ($8 with tip), then went to Sephora and bought makeup that I don’t actually need but it’s not like I won’t use it eventually ($55). Then I went for a leg waxing ($85 + $16 tip), which was so thorough that I think she might have thrown in a bikini wax for free; we’ll see if it was worth the cost if I actually don’t have to shave my legs for 2-3 weeks. Then I went to Macy’s, returned two pairs of shoes (-$99), and between sales and coupons got $190 worth of jewelry for $39. Then I had to take the bracelet to a jeweler’s to have it shortened, because I have tiny little wrists and normal bracelets slip off ($25, but I didn’t pay it yet so it doesn’t count). Then I went and got full highlights done ($175 + $35 tip), and now I look exceedingly blonde, but not in a bad way.

And then I get a text message from my husband. “Call me first before you come home.” Oh god, I think. What happened? Apparently he had decided to try his hand at making hot sauce. He succeeded at making hot sauce! And also at pepper spraying the entire downstairs of our house, to the point where the UPS guy delivering a package got a face-full of capsaicin when my husband opened the door. So we spent $72 on pizza and beer (mostly beer) while we waited for the house to decontaminate.

Sunday: Basically did not do anything; it was highly enjoyable. $0.

Estimated total: $400 or under.
Actual total: $386!!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@annecara Oh man, when we lived in Connecticut, our downstairs neighbors tried to make their own chipotle pappers. They basically maced the entire house (100 year old house subdivided into apartments, we could smell and hear everything). It was miserable.

annecara (#1,914)

@andnowlights Honestly, I’m just glad he didn’t try making the hot sauce with the ghost peppers we’re growing.

I didn’t estimate Friday because I had no idea what I would be doing for the weekend because I was far too busy to think about it last week! It was crazy.
It ended up being ok on spending though. We went out for Chinese on Friday – $25
Saturday I did yard work, then made a Target run for some toiletries, mail supplies, and pruning shears – $45 and got coffee – $5.
Sunday we went to breakfast – $20 and then on a drive to and hike in Shenandoah National Park which was great, and free, because we have an annual military pass. We did buy gas – $40 and had Dairy Queen for dinner on the way home – $15.
Total for the weekend: about $150.

Julie (#5,374)

I never made it to the mall to go dress-shopping this weekend, so now I have to do that after work. :/

Friday, I stopped at the store after work for fruit, bread, and some AMAZING pico de gallo, $10. Then I painted my nails and watched some TV, and passed out around 9:30.

On Saturday, I had lunch with a friend. I ended up paying for myself (she had mentioned possibly paying for me to thank me for doing her a favor), $14.

Yesterday, I had no plans but I’d been meaning to work on some writing. I needed to get out of my apartment (my neighbors are driving me nuts to the point I might move, and now I have to figure out how to afford to move), so I went to Starbucks. I used a gift card, $0, and got a lot of work done. I think I was there for like four hours.

I estimated $100, and I spent $24.

CeeEm (#5,833)

So jealous of all those delicious eats, Mike!

Friday, I went grocery shopping part 1 after work ($23.89). My sister came in to see my apartment and we got dinner near by ($35) and walked around. She bought me ice cream. Saturday morning, I bought iced coffee before my run since I forgot to set up cold brew the night before ($2.75). For lunch, I got a smoothie ($7.62) then bought a book from the Strand ($7.57) and got a pedicure ($24). From here, my estimate goes way off when I met a friend for a “quick drink” which turned into multiple drinks and dinner ($38). Sunday, I went for a long run and met a friend for a walk around her neighborhood. I ordered Indian food for dinner ($17.35). After dinner, I went grocery shopping part 2 when I realized I didn’t have many lunch supplies on hand (also, ice cream) ($15.61).

Kind of a strange weekend as I figure out how to be single for the first time in 2+ years. I estimated $150, which I thought was excessive, but ended up spending more – $171.79. Womp.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@CeeEm Aw, I love the Strand. That was one of my favorite places to go hang out when we lived train-adjacent to NYC.

readyornot (#816)

What a fun week off, Mike! I think it’s really kind of wonderful to take the time to do the relaxing tings and see all the wonderful friends you don’t have time for during a normal work week in the town you live in. Then again, it’s a little sad we all have to take vacation in order to have free time for friends.

My weekend was just what I needed, lots of errands but also some taking it easy at home.
Friday: lunch ($9), made dinner at home, watched the first episode of the Knick and half of the documentary Three Stars about a few Michelin restaurants.

Saturday: test pots of paint ($16), poster board for testing them ($2). Other meals at home, along with a hefty dose of home office paper cleaning out. I bought a new, smaller desk and just the transferring of things from old desk to new, along with getting rid of a bookcase, has triggered a major decluttering. My husband was at his actual office much of the day, but we celebrated four years of marriage at Suzanne Goin’s A.O.C., which was delightful. Brioche with prosciutto, fried egg, frisee was great. ($140).

Sunday: groceries ($71) (included lunch), organizer trays for new desk ($9). Our washing machine has been broken for two weeks, so we also had to buy emergency underwear! ($40) To last until new part is installed. Finally, my husband bought gas for his car ($34).

Total: $321, under my estimate of $350

DebtOrAlive (#5,233)

Friday — Schwag for mom (You”ll see why later): $60. Dinner (and drink and drink and shot of bourbon) with closest friends: $80. Avoiding having to get the manufacturer to recut a key for the rental I was locked out of: Lots and lots of money. Incalculable amounts. Thanks lost and found!

Saturday — Trader Joes run to stock up on snacks, frozen meals, and prepped salads because ain’t nobody got the time to cook this week (Again, you’ll see why later): $100. Target run when I realized I lacked even the most basic households goods like, say forks to eat aforementioned meals with: $75. Refill rental car WITHIN TEN MILES OF RECEIVING LOCATION TO “AVOID” PENALTIES (yes, they actually used the word avoid in the small print as if that weren’t an automatic penalty): $27. Rental car total charge: $22 Public transit back to apartment: $15.

Sunday — Planned to finish unpacking, but it was so stupid beautiful, and went for a stroll. On said stroll walked past bike shop, doubled back, took a look around, and found THE TRANSPORT DEVICE for $400 less than other places. They didn’t have one in my size on the floor, so placed an order: $1523 (So far…) To distract myself from my insta-buyer’s remorse, walked through an open-air art fair, bought myself some happy in the form of a giant smoked turkey leg (which is apparently emu?): $13. 30 minutes later, full and with still 1/4 of a leg remaining, tossed the leg and purchased refreshing lemonade: $2. Continued my stroll for another couple hours, purchasing Gatorade and an iced rea somewhere along the way: $4.

Actual total: $1921, which comes in well under my unstated estimate of $∞ given that:

Monday — Start medical school.


Stina (#686)

@DebtOrAlive “Monday — Start medical school.” WOW! Congratulations! It was a great lead up. Definitely built the suspense.

We will miss you on the boards though as your time will now obviously be owned by other things.

Allison (#4,509)

@DebtOrAlive Good luck!!

erinep (#4,236)

I think I went over, but maybe came close?

Doggie PT Friday afternoon, $99 (dude will pay me back for half) and super cute. He did very well and she said we can start lifting restrictions in about 3 weeks if we can build his leg muscles back up a bit more. He misses throttling and destroying his toys so much!
Then my friend with the puppies asked if I could take them out and feed them because her roommate was called into work. I stopped at where she was bartending and had fish fry ($12 + $6 tip because she comped me two beers as a thank you). That was also the first time I ate out in two weeks! I also grabbed some groceries ($20).

Saturday I had the goal of not leaving the house except to walk the dog which I basically achieved. My parents were driving past on their way home from a conference and so they took me to lunch and went on a little walk with me and the dog. The rest of the day I read, watched movies, and sewed a bit, and did some chores. The dude got back from his trip super late.

Sunday, I got out of the house and went to a coffee shop to work on job apps ($2). That spreadsheet that was my One Thing is a good motivator because it’s so satisfying to mark one as applied. But it got too loud with small children running around and too cold with polar AC so I moved to the bar across the street and ordered curds, finished another one up and rewarded myself with a beer ($14). Then the dude and I rode the ride the drive route around our neighborhood, had a few beers with friends in their yard, made skillet pizza from Budget Bytes AGAIN because it is so so tasty and easy. We also rand to the grocery store, $15 more dollars.

not bad. I think I’m just a smidge over since I didn’t spend as much on groceries as I thought I would.

Stina (#686)

@erinep “Doggie PT Friday afternoon” Awwww. Was he in the doggy water tank/treadmill? How does one PT a dog?

Congrats on all the job applications!

erinep (#4,236)

@Stina Thanks!

I am FASCINATED by doggie PT. Basically, Doggie PT is getting the dog to do various movements with the bribe of chicken baby food smeared on a tongue depressor. Or, if you’re Buster and get too overstimulated and unfocused, the PT will take the baby food away and you’re just stuck with regular treats. Then we do the exercises at home with plain greek yogurt and he is less than thrilled.
He never did do the underwater treadmill because he actually healed well enough that he didn’t need to practice the weightless walking. This was his last appointment!

sariberry (#4,420)

My goal of a cheap weekend was achieved! I spent very little, mainly because I did very little.

Friday: spent $13 on sushi with friends, and $4 at the farmer’s market.

Saturday: I wasn’t planning on doing any online shopping, but oops, it happened. I spent a total of $31.50 on Etsy. Most of the day was spent with #EverySimpsonsEver

On Sunday I did a quick grocery shop that only added up to $10. And I had to pay my gym membership to Blink ($21).

Total = $79.50; estimated $80. Woohoo!

ThatJenn (#916)

That sounds like a fabulous staycation!

I shot for a $0 weekend and made it, though it was tested many times. Friday we stayed in and played games with friends, though lots of lateness meant we didn’t get to finish the (Dungeon Crawl Classics) scenario the dude wrote and it’s going to be difficult to find a second time to meet. Saturday we stayed home all day because it was hella hot, and I got a surprise check in the mail for writing I hadn’t realized I would be paid for! That was pleasant. Sunday we were mostly at home due to the weather (117 degree heat index, followed by torrential rain), but also checked out where my dude’s classes are starting today.

Our commitment to $0 was tested repeatedly: we realized the brewery owned by someone we knew was having their grand opening; a friend invited us to lunch; my dude really wanted a coffee drink he couldn’t make at home. But we stuck to it and that was great!

Liz (#504)

It was another rather expensive week for me – but totally worth it! I’m in grad school and taking my comprehensive exams starting on Wednesday of this week, so besides doing a lot of work during the day on the weekend, I also studied. Luckily my boyfriend also had a ton of work coming up so we hung out at coffee shops and took long brunches.

Friday – Went out for a happy hour with some school friends, had an excessive number of cheap Cosmos ($13). Afterwards, bought some Yuengling and went over to my boyfriend’s place when he got out of work ($8). We were planning to go to a punk show, but heard it had sold out before we even left the house. So instead we sat on the porch and bought snacks from the grocery store (he paid.)

Saturday – Had a delicious brunch (biscuits and sausage gravy) around lunch time (we had a slow start to the day) and sat out on their patio enjoying the atmosphere ($12). It’s a restaurant on campus and everyone was frantically moving in while we chilled out in beautiful weather. Later, went to a coffee shop to study for the afternoon and bought a latte and an iced coffee ($6). In the evening, went to a Mexican restaurant for a friend’s going away party and ate tacos, guacamole, and split a pitcher of margaritas ($0, total was $60 for the two of us, but my boyfriend paid.) Then we went to a start-of-semester party for my group of friends and picked up a case of PBR on the way ($15).

Sunday – Went to the local warehouse/market district and got fairly tasty banh mi from a lady who set up a grill on the side walk. The guy working the stand asked us what we wanted to drink (diet coke) and brought us ginger ale. It went well with banh mi ($0, my poor boyfriend paid again because I didn’t have any cash.) I bought us chocolate caramel popcorn in an attempt to make up for being such a sponger ($5.) We went to another coffee shop and worked for the rest of the day ($2) and then went to the grocery store and got stuff for dinner + a few things for the week ($38, I paid).

Total: $99 and I still owe my boyfriend some paying-for-things.

When I checked my bank account to write this, I found out I’d actually gone into overdraft, so I’m glad I decided to procrastinate this Monday morning! I really need to go out less (and drink less!) but it’s hard in the throes of a new relationship.

annecara (#1,914)

@Liz Good luck with your exams!

fletchasketch (#6,453)

groceries: $25
drugstore essentials (no bandaids, toothpaste, or ibuprofen): $25
dog food and self-wash: $50
last part of b-day gift for my sister: $20
brunch: $20

The dog is lucky he is cute, because I would have been on track budget-wise this weekend without him.

theotherginger (#1,304)

I came in around what I expected: $ 12.50 farmer’s market. Now what to do with all the golden beeeeeets? And 3.75 laundry. Total: 16.25. Parental units purchased groceries and also breakfast and dinner out. Love them, and also love that they came for a visit.

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