Wealthy People Agitated by Real Estate Trend


What interesting lessons about personal finance and the economy can we take away from the fact that web sites like AirBnB and VRBO are upending the market for $1,000-a-night rentals in the Hamptons? Probably none. But it is marvelous to know that there is a therapist in East Hampton willing to report with a straight face that “one of her patients’ top anxieties these days [is] the explosion of short-term rentals.”

The rich really are different than you and me, aren’t they?


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NoName (#3,509)

Parts of this read like a David Sedaris piece:

“’If you’re staying for a month or two, you probably want to behave yourself and be a good neighbor, but if it’s just for a weekend, it’s probably just to party,’ Fran Donovan, a local mental health therapist, said on Thursday while enjoying an iced tea at the Golden Pear Cafe on Newtown Lane.”

peacheater (#733)

@NoName Yeah, some of this just has to be satirical:
“Chris, who had the dirty baseball cap of a former farmer, had moved with his wife into a ranch home they owned in the less expensive village of Springs so they could rent out their cottage in East Hampton village for the season, a first for them.”
“the dirty baseball cap of a former farmer” – seriously?

@peacheater He took the hat from the farmer.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

In related, “rich-people-crying” news:

Choice quote about the Fed police who make up Chairwoman Yellen’s security detail: “Now we have this group, overweight, wearing the most ridiculous blue uniforms with the most ridiculous blue caps…”

NoName (#3,509)

@LookUponMyWorks I can see the woman who said this in my head, and she looks exactly like Lucille Bluth.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

I’m anxious about the gig economy. Not about short-term rentals in the Hamptons specifically, but the disassociation of employees from employers in general, especially when the employers set up systems that encourage employees to do illegal acts without specifying that they are illegal.

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