Want to Be a Netflix Tagger?

This could be you, hard at work.Netflix is currently hiring for a new “tagger,” i.e. “the person who adds tags to Netflix content.”

I actually had no idea this job was done by a person. I figured it was a bot that scanned IMDB, Wikipedia, and… I don’t know, the late Roger Ebert’s superlative reviews, and pulled out words that matched Netflix’s library of 1,000 potential tags.

But yes, this job is currently performed by 40 people across the globe, and Netflix is looking to add one more tagger to its roster.

This particular tagger must live in the UK or Ireland. Of course, experience is preferred. The Netflix Tagger job ad states that they’re looking for qualified candidates “as evidenced by a degree in film or film history and/or experience directing, screening writing or filmmaking. Applicants with analysis experience (e.g. as a critic or work in development) would also be well suited.”

Yes, you must have a relevant degree to tag Netflix movies and TV shows. Later in the job ad, you learn that Netflix is also hoping you’ll have “1-2 years website/media/new media company experience.”

So… dramaturges who also work in new media AND live in Ireland or the UK, this job is for you.

The job ad doesn’t specify salary/wages, but does indicate that this is a part-time job and that the tagger will work from home.


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erinep (#4,236)

Not quite tagging, but makes me wonder who does this. I always read the summaries before starting a movie or episode. The first time I ever watched Friday Night Lights, in a binge of course, every few episodes in the first and second season they would swap Tyra or Lila in the descriptor and I would have a meltdown about who was sleeping with Riggins this week before realizing the screw up.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

@erinep They both sleep with Riggins all the time. The entire town sleeps with Riggins. Riggins is a black hole of sex appeal and everyone gets sucked in.

erinep (#4,236)

Oh i KNOW that. But they really picked crazy episodes to switch them around in.

muggles (#1,525)

Yeahhhh, I’d have to imagine by the time an assignment reaches someone that they’re actually paying to WATCH the whole film (as opposed to it being well-known enough that other people along the pipeline would have seen it already and could write about it), it’s not likely to be She’s All That or Game of Thrones or anything fun, sadly.

It still sounds awesome though.

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