Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

It’s time to check in on our debt payments and savings goals again. If you’re joining us for the first time, you can read about our decision to publicly keep track of our debt here.

Pull up those balances!

Logan’s paying off a Citi Card, which currently has an APR of 19.99 percent, and a minimum monthly payment of $47.
May 2014 Balance: $2,232.36
June 2014 Balance: $2,213.14

I’m paying off a private graduate student loan currently serviced by Discover. The interest rate on this loan is 2 percent, and the minimum monthly payment is $147. The original balance on this loan was $22,377.

May 2014 Balance: $13,795.95
June 2014 Balance: $13,669.26

Vacation Savings
May 2014 Balance: $300
June 2014 Balance: $400


If you pay off one of your debts or reach a savings goal, email me your address and I’ll mail you a note to congratulate you.


See previous months here.


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ThatJenn (#916)

Two years of check-ins! We’ve come so far. This may or may not work, but here’s a little graph of how my personal finances have changed since I started doing these check-ins: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kbpgkgx2aal5ifr/June2014-checkin.jpg

This graph amuses me because I can see clearly some bad habits that I finally stopped (using windfalls and my savings account to pay off my cards, which just allowed me to have them balloon up again), and the hopefully positive trajectory I’ve gotten onto since getting serious about this. On that note…

Citi card (0% apr until February 2015):
5/30 balance: $1,968.83
6/30 balance: $1,454.82 (in keeping with my goal of being under $1500 by this check-in. Next month: three digits, under $1,000.)

Other cards:
$250ish. Will have to deal with that this month. I have no idea why money felt so tight this month, and it feels like it will next month too – but I’m determined to hit my goal of having no credit card debt by my birthday in mid-September (already hit the savings part of my financial goals).

Car loan (some awesome low apr):
5/30 balance: $13,809.86
6/30 balance: $13,474.26 I’ve paid down $8,517.28 plus interest since June 2012, and am on track to pay it off October 2017, a little earlier than the December 2017 date originally planned. However (spoiler!), once I hit my savings and credit card goals, this is next.

Savings account: $10,032.78, which means an adorable $32.78 is in excess of my hard-won $10k emergency fund and can be considered as part of my debt payoff fund (to wipe out the credit card debt before September and then work towards paying off the car).

samburger (#5,489)

@ThatJenn Oh wow, that graph is great. Your money situation has improved so dramatically! It looks like your savings is just hitting the same heights your debt had hit when you first started. Very cool.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@ThatJenn Your graph… just makes me all fluttery inside! Also, keep it up!

Tatiana (#194)

@ThatJenn that graph and you paying down your debt is terrific!

ThatJenn (#916)

@samburger Yeah, that’s a big milestone for me! I look forward to the debt being zero though. (Note that the original huge credit card bill was actually me financing some major home repairs on a 0% home projects credit card, as an intentional choice – but I’m still proud.)

PicNic (#3,760)

@ThatJenn congrats! That is seriously amazing, you’ve done so much in the last two years! Keep it up!

@ThatJenn That chart is mesmorizing. Nice work!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Still owe money on my car, still owe money on my student loans. I’m thinking I may be able to make a significant payment on the smallest loan in July, and two more significant payments on the same loan in August and September and be done with it (yay snowball method!).

andnowlights (#2,902)

@LookUponMyWorks We did a quasi-snowball method, except we went with the bill that was annoying me the most first instead of the highest interest one.

rhinoceranita (#5,858)

I decided that student loans will be a part of my life forever and to attack useless consumer debt that I took out to finance my ~cool~ lifestyle and to move out of my oppressive household.

Store credit card:

February: $559.38
March: $521.17
April: $481.18
May: $391.66
June Balance: $299.44

Slowly but surely…now that I’ve started taking the snowball method seriously

Marissa (#467)

@rhinoceranita You’ve nearly cut it in half. Great job!

Marissa (#467)

Travel Fund:
May 2014 – $13,453.20
June 2014 – $13,712.86

One month until my last day at work, two months until departure!

Cup of T (#2,533)

@Marissa Oh man you’ve probably talked about this before but where are you going? That is a lot of $$…I’m imagine lots of places or for a long time? Bon voyage [in 2 months]!

Marissa (#467)

@Cup of T Asia! My first stop is Hong Kong for just a week, then I’m flying to Hanoi and plan to spend a month in Vietnam. After that, we’ll see. It’s an open-ended trip so it will be over when I run out of money and/or come home crying for my mommy.

andnowlights (#2,902)

Student loan!

End of May: $8,905 (exactly! Love when this happens)
End of June: $7,685.34

Paid off in June: $1,219.66. This is the least amount we’ve paid in a month this year. Need to regroup for the second half of the year (as much as possible despite a trip in October) and get it done. Our income is going up about $200 a month starting in July (I got a TINY raise! My husband’s stipend went up $1500/year!) so we’ll throw that toward the loan. So close.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@andnowlights $1,219.66 is a pretty darn impressive amount. Weren’t you travelling in June, too? Get it, gurllll.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@LookUponMyWorks We went on our big trip in May and just continued the free-wheeling spending spree! Totally my fault, and July will probably be a little spendy, too, but I’m 98% sure we’ll make the February goal date. I’m trying to work on letting go a little bit of my uptightness about it and enjoy life a little more.

samburger (#5,489)

I’m saving money so I can swim in it like Scrooge McDuck/retire. June was my 9th month of saving.

May – $26,822
June – $29,672

We adopted a dog this month and she took a big bite (HAH) out of savings, but my lil investments swelled by like $1000 this month so that made the numbers look prettier than they are. Still, almost at $30k!

Cup of T (#2,533)

@samburger That’s awesome! Do you mind if I ask whether you are investing for retirement or just keeping your savings in some kind of high interest bank account? (Or under your bed for swimming like Scrooge McDuck purposes? Equally valid option!)

samburger (#5,489)

@Cup of T Yep, I’m investing for early retirement. I’m in 100% Vanguard index funds via 401k and Roth IRAs, with $10k cash set aside in my local bank for emergencies.

rorow (#1,665)

@samburger Do you have a number in mind for retirement? And will you have a revenue stream (passive or otherwise) to boost it, or will you live off the returns? I would very much like early retirement to be possible for me.

samburger (#5,489)

@rorow Super late to respond, sorry! I’m angling to have about $750k invested so I can skim 3-4% off the earnings each year to cover living expenses.

The $750k is a fairly arbitrary number, at this point. Right now I’m focused on establishing the habits that’ll keep my cost of living low (<$30k for two adults) and enjoyment high, so the number mostly helps me keep my eye on the big picture.

ThatsMyOtter (#4,514)

May savings: 18,847.05
June savings: 20,147.78; goal: 40,000

June ended up being cheaper than budgeted (I still don’t really know how that happened), so we were able to contribute $1300.73 toward our down payment savings instead of our usual $900. That put us over halfway to our goal! DH and I are going to celebrate being halfway by going out for frozen yogurt.

Allison Jeanne (#5,076)

First time checking in! I had finally decided to add my student loans onto Mint for a reality check, since they’ll be due starting in September.

Loan A: $1050
Loan B: $4982
Loan C: $6543
Loan D: $3347

All told, about: $15,923

This summer I’ve been focused on savings.
May Balance: $2900
June Balance: $3200

Stina (#686)

@Allison Jeanne Welcome! Go you!

I didn’t check in last month–
April student loan balance: -$57,022.03
June student loan balance: -$43,224.42
(I paid off $6,715.53 in May and $7,298.95 in June; $216.87 went to interest.)

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Glittering Higher Up Wow, you’re doing fantastic! Keep it up!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Glittering Higher Up Wow! Great job!

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

I just paid $708 towards my total debt, bringing it down to $14,030.17 (though I’ll lose some of that gain in interest). I started a tracking system labeled DEBT BURNDOWN CHART so I can see this in action. For reference, when Nerd Wallet interviewed me in March, my debt was $15,866.81. PROGRESS.

ThatJenn (#916)

@HelloTheFuture woohoo! nice job!

I find charting these things very motivational. on a month to month basis it can feel so slow, but seeing the principal reduce (without looking too hard at the amount going to interest) can really be heartening.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

IRA Contributions, Year’s Goal of $5,500
May 2014: $2,500
June 2014: $3,000

Beater Truck, Goal of $4,000
May 2014: $2,700
June 2014: $3,142

andnowlights (#2,902)

@RiffRandell My goal for next year is maxing out my IRA while still getting my full match for 403b at work! Are you just throwing money at it as you have it, or did you break it down into planned monthly contributions?

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@andnowlights I just now saw this…I aim to add $500 a month. Sometimes it is less (life) sometimes it is more (Overtime) so I just add a chunk in every 2 months or so. I am pretty good about not touching it when it is still in my regular account.

DebtOrAlive (#5,233)


DoA’s Goes on a Really Really Long Walk Ride Fund
Goal: $5,000
May 2014: $2063
June 2014: $3921

So, this should be higher but whoops had to do a cross-country move an all, so sorrynotsorry. I won’t actually reach $5,000 in the pot all at the same time since I need to make the major purchase (the transport device). But I will reach 5k altogether, so not too worried about it.

ThatJenn (#916)

@DebtOrAlive I’m kind of stunned that you managed a cross-country move AND saved money at the same time! Anyway, still stoked about your long trip, vicariously.

Tatiana (#194)

Time to get back to holding myself accountable for paying off stuff & saving! I paid off a credit card at the beginning of the year, but am getting close to paying back a 401(k) loan. Payments for this are deducted from my paycheck every month, so it’ll be fun to countdown to $0 owed!

401(k) Loan Payback:
June – $3,254

And in recent news, one of my best friends and I decided to take a trip together to England & France later next year. My goal is to save $2,000 by May of 2015 (right now I’m automatically transferring $40 each paycheck). So I’ll track my vacation savings here:

Vacation Savings:
June – $121


theotherginger (#1,304)

I got a raise effective in the new school year (woot) and will be getting a bit more on the rest of my summer cheques for teaching a summer course. So, can save (ok could have before, just didn’t). Want to save $ 2000 for conference travel unfunded by uni. And save $ 2500 for a trip, and $ 2500 for my car. I am convinced that it is going to go downhill soon.

Goodie (#5,447)

@theotherginger congratulations on the raise!

Goodie (#5,447)

May – $261527.05
June – $261350.63

May Total – $26814.06
June total – $29582.88

I am going on holiday from today with a month off work so hopefully I dlnt dip into the savings too much

crenb (#6,486)

So, my financial situation has been incredibly sad as of late but I’m trying to build up a decent savings so I can maybe stop crying about money all the damn time so check in number 1!!

Long Term Savings
June Total: $50 (LOL my life is so sad)

cawcawphony (#2,990)

@crenb Nope- that’s not sad. That’s great! It is so easy to just spend that $50 on something instead of saving it. You did the hard thing.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@crenb Not sad at all. You’re doing something about it, and that’s what matters!

hollanding (#6,076)

May savings account balance: $600
June savings account balance: $801

I have an EOY goal of $2000, but am hoping to add more than the $200/month automatic withdrawals. Had to take out $400 for an upcoming vacation but don’t want to touch it again.

lemonhead3159 (#6,051)

I thought about throwing some of my emergency savings at my loan to push it under 20K, but I’m too afraid! Maybe I’ll risk it next month…

Consolidated Federal Student Loan Debt (interest rate = 6.88%):
September 2012: $33,126
May 2014: $22,863
June 2014: $22,465

2014 Emergency Savings
May 2014: $3,173
June 2014: $3,427

kentuckienne (#4,294)

This month was okay, but I know next month won’t be great with the big move happening tomorrow :/ I’m paying rent in two places, which means not much going to savings.

Eventual Home Fund:
May – $7,302
June – $8,206

Student Loan:
May – $1,745
June – $1,254

cawcawphony (#2,990)

Emergency savings goal: $7500
May 2014: $3,007
June 2014: $3,308

Savings for travel, etc goal is $1000 by August 20th
May 2014: $372
June 2014: $572 (this was rough though, and I might have to use some to pay of credit card)

I’m not tracking my student loans cause I can’t handle watching it yet. But it’s there, waiting, all $43k of it. I am paying on it, but I think at this point it’s either holding steady or still going up a bit.

jennonthego (#5,366)

Slowly but surely making a tiny dent. Put my side project check to my Mastercard and still doesn’t look like I did a thing! Sigh.

Mastercard (9.99 APR)
May: $2267.75
June: $2114.95

Vacation Savings:
May – $583.01
June – $689.02

Tonikat (#6,795)

@jennonthego Great job! I know it looks like your extra payment didn’t do much, but watch it: by next payment, you could try and put in just enough so you’ll go under $ 2000.00
Seeing a 1 instead of a 2 at the beginning of a number will feel like such an accomplishment. I know that’s what kept me motivated: I put in every extra money I had so the first number (of a four digit figure!) would shrink and I could feel successful.

Tonikat (#6,795)

I delurked last month to share my great news of having my credit card paid off (yes!). Unfortunately, I celebrated by going shopping and brought myself to the brink of having to use the credit card again! Celebrating getting out of debt by very nearly going back into debt is pretty stupid… sigh.

Anyway, I haven’t decided on particular new goals yet. Savings or student loan?
The student loan has an awesome low interest rate, but it seems that leaving it unrepaid for so long has hurt my credit score. This will bite me in the ass before long, since I started to consider saving (and applying for a loan down the line) for a home!
On the other hand, I have no emergency fund, which is incredibly disconcerting.
I should try and figure out a way to fund both goals to the max.

Emergency fund goal: 1000 €
May 14 balance: 0 €
June 14 balance: 50 €

student loan:
5400ish € as of March 14 (ooof)

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Tonikat No reason you can’t throw some money at both? Maybe 50 € for your savings and 100 € for the loan? You’d build your savings slightly slower, but it sounds like improving your credit score is your more immediate concern.

Good luck! And good job stopping yourself from going overboard with the credit card. :-)

thegirlieshow (#5,285)

SallieMae student loan (1 of some unquantifiably large number)
May 2014 balance: $6,630.15
June 2014 balance: $6,528.78

PicNic (#3,760)

Not as much headway as I would like, but, I have made a few changes that will hopefully bump up my progress soon!

American Education Services Loan (4.81% interest rate):
May 2014: $455.93
June 2014: $382.49

Federal Consolidated Loan (3.88% interest rate):
May 2014: $50,021.24
June 2014: $49,832.93

Private Sallie Mae Loan – still pending, they won’t work with me (7.25% interest rate)
Holding steady at $25,000

Moving/savings goal:
May 2014: $0
June 2014: $0
I found out my union will allow me to have a $2,500 0% interest moving loan through our credit union SO this is slightly less of a priority right now. Once I get my total amounts from the dentist I’ll likely use that as my debt meter and hold off on this.

highjump (#39)

@PicNic 0% moving loan is a nice fringe benefit. What is Sallie Mae’s problem? They don’t want to let you out of forbearance or something?

PicNic (#3,760)

@highjump my mom took out the loan in my name when I was in undergrad and never told me about it. then she died and I had no paperwork on it. Then it was apparently charged off to collections, but I didn’t receive info on it. When DLS sold my consolidated government loans to Sallie Mae last year I logged in and saw this out of control $25k loan (that had started out as $8.5k!) that I had known nothing about. Sallie Mae won’t work with me on it since it’s been charged off to collections, collections wants me to give them a single payment of $12k. I’m happy to pay the original loan but feel uncomfortable owing $25k simply because I didn’t know the loan existed and they failed to reach me. It’s a mess.

highjump (#39)

@PicNic OMG that is way worse than I thought and probably illegal. If you haven’t already I recommend filing a complaint with the CFPB http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/#student-loan they’ve taken legal actions against Sallie Mae in the past and your story could help them build another case. I know they are investigating collection practices. You should also try emailing Will Sealy on their student loan team william.sealy@cfpb.gov

A mess indeed. Good luck. If it is/was a PLUS loan I don’t see how you’re on the hook for it at all? Their failure to contact you is pretty egregious.

AMoney (#6,678)

Adding to my social spending “buffer” by decreasing social spending, rolling the “buffer” into long term savings at the end of the year.

Goal: $500
June: $240
July: $280

So I was $40 under my social spending budget for June. I wonder why I haven’t tried this tactic before. For the last two years I had this same social budget and basically laughed at it every month as I passed it by. Something about knowing that I technically could spend over budget because my buffer is there, but wanting to increase the buffer instead has worked its psychological magic. I have to decide if next year’s social budget should be set lower because I know I can do it now (or that I’ve been able to do it for 6 months at least).

AMoney (#6,678)

@AMoney Oops, that’s supposed to be:
May: $240
June: $280

Allison (#4,509)

Student Loans: May: $9,773.43 June: 9,622.20

Credit Card: May: $773.94. June: $1,361.71 ughhhh. This should be hugely lower by Thursday but for now I’m cranky about it. Too much shopping right before the hit of the repair guy.

Savings May: $5400.87 June: 5,454.93 spotted a friend some cash for a security deposit.

Side savings: May: $207.47 June: $15.53 hello appliance repairs, good bye balance.

Slapfight (#86)

Finally officially posting! In January 2013 I’d finally paid off my student loan debt, woo hoo! Back in March 2013 I had about $9,000 in credit card debt. In the past year, I transferred my balance to a 0% apr for 18 months Citicard, and with the exception of Nov/Dec last year, have paid it off from between $700-500 per month. I threw this year’s entire work bonus and tax refund at it. With a generous donation of vintage clothes from my friend’s late wife’s estate, I sold things on Ebay. Once it’s fully paid off I’ll be getting some much needed dental work, then it’s save-a-palooza time. So close to debt free! It’s going to be so nice to take vacations and not stress about going out to dinner for the first time in my adult life.

June 30th 2014 Citicard balance: $1440.00
June 30th savings: $100.00

Stina (#686)

@Slapfight Welcome! That’s so great!

Slapfight (#86)

@Stina Thanks so much!

annpan (#3,219)

In the wake of an unexpected and devastating breakup, I’m going to restructure my financial priorities, so this is probably the last good-looking month I’ll have in a while. I’m rerouting some of the money I was using to aggressively pay off my loans and taking out much of my savings in order to buy a plane ticket to Italy for this fall – my first trip out of the US! It’s impulsive and indulgent and unlike anything I’ve ever done before, but I’m at a stage in rebuilding my life that investing in myself this way will be really extraordinary.

Student Loan May(5.4% interest): $2,866
Student Loan June: $2,337

Savings May: $2,000
Savings June: $2,100

annpan (#3,219)

@annpan Oh ALSO I just achieved my first positive net worth of my life!! (student loans + car loan < savings + 401K + Roth + 529) YAYYYYYYYY

PicNic (#3,760)

@annpan congratulations on the positive net worth! that is a huge achievement. I think going to Italy is a fantastic idea – take care of yourself. Breakups are hard and while I don’t believe in that “everything happens for a reason” bullshit, I do think there’s a reason breakups happen, even if you’re on the receiving end – there is something better out there for you, and someone who will love you so much more! Good luck!!

annpan (#3,219)

@PicNic You are so sweet, thank you for your support of my financial and emotional circumstances :) It’s been a tough couple weeks, but I’m beginning to believe that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (and I think buying tickets to Italy will make that light a little brighter)!

ThatJenn (#916)

@annpan Having something exciting to look forward to can really make all the difference to me in the worst times. I hope this trip (and even just the process of planning it) is precisely what you need. Take care… and congrats on all your financial progress. :)

tw0lle (#4,354)

I had $952 in my savings account in May, and now I have $1342! I’m saving $250/month (plus Bank of America’s “Keep the Change” is actually making an impact). I passed my first goal of saving 1 month of rent. I’m shooting for 3 months of rent. Actually this feature made me feel a lot better, since Mint tells me I won’t have saved that much until March 2015 (uggh) but just knowing that I had less than $1k in the bank at the last check in makes me feel like maybe it’s worthwhile.

That said, I somehow way overspent last month (not even one particular expenditure…just slightly overspent in almost every category), resulting in a big red bar on my Mint graph. I was doing strenuous mental exercises to justify buying this dress for some birthday parties I have coming up, but I have to admit that with my regular lifestyle I can’t afford it. Maybe if I only eat beans and oatmeal for the next month? Sigh… http://factory.jcrew.com/womens-clothing/dresses/shiftdresses/PRDOVR~A4483/A4483.jsp

Sloane (#675)

I am debt-free and have a fully funded emergency fund, so my goals have changed from money target to budget targets. My goal had been to invest 25% of my gross income (and save another 7% in cash). I was doing great until I decided to make another money goal – down payment on a house! Wahoo. Or something.

I’m redirecting some of what I was investing into a money market account, so my total savings is the same (32% of gross). I’m still investing for retirement (~15%), and the rest goes into the money market or ING savings.

Goal: $50,000
Current: $1,400
(Also, I have about $12,00 invested – I don’t want to sell any of this right now, for tax reasons, but I may eventually and push this to the down payment amount).

ThatJenn (#916)

@Sloane I’ve really enjoyed reading your decisions on what to do next now that you have your emergency fund and no debt. Just wanted to let you know – it’s very interesting to see how you’ve been reevaluating things and determining priorities without those set immediate goals, especially since I’m hoping to be in that position in a year or two.

And of course, nice job on all the saving you have been doing! It’s awesome.

highjump (#39)

The fear fund has served its purpose! I used the funds to pay off my smallest student loan and the balance of the account is now at $4400. I’m kind of treading water right now, just trying to pay for summer travel in cash – what usually goes into savings is going right back out the door days later.

My ‘stretch’ goal for 2014 is to pay of this student loan with my least favorite loan servicer – ACS.
7/1 balance: 3,918

DebtOrAlive (#5,233)

@highjump Congrats on not needing the Fear Fund for its stated purpose! I will miss it though…

JMC (#7,029)

I’ve been trying to pay off my one last credit card for what seems like forever, so jumping in here to hold myself accountable. My goal is to have it under $2000 by the end of the year.

Citibank Mastercard (0% until 6/15)
May 2014 – $3695.03
June 2014 – $4668.53

Clearly going in the wrong direction, but I had some major vet bills and took a trip in May. Am hoping to see this go DOWN next month – am going to try and pick up some extra freelance work and sell some clothes on ebay.

Stina (#686)

Paying emergency fund back:

Had to make sure I’m maxing out my Roth so not much leftover this month to kick in. Next month should be more of the same but eventually I will get back at it.

c2rb (#7,030)

First time joining the check-in…
Credit Card – Home Renos
End of June: $2897.87
Paid off in June: $722

msworst (#2,640)

Oh, late to the party again.

Credit Card:
May: $2300
June: $2000 with a pending payment of $300 so… $1700 as of tomorrow.

Student Loan 2 (of 3):
Original Disbursement: $10,000
May: $2090
June: $1894

Woohoo below 2k!

TreeTownGirl (#7,031)

I’ve been lurking for a few months but I made it past a big milestone with my federal student loans so I worked up the courage to join and post this month for the first time:

Balance at the end of June before payment: $19,988.86 (First time it stayed under $20k!)
June Payment: $350

I budget for at least $300 each month. I’m trying to pay off the loans in 5 years instead of 10– it’s looking unlikely at this point (2.5 years in). Especially since I have added the goal of buying a condo– I’ll have to add a report on my savings for that starting next month!

Stina (#686)

@TreeTownGirl Under $20,000 is amazing.

rorow (#1,665)

I’m going the wrong way. Ahh. I had goals to be at zero debt for this birthday, but I’m waiting on my tax return to get there – which won’t be until August. Oh well.

June 1/$0
July 1/$0

June 1/$900
July 1/$0

Line of Credit:
June 1/$4750.99
July 1/$4369.80

Total current debt: $4369 (down $1281. Not as bad as I expected considering I’ve spent a lot recently.)
Retirement: $50,101 (up from $49,326 though through very little active involvement on my part)

Update on financial goals:
– pay off debt by my birthday – NOPE! will be August.
– getting to $50K in savings by birthday – yes, though that’s really market fluctuation and it could go either way.
– get $2000 in an emergency account by end of July – not going to happen. taking a pay cut for a better job starting next week. I’ve also decided not to put money into an emergency fund, and put it all into investments since I’m getting such a good return. My line of credit will be the emergency fund, unless it’s a really bad situation in which case I’d pull from the investments.
– add $12000 to my retirement funds by EOY – unlikely. Readjusting to $7500.

calamity (#2,577)

Emergency fund (goal of $5000 by year’s end):

06/01: $2527.52
07/01: $1913.83

Traveling is expensive! I’m kind of skeptical that I’ll be able to hit 5k, but I don’t have any other unpaid-for travel plans til the holidays, when I can use part of a big Southwest voucher. But with some luck at my neverending struggle not to buy new clothes all the time, and hopefully a small raise at my annual review in September, I should get pretty close.

Also, I think my 401k will hit $10,000 next check-in! I don’t track that here because it comes out of my paycheck automatically, and also I forget about it a lot, but that’s what, six months of not being a homeless retiree? Haha.

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