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Just Because You Have a Standing Desk Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Sit Down

My standing desk, photo by me :)I love my standing desk. I made it by sticking a wire crate on top of my thrift-store desk (which is not even a desk, it’s some kind of Ikea table, but you work with what you have). I put on a big pair of rubbery flip-flops that I bought at Rite Aid for two bucks, I stand up, and I rock out.

I don’t think my standing desk makes me any more productive. I have a lot of evidence that working at a standing desk makes me feel better, although my “evidence” is mostly “it’s fun to bounce around to Pomplamoose while I work.” The key takeaway here: when I get tired, I sit down. That’s why I made my standing desk out of a wire crate and not a set of concrete blocks. It stops being a standing desk in approximately 1.5 seconds.

Dan Kois decided not to sit. For his newest NYMag piece, he bought himself a standing desk (and “insoles and an anti-fatigue mat and doohickeys”) and set himself the goal of standing up, at all times, for 30 days. He gets to sit when he is driving and when he is using the toilet. No other exceptions.

Spoiler alert: he learns that standing and sitting are both best performed in moderation.

I estimate that I spend approximately half of an eight-hour workday standing (which in my case usually means also kinda dancing). I’m curious how the rest of y’all do it. Do you have insoles and doohickeys and fancy gear, or do you stick your laptop on top of a milk crate and go to town? Does it actually make you more productive? Do you feel better?

And most importantly: Do you rock out? And, if so, what is your playlist?



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Allison (#4,509)

I usually have my secret dance parties in the bathroom or the elevator. I am the master of the “what no, totally normal things happening here, how’s your day” casual smile when interrupted.

womb bat (#3,498)

I have a standing / tall desk at work with a chair that is tall enough for me to sit when I want. I probably sit 60% of the day. Co-workers love to give me shit when I’m sitting at my standing desk. WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT STANDING ALL THE TIME?!

We’re moving offices in a few weeks and I’ve been told that I will have to stand all the time because having a chair at my standing desk is a liability or something? I can’t bring the chair I have now. I’m a little nervous about it!

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

@womb bat That is such a bizarre policy.

Runawaytwin (#2,693)

I work in heels. Tall ones. I guess that makes me sound like a stripper but really i just work in the fashion industry. A standing desk would be crippling.

At home I do like to stand when I cut sewing patterns but sadly I dont have the table space anymore to do so so I am relegated to the floor.

cbrand (#1,877)

My office very generously paid for the swank Kangaroo desks mentioned in that NYMag article, which makes it super easy to transition from sitting to standing and back again. Whenever coworkers give me a hard time about sitting (and they really do!), I stress that the standing desk is about THE OPTION of standing, not the given fact of standing all day. I wish Standing Desk Trend Pieces mentioned transitioning between standing and sitting more often. Anyway! Some days I stand all day. Some days I don’t stand at all. Some days I stand half the day. Variety!

Carol WLE (#6,909)

I want to do this standing desk option! I work from home and am in and out of my chair plenty, but I like the idea of dancing while working.

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