GOOD ENOUGH Homes and Destinations

everyone loves an old houseEvery week, the NYT’s “Great Homes and Destinations” subsection puts up a list and slideshow of three estates under the heading, “What You Get For … [obscene amount of money].” Since real estate porn is my favorite kind of porn, I always click through, even though the “homes” start at like $1,000,000. Actual sample quote: “The billiards room is adjacent to the family room.” For Manhattan, maybe, that makes sense, billiards rooms being mandatory in Manhattan, but outside of the city’s costliest borough, who needs to spend that much on a place to live?

As a corrective, I’d like to offer a Billfold take, “Good Enough Homes & Destinations.” Today, What you get for $200,000:

A stone house in Ulster County, NY, that dates back to 1735. $198,000, via Upstater. Needs love, but who doesn’t?


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.58.44 AM
A spacious, contemporary three-bedroom in the very cute college town of Bloomington, IN. $199,900 via Trulia.


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.57.03 AM
Adorable 2 BR, 2 BA condo in Denver, CO. Private outdoor space plus access to the community pool, gardens, and tennis courts. $175,000 via Trulia.



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Love this idea.

Beans (#1,111)

the NYT real estate section is a bounty of ridiculousness. an article from today deemed a guy’s inheritance that allowed him to pay all cash for a $500K apartment a “small inheritance.” LOL

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

@Beans The WSJ real estate section is similarly ridiculous, but at least it tells it like it is and calls itself “Mansions.”

limenotapple (#1,748)

I just love Ester Bloom’s posts! This is awesome!

Allison (#4,509)

This is great, I love surfing redfin just to see what’s around.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

I do this all the time! Except for me it’s “Better Homes and Places for a Murphy Bed” (Manhattan/BK real estate under $400k.)

kellyography (#250)

@pterodactylish Me, too. I look at the beautiful, cheap homes I could own right now in my hometown versus the beautiful, insanely expensive homes I will never be able to own in the Bay Area. I can’t even look in NYC because it’s too depressing.

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