Do 1 Thing (And a Report on a Successful Thing!)

help me doctorThursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Before I get to this week’s 1 Thing I want to report that I saw a doctor about a small lingering health issue from LAST SUMMER. I got all freaked out initially because the first doctor I saw about it, a year ago, seemed incompetent *and* told me it might be cancer, so my natural reaction was to shut down, hide under the bed, try to pretend there are no such things as hospitals, etc. A couple of months later, when I couldn’t ignore the problem any more, I saw a doctor in Spain. He spoke only enough English to assure me it probably wasn’t cancer, but he did say I might need surgery.

Again: shut down, under the bed, pretending.

AT LAST, thanks to “1 Thing,” I made another appointment with a new English-speaking doctor who hopefully wasn’t incompetent. Turns out she’s the greatest. It’s not cancer! I don’t need surgery! In short everything’s fine. Thanks, 1 Thing!!

My next 1 Thing is to mail a care package to friends of mine who are having their first baby, and it should be super fun because I get to pack it full of stuff that is haloed with love & good wishes. What’s yours?


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Katni (#6,141)

My 1 Thing is to make a phone call regarding a traffic ticket I received, HALF A BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE. I am not amused.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@Katni Feel ya! I caught the meter person this morning ticketing everyone on my street. I don’t THINK she got to my car… but if she did it’s getting sent to my landlord, because I have off-street parking when it’s not a long-term receptacle for thousands of pounds of yard waste and knocked-down fence.

grobel (#3,631)

After putting it off for months I called my dentist on Monday afternoon for an appointment and they had an early morning opening the next day, so I went and it was all over in less than 24 hours.

My one thing right now is to go watch the USA-Germany match.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@grobel Ugh, I’m watching it at work and it is hard to be normal while watching it.

Stina (#686)

YEAH ESTER! I have had 3 “Not Cancer” experiences in my life and the weight that comes off your shoulders is lovely.

Due to my huge work load lately I have been putting off this thing. But today I will not put it off any longer..buying the really good and cheap berries that are available now and freezing 80% of them (i.e. those that I don’t scarf down while cleaning) for my summer/fall hoard.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Accomplished last week’s One Thing at the doctor’s office this morning.
The SCOTUS decision finally got my ass in gear to sign up to volunteer with NARAL, so that’s done too.

moreadventurous (#4,956)

@Liz the Lemur That’s awesome! Yay NARAL!

andnowlights (#2,902)

My one thing is to transfer money between banks accounts to pay for plane tickets I put on the credit card. Also, I need to figure out how much the husband spent on his work trip (which will be reimbursed) so I can factor that into the credit card bill spreadsheet. I’m paying it on Monday, so I need to get all my ducks in a row since there are a lot of moving parts this time.

aetataureate (#1,310)

Ester! I have a scary appointment next week to get a maybe-cancer thing checked out. I mean, I know it isn’t cancer, in my heart, but these visits are always nervewracking anyway.

Stina (#686)

@aetataureate Hand holding going out to you for your appointment.

@aetataureate Totally nerve-wracking. GOOD LUCK.

aetataureate (#1,310)

Thanks y’all. I wish this wasn’t something I repeated at least twice a year! But am glad to have the privilege to go.

Heather F G (#6,074)

Go Ester! That’s great. The power of 1 Things!
I have so many Things I can’t even narrow it down, but today is primarily focused on breaking up with Odious Side Hustle employer, who is not planning on paying me enough to justify the odiousness of the side hustle, do Less Odious but Still Not Not-Odious Side Hustle after work, send off final version of a project of Non-Odious But Also Non-Paying Side Hustle, and get at least to line 25,000 on this 40,000 line spreadsheet I have to do at work, which until yesterday I thought had several thousand fewer lines on it. Woo hoo!

ThatJenn (#916)

My 1 Thing today was to change my W4 info for federal income tax withholding! I’d listed 0 allowances for years and gotten big refunds because I worried about underwithholding, but now we are two people filing jointly with one income who will take the standard deduction plus a $2500 tax credit for his schooling, so… I think we’re more than good. I changed it to two allowances.

Because I deposit a set amount in my checking account and the balance goes to my savings account, all this will do is accelerate my accumulation of my debt payoff fund, which over the next month or two will finish off my credit card debt and next year pay off my car. No real danger of just spending it without noticing, which was always my worry when thinking about lowering my withholding amount before.

@ThatJenn I need to do this! Right now I am withholding at no allowances plus additional moneys because this is the first year my husband and I are both making twice as much as we ever have before. Last year he was making more only half the year and I was making zero, and we were ok but then I got a job and when I did the worksheet on the back of the W4 form I was like D: but I was guesstimating his income so I am not sure it was right. So I need to do it again with his actual statement, and hopefully make adjustments.

annpan (#3,219)

I just got back from the DMV where I renewed my expired drivers license! One thing accomplished.

My additional (massive, depressing) one thing is to crunch some numbers to figure out how to afford living on my own in my sorry post-breakup-with-a-cohabitating-partner state. For once, the DMV was the lesser of two evils.

ThatJenn (#916)

@annpan Sending you positive vibes. That is a painful place to be.

annpan (#3,219)

@ThatJenn Painful indeed. I’ll take any extra good vibes you’ve got :)

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Well I already called about getting my watch picked up, but it still isn’t ready, so I’m off to the thrift store to pick up things that haven’t sold.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@RiffRandell and apparently also track down things they’ve lost!

pissy elliott (#844)

Over the past year, I had regularly cleaned out my closet and drawers of clothes that didn’t fit/were damaged/didn’t appeal to me anymore, and uh… stored them in a big Rubbermaid. My 1 Thing was to take those to textile recycling, but I threw them out instead. I’ll take it.

seakelps (#5,146)

@pissy elliott textile recycling is a thing?

(I may or may not have a lovely pile of 6 folded pairs of jeans that bit the dust)

@seakelps I think some of those metal “clothes and shoes donations” bins are actually recycling. And I also remember reading that a lot of what you take to thrift shops for donations gets recycled if its not in salable condition.

kellyography (#250)

@seakelps If you’re in NYC, GrowNYC has a booth for textile recycling at a ton of greenmarkets all over the city:

seakelps (#5,146)

@kellyography I’m not but that’s awesome anyway!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Yay, Ester! That’s great!

My one thing: transfer money from savings to checking (boo), and write check for utilities payments (also boo). My landlord has not yet deposited my June rent check and I’m a little anxious that when July rolls around and she makes her way to the bank with a hand full of checks that the shock to my account may be too much).

seakelps (#5,146)

My 1 thing today is 4 emails: asking family I haven’t seen in if I can visit them, asking the CPA if my taxes are finished, responding to someone who wants to meet for Coffee Career Advice (I can’t believe I’m adult enough to give advice to even college students, eeps), and a friend.

I can do this!

muggles (#1,525)

I had a 1-Thing-Extravaganza last night: I finally bought and set up You Need a Budget, added every card/loan/bill payment I could to go through automatic billing instead of manual, and updated all those payments to make sure they’re coming out of my secondary checking account, and not my “fun spending money except those two bills I always forget about” checking account (now solely the “fun spending money” checking account).

My do 1 thing for last week was finally going to a baby store to check out stuff in person to make sure we’re registered for the good baby gear crap and not the bad baby gear crap.

I’m having a hard time with do 1 thing for this weekend because most of my lingering to do list is things I need a car for and my husband is moonlighting in the suburbs this weekend so he’ll have it most of the time. I will probably list some stuff on eBay and craigslist so let’s count that.

annecara (#1,914)

My 1 thing from a couple of weeks ago was to return a bunch of overdue books to the library (so overdue they were considered “lost”), which I finally did this morning. My 1 thing for today is to pay the $45 in library fines, which is still better than the $100 in fines I’d have had to pay otherwise.

acid burn (#113)

I have SO MANY 1 things today. :(

Priority 1 is: I need to call my car insurance because I realized that I never got my bill/new insurance card, and my insurance expired on the 22nd so I can’t drive my car until I get that figured out.

2) Call my health insurance company and fight with them about the $400 bill that it says very clearly in my coverage info should be covered. I have always only had HMOs, where there is no point in fighting, so I’m feeling very out of my depth here, but people… can do this, right?

3) Figure out what I’m wearing to this wedding in a week. Clothes shopping: blerg.

acid burn (#113)

@acid burn I did 2 of the three terrible things! Plus some bonus terrible things that weren’t so bad. Hooray!

moreadventurous (#4,956)

Sooooooo I was camping like three weeks ago and got a ton of bug bites, like you do. But there are these three on my neck that are STILL inflamed and red and occasionally itchy and generally alarming, so I finally made an appointment to go to the non-emergency clinic after work today. Here’s hoping to a cheap solution!

My 1 thing is to print a shipping label and affix it to a box and then find out where to take the box to return glasses I bought online. I am bummed because I really like them but ordered them too hastily and put my prescription in wrong. At least the place is taking them back, but they won’t just replace the lenses with the right ones and now they’re out of stock of the frames I picked.

roboticllama (#6,984)

We started looking for a house last weekend, and oddly enough that’s about the same time that we stopped doing anything other than the most necessary chores. So! My first ever 1 Thing is to, at a minimum, move my clean laundry to the closet rather than the floordrobe. Bonus 1 Thing: clean out the cats’ water fountain.

Allison (#4,509)

Empty the dishwasher and load in all the new dishes so they can go for a spin before being put into use.

as for successful things: I figured out that the work gym has tvs with cable on the treadmills, so I watched the last 25 minutes of USA-GER at lunch! and felt like a genius. Who only nearly fell off like 3 times.

ThatJenn (#916)

@Allison Yeah, I’m that person gripping the treadmill with both hands while running because I am so uncoordinated I’m sure I’ll lose my balance and fall while distracted by TV or the book I’m reading or whatever.

Allison (#4,509)

@ThatJenn I was doing the “if I lean this direction the ball will go there!” thing which isn’t very safe. Also the full body “OH NOOOOOO” type reactions.

erinep (#4,236)

@Allison The gym is basically the only place I can watch the Brewers because of cable. We spent a lot of time there last time they made the playoffs.

My 1 Thing was to call my dad and find out how much of my loans I’ve paid and how much of my monthly payments are going to principle vs. interest (my student loans are in my parents’ name so I could get lower interest rates).

I’d been bracing myself against this for awhile, but was pleasantly surprised to find out I’ve paid off nearly 20% of the principle in 3.5 years and am ALMOST to the point where a majority of my monthly payment is principle instead of interest!! AND that I’m set to pay them off in 7 years – less if I can get my butt into gear with budgeting and up my monthly payment a little…

I’m optimistic about my $90,000 in loans for the first time EVER.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

I did my one thing! I released the Firefly EP and completed the last stretch goal on my Kickstarter. NOW I OWE NO HUMANS ANY THINGS. (I still owe credit card companies some things, but they are not humans.)

la_di_da (#1,425)

I’m herding ducks into row this week. I contacted my (super nice)management company about getting an a/c unit installed (omg, people outside of NYC=so nice!).

readyornot (#816)

Ester! We are all so glad you do not have cancer! And hear, hear for non-alarmist doctors. I have the most laid back OB in the world, (“why would you be worried about paint fumes?” “I haven’t heard of any risks associated with prosciutto, no.”) and it is seriously the BEST.

I do not know if I have a 1 thing this week? I just have a lot of work to do AND a lot of dissertation tasks to get on. I have seriously put out a long piece of writing (5+ pages) every day this week.

So, I dunno, let’s see. I emailed my regular doctor about something, I emailed my friends we’re seeing for the 4th with logistics and plans. I guess I will count some household fixes as my 1 things: we need a new movable bookshelf on which to mount our fancy playbar, and I think I have to ask my handyman friend to help us with it. And I reallyreallyreally want to have a portable dishwasher, but I need to ask an appliance person whether our faucet is compatible or not. There. Those can count.

hollanding (#6,076)

I had to reschedule today’s dentist appointment for a meeting that got canceled last-minute. Sigh. but next week’s thing is to get my impending cavities scheduled for fillings after the rescheduled appointment.

This week’s is to buy a belated wedding gift and card and send it as soon as my next paycheck is pending. Or maybe before.

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