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Summer Fridays Past and Present

Ester: Hello! Happy you-might-have-a-baby-this-weekend Friday!

Meaghan: AHHHH. And it is our first Summer Friday! Which means that we finish blogging a little early from today through the summer.

Ester: Kind of an amazing coincidence, don’t you think?

Meaghan: I really timed my accidental pregnancy well.

Ester: I almost gave birth on Labor Day! Now that would have been good timing. But Memorial Day, when the waterslides open — that’s okay too.

Meaghan: And mattresses go on sale? I feel like that’s a thing. Anyway, have you ever had a Summer Friday before — at work?

Ester: OH YES. When I worked at an educational publishing company (English textbooks, basically) we had summer fridays. That’s when I was introduced to the magic of a shorter week. It was explained to me thus: The rich people go to the Hamptons. No one here is rich, but we like to close our eyes and pretend.

Meaghan: Ha! Perhaps you would be rich if you WORKED A FULL WEEK, PEOPLE. Just kidding — but I have certainly never had a Summer Friday before. I think I will enjoy it.

Ester: It’s a New York thing, I think? The way “the Hamptons” are specific to New York?

Meaghan: I can see that. It also seems like a publishing / media thing. Do bankers get summer Fridays?

Ester: Yes totally. One time I worked for The Jews and I had the reverse of Summer Fridays: in the winter, when the sun sets earlier, we got out earlier on Fridays so that we could go home and prepare for shabbes. So … I definitely recommend working for The Jews. But yeah, bankers? Finance types? I don’t know if they get Summer Fridays. Let’s ask Siri!

Meaghan: I know that tech companies do not. Or none I know. They just like…start office-drinking earlier than usual.

Ester: And then of course there’s Casual Fridays. Do people still do that?

Meaghan: Probably people with fancier jobs than us. I have never worked somewhere that wasn’t casual. A guy at my last job wore a suit on Fridays. Formal Friday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ester: This is at the top of the Wikipedia page on “Casual Fridays” : For the episode of The Office, see Casual Friday (The Office). For the Japanese government-advocated movement, see Cool Biz campaign.

Meaghan: We need to talk to Mike about looking into this Cool Biz campaign.

Ester: Why, because he’s part Japanese? :)

Meaghan: Ha, NO, because he is in charge of our cool biz.

Ester: I wonder if people think we mommies have locked Mike in a dungeon somewhere and only let him out to do one post every morning, and if those posts are coded cries for help.

Meaghan: Omg don’t call me the M-word yet. I HAVE A FEW MORE DAYS.

Ester: You just wait. As soon as that amphibian alien creature comes slithering out of you, nurses start referring to you as “Mommy” like it’s your NAME. Often in the third person. “How does mommy feel this morning?”

Meaghan: I am uncomfortable already!

Ester: GOOD. >diabolical laughter< No, just kidding, it will be great.

Meaghan: Ok well, if I don’t have something slither out of me this weekend, I will see you Tuesday. If I do, I will see you in July.

Ester: So exciting!! You know what Jews say to a pregnant woman, traditionally? “At the right hour.” Meaning, “May you give birth at the right time.” Isn’t that kind of great? (Sorry this is so Jewy.)

Meaghan: That is great, almost as great as the two asses wedding dance thing you dropped earlier. NEVER STOP. Happy summer Friday!

Ester: Happy summer Friday! Have lots of sex and acupuncture and then, at the right time, a baby.

Meaghan: That goes for everyone.


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Lily Rowan (#70)

I have Casual Fridays! Although some people here have Casual Every Day.

But not Summer Fridays, even on this most summery of Fridays! I mean, in that it’s before the first long weekend of the summer.

If anyone was wondering.

Lily Rowan (#70)

I HAVE had Summer Fridays (only in New York) and they were AMAZING.

Heather F G (#6,074)

Good luck Meaghan! We’ll give you a little bit more time addressed with THAT M-word…

We don’t have Summer Fridays in my office, but they do occasionally call “Sun Emergencies,” as opposed to “Snow Emergencies,” when it’s just too dang nice to stay inside… It’s the cutest, most awesome thing, and I’m hoping I hear about one in the next few minutes.

Casual Friday’s a no, though, which is fine for me because I tend to dress in two extremes: Full-on full face makeup and business casual, or leggings and my anorak with all kinds of pockets because even a purse is too much work.

nell (#4,295)

So I work for a nonprofit and depending on budgeting we sometimes have summer Fridays (meaning no coming to work on Fridays period, saving $$$ because we’re not cooling our old building) and some years we have shortened days each day of the week (which…keep it), but right now we are in the midst of a leadership change and they have not yet told us which set-up we’re getting this year! I don’t want to be the one to ask…but I really want to ask. I have plans! Such as drinking sangria on the roof at 4 p.m.

Lily Rowan (#70)

@nell Ah — in 2008 (I guess?) we had Furlough Fridays, which were kind of great. They put everyone (over a certain salary level) to 90% time/pay, and we got every other Friday off.

clo (#4,196)

I had summer Friday at one of my box office jobs in New York. Definitely not a thing elsewhere.
Good luck @meaghano !

hollanding (#6,076)

My summer Fridays apparently are only for the months of July and August at my new job. Previous (NYC offices) jobs ended at 1pm and 2pm, respectively on Fridays form Memorial Day to Labor Day. I feel so artificially stifled with this July/Aug limit.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Summer Fridays! I have never had them. So jealous of all who do. We do get casual Fridays, though.

ETA: the boss just stopped by and mentioned that we had unofficial permission to leave now if we so desired, so I guess this is it. This is my Summer Friday.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Good luck this weekend, Meaghan!

I had what were arguably Ester’s “Jewish Fridays” at my old work, because everyone worked a 9/80 schedule EXCEPT in the summer, because summer was the busy season. Which also meant we sometimes had Summer Saturdays, which are not Jewish (well, working on a Summer Saturday would not be) and are no fun.

Now I still don’t have summer Fridays, but I do have casual Fridays where I can wear jeans (other divisions have Casual Life but my supervisor is stricter).

FWIW, I have west coast friends who have had summer Fridays, so it’s not just a NY thing. Not many, but it’s a thing.

In the right hour, Meaghan!

Unrelated: I am afraid I am going to punch the first person who ever refers to me as mommy in the third person. “How are you doing today, Mommy?” = ok “How’s Mommy doing?” = I am not a toddler, shut up. Hoping pain pills keep me sedated enough to not end up being booked for assault from my recovery bed.

@polka dots vs stripes Yup! That’s what happens. You’re too exhausted to lift your arms, let alone really flex your muscles.

@Ester Bloom Hmm I’m going to have to add “practice my angry eyes face” to my hospital prep, I see.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

@polka dots vs stripes You could always reply with “I’m doing well. How is Nursey doing?” That would be a great way to endear yourself to your care team.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

“I wonder if people think we mommies have locked Mike in a dungeon somewhere and only let him out to do one post every morning, and if those posts are coded cries for help.” Hilarious!

And we do not have summer Fridays, but do have jeans causal ones (we’re business casual the rest of the time). Since I wear skirts/dresses OR jeans but never dress pants I think this works well.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

When I worked for the Jews (instead of just, you know, being one) I got off at 3pm on Friday year-round, because that was easier than figuring out what time of year to let us off early. And who gets anything done after 3pm on Friday, anyway?

Now, I get Summer Fridays from post-Memorial Day to Labor Day, so starting next Friday I can leave at 2pm or so if my work is done. That’s the best.

theballgirl (#1,546)

The nonprofit I work at has summer fridays, although I am excluded since I am part-time. Which is understandable but I still pout quietly.

I am sending you all my good thoughts Meaghan for a safe and easy labor! I don’t have the right words to describe meeting my son for the first time so I will just say that I hope the moment finds you wordless too.

francesfrances (#1,522)

We have summer Fridays but they don’t start until June. Yet today, almost everyone is gone, and I saw my coworker’s tiki bar patio photo on Facebook. I am in the office taking his calls. GOD DAMN ENTRY LEVEL JOBS.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

Adding in to all the “rock on Meaghan” comments. Hard to say “hope maybe birthing a child this weekend is awesome” so I think “rock on” will serve.

Allison (#4,509)

Good luck Meaghan!

My work doesn’t really have a dress code per se, but I try to dress nicer in this new department than my old, which mostly means “save the sweatshirts/sports branded gear for Friday” because I wear (niceish) jeans most days. Except I think I wore 3 different black dresses this week. That’s mostly me reacting to the weather.

erinep (#4,236)

Hang in there Meghan! I hope you come out of the weekend having had a healthy birth, with minimal Evening Primrose.

callmeprufrock (#5,158)

We certainly do have summer Fridays in finance, though not by that name. More like “All our bosses are leaving early/working from home/emailing us from the golf course, so let’s all leave at 4 and only check our Blackberries til 6.”

guenna77 (#856)

i’ve had them in different forms – full days every other week, jsut afternoons every week or every other week. but they all required us to maintain the same number of hours over the pay period, and we are not supposed to make any plans that can’t be broken because we can be required to stay if necessary. i love it because i put in that extra time on other day anyway so it’s a free afternoon off.

allreb (#502)

Hm, so, I totally get what you’re saying wrt working for a Jewish company and the office closing early, but answering a question about banking (“Do bankers get summer Fridays?”) with “Yes totally. One time I worked for The Jews…” makes me really uncomfortable.

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