My Last $100: Eating My Feelings, Nourishing My Mind And Soul

$6.25, Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter: At the end of an incredibly long workday, I was craving “a deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits.” Fortunately, Trader Joe’s had just the jar for me.

$5.00, Iced skim latte from Culture Espresso: As soon as it hits 60 degrees, I spring for iced drinks. Apparently such a luxury comes at an additional cost. My coffee shop is now charging 50 cents for ice in any beverage, taking my already overpriced latte to a whole new level of absurdity.

$3.00, Twix Bar at the TriBeCa Film Festival concession stand: My boss was generous enough to give me her tickets to see “Chef,” a wonderful film about a Cuban food truck. After watching close-up after close-up of cooks in action, I became incredibly hungry. Sadly, I was forced to settle for the only available item in the theater: overpriced American chocolate.

$16, Registration for Improve your Knish IQ Class at Brooklyn Brainery: Because I’m Jewish, and there are knish samples involved. How could I not?

$23, Hardcover of The Opposite of Loneliness, essays and stories by Marina Keegan: Like every recent grad, I read Keegan’s beautiful essay shortly after her tragic death. And when I learned an entire book of her work had been published, I ran to BookCourt, the local bookshop in my neighborhood, to grab a copy. Fortuitously, when I arrived, the store was hosting a reading of Keegan’s work. I stayed to listen, then nabbed the last copy on the shelf.

$50.75, Röyksopp & Robyn Do It Again Tour 2014 tickets: I recently began experimenting with the possibility of becoming a vegan. In preparation, I followed several vegan blogs on Twitter, or so I thought. I followed Brooklyn Vegan only to discover that newsflash (!), it’s a music site. However, I’m glad I didn’t unfollow them because my loyalty to their Twitter feed resulted in a pre-sale code for Robyn tickets this August. And yes, I’m practicing my “Call Your Girlfriend” dance as we speak.


Yaffa Fredrick lives off of overpriced lattes in Brooklyn.


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nutmeg (#1,383)

I have an iced caramel macchiato problem at Starbucks, where the problem is how expensive/ridiculous they are to order. I know it’s a stupid made-up drink but it tastes like vanilla caramel coffee milk and I want one now

shannowhamo (#845)

@nutmeg I live for an iced coffee and the only upside of living in super hot Texas is that there’s only like 1 week out of the year when it isn’t seasonally appropriate! But, I’m all messed up now when it comes to my iced coffee because for years I was satisfied with Starbucks not because I thought it was better but out of convenience. I’ll have a fancy cold brewed iced coffee when I’m somewhere fancy but regular iced down drip worked for me. But alas, now I live close to a chain that cold brews so I buy it in big jugs (heh) to drink at home and it really cuts out the fun of buying a quick iced coffee for a treat at Starbucks because it’s not as good as what I have at home! But I have to like pour everything myself and use my stupid tumbler with the hard straw, it’s the worst.

That ended up being much longer than I intended and only kind of related to your comment. But I’m just sayin’, my iced coffee habit at Starbucks was serious AND stupid because it wasn’t even good, at least vanilla caramel coffee milk tastes good!

ceereelyo (#3,552)

@nutmeg – the two months after I graduated college I lived on venti iced caramel macchiatos and cigarettes because I was freaking out on how to do life. I haven’t had one since, and now mentioning it makes me crave one hard! I wish I could though, but that amount of milk in one sitting would make my stomach and every other corresponding body part connected to the digestive system would be destroyed.

DarlingMagpie (#1,695)

I used that same promo code! But ughh, that Robyn ticket cost $66 for the Toronto show. So much pain but I’ve been singing her tunes nonstop since!

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