My Last $100: A Crawfish Boil And Its Aftermath

How’d you spend your last $100, Lauren?

$7.57, UberX ride to Headsucker’s Ball: I grew up in Louisiana until I was 12 and this crawfish boil is the closest thing I have found to the real deal. Live Cajun music, awesome food (they fly the crawfish in fresh then murder…err, cook them in Chicago), and all the nostalgia of tacky purple, yellow, and green beads and decor.

$25, Wristband: for all-you-can-eat crawfish, jambalaya, red beans & rice, and gumbo at said Ball.

$25, five crappy light beers that were not included in the wristband: Pshhh.

$7.14, Uber X home.

$0.00: Hoping that the last couple times that the combination of shellfish and alcohol makes me projectile vomit were just coincidences. But finding out that it in fact is an actual thing that will happen to me every time, unfortunately priceless.

$4.92, iced coffee and a bottle of water from Starbucks: because boy did I feel like shit the next day. But it was super nice out and I had to take advantage of the weather and take my dog to the Farmer’s Market (which happens to not be open on Sundays, only Saturdays — great).

$10, Quick pay to best friend: for a single mimosa and a few queasy bites of an appetizer platter at brunch, which we went to after finding out that the Farmer’s Market was closed.

$22.11, Ticket to see Kishi Bashi at the Metro May 31st: Kishi Bashi is my newest musical obsession.


Lauren O’Connell lives in Chicago, where she works at a tech startup and apparently doesn’t listen to her sister who has repeatedly told her that Uber is the worst.

Photo: smercury98


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bgprincipessa (#699)

Why is Uber the worst? I understand that people have been ripped off because of the surge pricing, but besides that? Which I don’t fully understand anyway, because it tells you when there will be surge pricing.

Lauren O'Connell (#5,287)

I love uber! I use it way too much. My sister works at The Billfold and posted this so apparently she hates it haha — I’ll continue to not listen to her :)

bgprincipessa (#699)

@Lauren O’Connell hahah oh, I didn’t even make that connection! So we’ve seen Meaghan’s sister and Ester’s brother. Let’s get some family rivalry going!

stinapag (#2,144)

During peak season, my city eats more crawfish than the entire state of Louisiana. So I’ve been doing my part to help in the cause by having crawfish at least once a weekend since mid March. I just start to get sick of it around the time that it goes out of season again… Love living in Houston in the spring.

Meaghano (#529)

@stinapag I got this photo from a Houston crawfish thing! Who knew? (You did.)

stinapag (#2,144)

@Meaghano I’m not surprised. For the last three months, about 20 percent of my Facebook and Instagram feeds have featured crawfish photos.

Natalie (#6,708)

@stinapag I live in Houston! Do you have any crawfish boils/places here that you recommend?

stinapag (#2,144)

@Natalie I have consistently been happy with BBs (the one on Westheimer and Montrose), as well as Little Woodrows on Shepherd. Also, LA Crawfish is AWESOME Viet-Cajun crawfish.

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