Money I’ve Really Wanted to Spend on Fandom But Didn’t

I love reading and watching books, TV shows, and movies, and engaging in the fandom thereof. “Fandom” being all the nerdy, excited parts connected to a thing you love: the watching and re-watching, the detailed analysis, the talk of Hogwarts Houses and Reichenbach Fall theories, and the swag. Oh, the swag. The excitement of a new TV season or movie in a franchise becomes tangible with a fandom purchase. Fandom is exciting and weird, and like your decisions paying for vacation, housing, and food, very personal. Part of being in fandom as a grown-up is no longer having to justify your fandom purchases to anyone. Instead, it’s a question of moderation, because there’s just so much you can spend your hard-earned cash on. Take for instance:

Hannibal Season 1: $12

Know what streaming services don’t have? Director commentaries. Bloopers. Random trailers. Sneak peaks of connected movies. Deleted scenes. Director’s cuts. Original commercials. “How It’s Made” features and featurettes (the female version of features, because there are more shirtless actors). The ability to fall asleep with the DVD under your pillow! Not that I know anything about that. Not that I was so tempted to buy Hannibal season 1 on DVD just to get into Bryan Fuller’s brain (metaphorically!).

How is Alana Bloom so well-adjusted?! How, Fuller?!

Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace: $8.99 + $4.50 for shipping

Sometimes you just want to sit around your house, or walk to the grocery store, or dress up for a movie premiere with the right outfit. Sometimes a Wonder Woman wallet is all you need to telegraph to the world how awesome you actually are. Etsy is also a great place for your money to disappear on Harry Potter journals and Katniss necklaces, or this Time Turner necklace, which I would absolutely buy if it was real.

Get Loki T-Shirt: $12

You can buy the standard T-shirts the company sells, but the ones with fanart tend to be much cleverer and weirder and prettier (and cheaper!). I don’t buy too many since I realized placing huge works of art on your chest makes you unable to see the work of art yourself. That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally pick up a Captain America t-shirt from the men’s section of Target, though.

Ugh, I still regret not buying this Get Loki T-shirt. The people who would’ve realized its brilliance are people I would’ve attracted with this outfit and thus befriended. A loss for fandom everywhere.

San Diego Comic Con: $900

Some people go to Mecca, other people go to conventions. (Some people go to both, which is SO COOL.) $16 for the HBO Game of Thrones Epic Fan Experience with my friends, hell yeah. $55 for New York Comic Con, yes (if I hadn’t been too late to buy tickets!).

$200 for San Diego Comic Con, plus an extra estimated $800-900 for hotel and airline costs. Um. Can’t they stream it online?

Game of Thrones Bookset: $150

Remember the Harry Potter theory books? Before them, I discussed Harry Potter theory with my fellow nerds as we sat out of gym class. I would read snippets of these books in the library before switching to the Internet to read as many rumors as possible. Now, the recent Marvel Universe movies have gotten me interested in the myriad versions of each character. I walked out of the Captain America 2 movie and bought two Marvel comic books. You also read books to find out what happens on a TV series: Game of Thrones is at five books, Hannibal is set before the actual books so it’s all foreshadowing, and Sherlock has a myriad of short stories. They help you get the references — “speckled blonde,” anyone? Except for Game of Thrones, that just gives other people sordid power over us who spend their precious reading time on books where we don’t know what’s going to happen next. I don’t buy those books out of principle, but also from lack of time and money. But mainly principle!

Total Cost: $1,087.49.

!!! Look how much money I’ve saved! Probably because the bulk of my indulgence is the free fandom community on Tumblr. Oh, Tumblr. Tumblr, Tumblr, Tumblr. Thank you for existing. I spend hours and hours on there. I can’t help but constantly reblog gifs, funny photos, silly fanons (fandom ideas of stories relatively unsupported by the actual media but agreed upon by the masses, like an inside joke), great analyses, and beautiful fanart.

Of course, this is where I found references to all the above, so maybe fandom is just another means of the desire-buy-desire-buy cycle of consumerism.

The amount of time I spent laughing over this gifset, though? Priceless.

Sulagna Misra is a writer in NYC, a superhero in her head, and a nuisance on Twitter. You can also follow her fandoms on her website.


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Allison (#4,509)

re: Loki


I almost bought the Gail Simone volumes of the new 52 Batgirl on Monday, but was feeling cheap and I still just want to get them from the library.

Marille (#5,933)

Wait, Hannibal Season 1 is available for only $12?!?!?! That’s it, I’m off to Target. Kthxbye!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Marille You will not regret it.

keystar (#4,042)

@Marille To be clear, I haven’t bought any of these things YET. I’ve been eyeing the Hannibal DVD for ages, but have not had the time for the long weekend extravaganza of watching every little DVD feature that the purchase would entail. Maybe for July 4th weekend…

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

@keystar THIS IS MY DESIGN THIS IS MY DESIGN THIS IS MY DESIGN. Also FYI Bryan Fuller is doing a weekly talk back on AVClub every Saturday morning, where he discusses the previous night’s episode. It is pretty rad:

But for realsies, Hannibal is the best show currently on TV, correct?

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@keystar Buy it. Heck, buy it used off eBay. You will not regret it.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@TheDilettantista Ooooh, I didn’t know about his AV Club talks! Thanks!

callmeprufrock (#5,158)

@LookUponMyWorks Fuller is one showrunner whose opinions and commentary I actually WANT to hear (*cough* Moffat *cough*). Might have to get the DVDs!

themnemosyne (#4,384)

Tumblr is my fandom LIFE. I have a totally embarrassing blog that I love, for all things Marvel.

E$ (#1,636)

That Loki shirt IS amazing, but so is your restraint!

bgprincipessa (#699)

I have a Time Turner necklace. It’s amazing.

laluchita (#2,195)

It’s possible that Bryan Fuller answered your question “How is Alana Bloom so well-adjusted?!” in season two with “nope, she’s not.” SIGH. Why is Hannibal so good and why has it totally abandoned all of its female characters. WHYYYYYYYY

keystar (#4,042)

@laluchita Oh man my friend and I were talking about that last night! I think she’s an interesting character, because she clearly presents as “healthy,” to the point that she avoids any perceived “unhealthy” emotions. Like when she tells Will she likes him but sees him as “damaged” (or some other rude term), but then likes Hannibal who, to her, reads as “healthy” because he has no emotional problems, because he has no emotions. She could use with a bit of challenging character development though.

Katz, though…sigh.

laluchita (#2,195)

@keystar If anything, I’d like her to present as less healthy or at least more **something**. This whole season it’s like her stage direction has been “look vaguely sad, serve a source of sexual/plot tension between Will and Hannibal.” She’s become an object of the plot, rather than an agent in her own life. On the first season it had the most interesting/complex/smart/competent female characters of any show on tv, and this season they’re all dead/missing/dying/victimized. It just makes me really sad.

keystar (#4,042)

@laluchita Truth. I miss Abigail Hobbs :(

Get Hannibal NOW!!!! Watch season one, stream season two on NBC (it only has two epsiodes left this season). Get yourself caught up so you can watch season 3 live with the rest of us Fannibals. PS: Alana Bloom isn’t well adjusted as you will learn in season two. Though from the comments here and all the crap on tumblr I seem to be in the minority with my love of what’s going on with Alana this season.

ohnohope (#5,731)

its like you stole my internet history and wrote and article about it. Only my necklace is the snitch and my t shirt is star wars safari and my show is arrested development

keystar (#4,042)

@LizJordan Ooh you should click on the last Tumblr link, ever since I found that I keep making that reference.

callmeprufrock (#5,158)

Fandom is probably the cheapest thing in my life, if we divide hours spent enjoying it per week by the cost of participation. Tumblr is free, much of the media I consume is streamed free, books are cheap and only need to be purchased once. I realized this earlier today, actually, and over my lunch break renewed my membership to OTW, the nonprofit that runs Archive of Our Own and the Transformative Works peer-reviewed journal of fandom scholarship. $25 for hundreds of hours a year of fic reading? That’s a bargain.

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