Our Snacks, Ourselves

I’m not quite sure how I even found Snacks Quarterly, an internet publication for the “distinguished snack enthusiast,” but here we are. Some gems include this ode to the snacks that are available for a limited time only by Brooke Barker:

French Toast Crunch is gone. So are Crispy M&M’s and Lemon Ice Gatorade—they stopped making them. No one even knows why they did it. I’m not even sure who they is, but they get rid of snacks every day.

Today the number of people currently alive on earth is seven percent of the earth’s total since-the-begininning-of-earth population. Without doing any research at all I’m going to guess that the number of available snacks is only ten percent of the total available snacks that have ever existed. The other ninety percent you’ll never see again.

An advice column called “Snask Beth”: “Well, Amy, I find that grilled cheese triangles are the best snack when you can’t decide where to go out to dinner with your semi-new boyfriend.”

And this hot tip:

A+ tip, right there.


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la peagoise (#6,003)

My work computer tells me that snacksquarterly.com is a malicious website.

In more ways than one.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Brb, going to go get some snacks.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

@lemur_niemer Also one of my favorite perks about my job is that the vending machine is owned by the company and is re-stocked with snacks from cost-co at cost. I can get good kettle chips for 35 cents and a can of soda for 55 cents.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@lemur_niemer You rub that in whenever you get the chance! I t’s so mean! ;)

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Damn Tagalongs got the best of me.

moreadventurous (#4,956)

excellent choices in billfold office snacks.

Not to belittle the rest of your work on this site, but this is one of your best finds ever.

ceereelyo (#3,552)

thank you for this. My work BFF and I are known to be snack enthusiasts in the office. It’s that Cubelife mentality.

Oh yes, the crispy M&M – we have been having an office-wide conversation about this lately (Easter candy and all)…the pretzel M&Ms don’t cut it, but apparently they still make the crispy ones in the UK. We are snack heavy at work – there was an uproar when I went to unload my “Celebration Cake” Weight Watchers snack bars in my candy bowl, but they got eaten up pretty quickly when I said I was going to replace them with actual chocolate.

Allison (#4,509)

I got an Australian hooked on peanut butter M&Ms, which they don’t have – something else is in the red orange bag down there – so I carted a kilo of them down to New Zealand where we had an exchange.

Also everyone declaring food in the customs line in the US was saying “Tim Tams”.

My favorite snack lately is Trader Joe’s Movie Theater popcorn. Perfectly buttery and salty!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Allison My best friend and I would eat BAGS of the peanut butter M&Ms when we were studying for finals in college. Cause, you know, brain food with all that sugar.

Allison (#4,509)

@andnowlights my second grade teacher would give us a single mini m&m during tests as “brain food”, so that’s endorsed science over here.

andnowlights (#2,902)

Wait, they stopped making crispy M&Ms? That’s too bad- they were so good! I must admit I’m a huge fan of the mini M&Ms and that’s what I usually get!

I keep a candy jar on my desk for my students and it’s amazing how much faster it goes when there’s a variety of candy instead of just, say, Hershey kisses. We also keep a drawer of random snacks and the fruit gummies are by FAR the favorite, which I think is so cute.

thegirlieshow (#5,285)

Tim Tams foreva!

Goodie (#5,447)

@thegirlieshow tim tams and mint slices are what I had for breakfast. Yum! And chocolate has dairy so it’s pretty healthy im sure

EmilyAnomaly (#4,238)

does anyone remember mint crisp m&ms, circa 2008? RIP

Target now has Nutella with dipping sticks in a convenient snack size. Just sayin

TLeela (#5,849)

That might be the best opening line anyone has ever written.

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