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It’s Time to Do 1 Thing

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Each of the editors will be taking turns with Do 1 Thing starting this week.

I already did my 1 Thing, which was go get some passport photos for my emergency last-minute passport. I did it at the drugstore, which was an interesting experience because they took it in the middle of the store next to the leftover Easter candy.

“We just need to take it in front of this white column,” the woman working the camera said.

The cost of two little passport photos: $13.10. Which seems like a lot? But I happily paid to get it over with.

Photo: The Barrow Boy


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RiffRandell (#4,774)

A relocating friend gave me a new bed and some other stuff a week ago (including a not terrible vacuum) and I have yet to really organize this stuff beyond sleeping in my new bed. So I will clean, organize and vacuum!

Marille (#5,933)

My bank sent me a new debit card, because…reasons (I didn’t actually read the entirety of the letter). I need to authorize it, even though the old one is already in my wallet! Meh. I’ll get to it.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@Marille There was another big security breach at a processor used by Michaels stores. That might be the reason.

Allison (#4,509)

I owe a friend an email so badly. Possibly two friends.

But I did sign up for the local shelter’s event where we’re gonna take a bunch of dogs and cats and hang out on Michigan Ave in a few weeks. It won’t be a cat cafe, but I do kind of hope I’m near somewhere with food.

thegirlieshow (#5,285)

I have to have a conversation with my roommate wherein I relay the fact that I am moving out and refrain from relaying the fact that it is mostly due to her being kind of a terrible roommate.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@thegirlieshow Then how will she learn that she is terrible?

thegirlieshow (#5,285)

@EvanDeSimone She will not, but I’m too excited about my new, roommate-less apartment to care.

DebtOrAlive (#5,233)

As with the past 2 weeks, the theme of today’s 1 Thing is “DebtOrAlive, get dat $$$.” My financial aid offer letter came in, and I’m less than enthused. Time to take up the admissions director on his offer to “Contact [him] anytime to assist you.”

Well, I need an A$$I$T!

Heather F G (#6,074)

I didn’t report my 1 Thing last Thursday because I SPENT THE ENTIRE DAY AT THE DMV registering my car in my home state, which I put off for uhhh, a year… *grimace*. When I went to put my new license plate on, I found that the screws were rusted to the point that there wasn’t even that dent you put the screwdriver in (my lack of knowledge of the technical term for this attests to my handiness with tools). I tried to get one mechanic to install it for me and he gave up after 20 awkward minutes with a drill (because I moved from a very rust-prone wintry place to a place where people associate rust with things that are left in the woods for decades, and thus don’t know how to deal with it), then I tried another who said they could for $115 and I was like, “Next!” So today my dad offered to do it so my One Thing is a. to take my car over to my parents’ for him to do that, and also to come to terms with the fact that this registration thing WAS EXACTLY as terrible as I thought it would be and totally worth putting off for a year.

la peagoise (#6,003)

@Heather Funk@facebook What kind of head is on your screw? Maybe you’re lucky and a hex bit will work? (so, something fits over your screw instead of going into it.) Hex bits are standard for drills, so you should be able to come up with one.

Otherwise, try putting a bit of rubberband in the screw head and seeing if that will help your screwdriver bite. It’s supposed to work with stripped screws; I have no idea the condition of your rusted screw.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@la peagoise Hah, I don’t even know. They’re basically in the same condition as the Titanic at this point… Someone said bolt cutters, but now I’m thinking maybe barnacles and salt water.

readyornot (#816)

@Heather Funk@facebook this reminds me I need to put this year’s registration sticker on my car.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@readyornot Yeah, don’t stuff it in your glove box because you think it’s garbage and you don’t feel like it throwing away and then realize what it is when you get pulled over for having the wrong sticker. Not that I’ve ever done that. Not that I was in college when I did that. (obviously I’m really on top of car stuff. Where was One Thing in the Mid Oh-Ohs?)

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Cut up my old debit card. Swiffer the floors and otherwise clean. Schedule next student loan payment.

francesfrances (#1,522)

Enrolled in a 401k plan today!!

antheridia (#2,995)

Is Logan no longer an editor? You should perhaps make a post to clarify for long-time readers.

Mike Dang (#2)

@antheridia We were going to do a chat about it but Logan told me a few weeks ago that she wants to write her own update post, so I’m going to let her do that. It’ll come when she’s ready I suppose! But officially, Logan has the option of writing whenever she wants. So she’ll appear sporadically and will haunt this site forever.

antheridia (#2,995)

@Mike Dang Thanks for the update!

umlauts (#977)

I had to call my bank to unlock my online account, for about the millionth time. I locked myself out with my inaccurate typing on Monday and haven’t had the motivation to call out of a combination of laziness and embarrassment.

Allison (#4,509)

@umlauts once upon a time I had to go into the bank to change my PIN because I forgot the (bank assigned) PIN betwen tuesday and wednesday one week, despite the fact that I’d had the card for 7 months. That was super embarassing.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Allison Oh this made me giggle because it’s completely something I would do.

ronswansonluva (#6,465)

I posted on Task Rabbit and hired someone to clean my messy front yard yesterday, I hope that counts as my one thing! I also called my property manager about our mosquito problem, and her recommendation was that we try to trap one of the bugs in a glass jar so she can look at it in her microscope (?!) and in the mean time she’ll send someone to see how they’re getting in, so making baby steps on that problem as well.

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

My 1 thing is… to… I don’t know! I’ve been really proactive lately. Yesterday, my 1 thing was to submit an app to SoFi for refinancing my federal loans, and that is done now. Woo!

readyornot (#816)

My 1 Thing is to call a credit card company to get an annual fee waived OR cancel the thing. I signed up just for the rewards!

You know, there’s no magic to passport photos. If you have a color printer at home, you can just take your own picture on a white background and print it on cheap photo paper at the right size. Of course, you have to buy the photo paper and the toner, so maybe $13 isn’t so bad.

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

1 Thing: put in my bookstore order for my summer class so the bookstore manager does not actually come and murder me in my office.

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

@BillfoldMonkey Aaaand done. Thanks, 1 Thing! Saving lives since…2013 maybe?

cawcawphony (#2,990)

My 1 thing is to go BACK to the post office (which I already walked to once today in the rain, which has now turned to SNOW)and mail a package. It was temporarily closed the first time because the worker had logged into his account at a different post office and forgot to log out, and apparently it takes hours to figure out how to fix that? Trying not to be annoyed.

crenb (#6,486)

My 1 thing is about 4 things……I need call my bank to reschedule my investing appointment, transfer funds, and withdraw money for my trip to ABQ next week. Then I have to fold the clothes that have been on my floor for two weeks. Then I need to vacuum my living room and sweep and mop the kitchen. so many things.

moreadventurous (#4,956)

I did my 1 thing yesterday (which was my thing from like two weeks ago but shhhhh…) I went to the Office of Vital Statistics to pay $22 to get a different copy of my birth certificate and then I went to the post office so I could mail it ‘certified’ to the passport office so my 1 thing can stop being about my passport like it has since FEBRUARY when I got my pixxx taken.

Mike, mine were $12 and I went to the fancy camera store because I hoped that they would take a more flattering picture of me… It sort of worked? They gave me great direction: “take off your glasses and don’t smile.”

Heather F G (#6,074)

@moreadventurous Funny story, once my BF was crossing the Canadian border, and his passport is about 10 years old now and he had a really unfortunate red ‘fro at the time it was taken. The border security agent gave him a long look and said, “Your hair really is much better this way” before waving him on. In short, you were right to go the extra mile.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

My one thing this week was to renew my drivers license. The last time I did this I elected not to have my picture retaken because I was in a hurry so I am now very pleased to have an ugly picture of my present day self instead of an ugly picture of my sunburned 21 year old self which I have been using for the past seven years.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@EvanDeSimone dang, seven years? That’s a long time between renewals! I apparently have to renew it every 4 here in stupidville (it’s come to name calling)

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@andnowlights I had to renew it four years ago, but for some reason I wasn’t required to update my photo.

ThatJenn (#916)

@andnowlights I got mine renewed in 2012 and don’t have to redo it until 2021! They also reused my picture from 2010, when I was thinner and basically glowing because I was finally getting to change my name back after a nasty divorce, which I am totally OK with – it might be the happiest picture ever taken of me.

la_di_da (#1,425)

I GAVE NOTICE AND IT FELT GREAT. Also, called my school about insurance for next year and set up a consultation appointment with a specialist. BOOM! I’m a grownup now.

birdofparadise (#6,109)

@la_di_da Congrats!

andnowlights (#2,902)

Well, my 1 thing was going to be calling in my prescription and going to pick it up because I took my last pill this morning. However, I completely forgot about that thanks to insanity of the day, so I will have to pick it up tomorrow. I did call it in, though.

My real one thing is to go grocery shopping for my end of the year work party that is on Saturday. I’m cooking for 40-45 people and I’d love to have most of the prep done tomorrow evening, if possible (my boss and I catered the holiday party ourselves and it was a smashing success)!

Also, write my thank you notes because my bosses got me the most gorgeous flowers and a gift card for Administrative Professionals Day.

ThatJenn (#916)

I did 1 Thing earlier in the week: I told my tenant that I won’t be renting the cottage to her after this December. She’s month-to-month but paid up through August, and I did tell her that if she finds a better situation before December it’s OK and I’m happy to refund rent, etc. I don’t think I’m going to rent out the cottage again afterwards, at least not for a while. The money is nice – I net a little under $400/month – but not totally necessary.

For background, the cottage is on the same property that my house is on – it’s just across the driveway. We share all utilities, plumbing, water heater, and she uses our laundry room (on the enclosed porch behind the house). Legally, the property is a single-family home, with 4 beds and 4 baths, but it’s just physically split into a 3/1 and a 1/1 (with an extra kitchen in the 1/1). I’m just really looking forward to (1) not being a landlord anymore, at least for a while and (2) not sharing my laundry room/water heater/internet bandwidth for a while. My dad also wants someplace he can come just be in Florida while telecommuting sometimes, and this could possibly be it (without him having to actually share space with me).

Sometimes, it’s not just about the $$. My relationship with my tenant has been a kind of weird one – she was living with my ex-husband when he and I got together, and she wasn’t going to be able to afford their place alone and didn’t really want another roommate, so we looked for a place where she could also stay but we could have our own space. Thus: the house I am in now. Then she and the ex drifted, the ex and I split, and I bought him out of the house, and I live there with husband #2. So she went from a friend that my then-husband was trying to help out to… a renter who’s someone I think is nice enough but am not close with? I don’t know, it just feels like it’s time to move on, and I gave her eight months’ notice, and it lines up with her last estimate for graduation as well, so hopefully it’ll work out.

In the past week I have done the following 1 Things to prepare for our move next week: switch gas, electric and cable/internet over to new address, get cashier’s check for deposit due on move in, start ZipCar membership and procure ZipCar card since we sold our car but we’ll need one for errands and moving small things, cashed check for said sold car, filled out my change of address form with USPS, and done a million little clean out/pre-pack things.

In short – my only one thing for the next week is pack/survive.

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