‘Dad’s Resume’

Bernie clicks on an application he’s looked at before but keeps coming back to. It’s a man, older, who appears to have been underemployed for eight months, piecing together contract work since a plant downsizing. The document attached to the file is labeled “Dad’s Resume.”

“Dad’s Resume,” Bernie says to himself and shakes his head. He has an idea of what kind of person Dad’s Resume might be: Late 50s, early 60s. Experienced. Possibly down on his luck. The way the document is labeled makes Bernie think that maybe the guy doesn’t know much about computers and had to rely on his kid to attach the application and e-mail it in.

Dad’s Resume, he thinks, might be the quintessential story of what it means to be a job-seeker in 2014, in this time of retraining and specialized skill sets. Maybe Dad’s skills are obsolete. Maybe he’s found his world upended. The economy is creeping back to normal. Maybe he’s putting himself out there again.

Here is an excellent piece in The Washington Post looking at an opening of a new plant in Ohio, which is looking to hire 40 people and give them a decent salary plus benefits, and how difficult it is to find the right people for the job despite the slew of resumes that come in.

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HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

I was so disappointed to get to the end of the article and find out the truth about Dad’s Resume. :(

Stina (#686)

@HelloTheFuture Yeah but go Gloria!

@HelloTheFuture Yes! The comments are also really really interesting re: no mention of whether or not interviewees are reimbursed travel expenses and the general discussion of whether young talent is ever going to move to a small factory town in today’s economy/urban oriented society.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

@JNC Musings Factory Yep. I hadn’t even thought about the risk involved in moving to a town with only one major business (and a new one at that).

City_Dater (#565)

@JNC Musings Factory

Those comments were terrific (so used to seeing trollish stuff on newspaper’s websites). Bernie struck me as a bit clueless, and I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one wondering about this stuff.

Human Centipaul (#3,559)

@HelloTheFuture And not just a new one, but one held by private equity, whose approach to industry is more “transform and sell, then find another one” than “run a business employing these particular 40 people long-term.”

Bernie definitely has some old-school tendencies, perhaps to a fault. Wanting to do initial face-to-face interviews and craving on-the-spot handshake agreements (STRONG AS OAK, JERRY) is nice and folksy, but not necessarily a realistic way of maximizing your candidate pool.

thegirlieshow (#5,285)

Yeah, way to let us down, Dad’s Resume.

Stina (#686)

Because why not add it: At an initial interview for a warehouse job my husband got a tour of the facilities with another interviewee who was wearing cut off jean shorts, a dirty ball cap, and a t-shirt. My husband was wearing clean black denim jeans and a nice button up shirt. My husband was hired the other guy was not.

E$ (#1,636)

Feeling bad for Dad, but I assume being on time was within his powers… oh, Dad.

EA_Mann (#5,000)

This is curious, since the first rule of being a Dad is making good time.

Eric18 (#4,486)

Amazed at how many of the applicants fumbled a good opportunity. But glad for Gloria!

theballgirl (#1,546)

Sounds a bit like Bernie was expecting an influx of highly qualified young-ish people. In a town of 1k. Way outside a city. Working in a factory. For 40-50k. Right.

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