Amazon Prime and HBO: Two Great Tastes That Will Taste Great Together

Attention, nerds! HBO and Amazon Prime have announced a power-sharing agreement that is much more exciting than the one happening halfway around the world, so pay no attention to Fatah and Hamas. If you have a subscription to Amazon’s extra-special-bonus soon-to-be-$99-a-year service Prime, starting May 21, you will be able to stream episodes of the shows that put the Premium in premium cable:

It means access to HBO will no longer be limited to cable or satellite provider packages, opening the door wide for the first time to cord-cutters who’ve doubtless been waiting for a deal like this to go down. It means you’ll be able to tap HBO with anything that currently supports Amazon’s Prime channel — set-tops, tablets, phones, game consoles, etc. — and gain access to whole swathes of HBO content (as well as free two-day shipping and Kindle library lending) for Amazon’s standard $99-per-year fee.

Bear in mind, if you’re not a member, that Prime content is free to Prime members; this isn’t HBO signing up to let Amazon charge you to watch these shows. Amazon says Prime members will have “unlimited streaming access.”

Perhaps Amazon acceded in order to make its rate hike more palatable to its consumers. Perhaps HBO did because it wanted to give younger people, who are increasingly likely to eschew cable altogether, an option beyond stealing their parents’ HBO Go passwords. Who cares! More Sopranos and The Wire and yes even Sex and the City, without which I would have nothing to discuss with other straight women. Your move, Showtime.


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A-M (#4,317)

But it looks like having Amazon Prime won’t mean all the HBO content is free? Ah well. Still better than what there is right now!

Allison (#4,509)

@A-M yeah, it’s only the back catalog stuff/episodes of current shows that are 3 seasons behind.

@A-M True, yes! But the back catalog is the best catalog, at least where HBO is concerned. Its golden age is past.

jfruh (#161)

Actually, I think Sex in the City is *not* on the list, because it already has separate syndication deals with basic cable channels?

I’m also kind of surprised HBO didn’t just up and make this deal with Netflix. I wonder if there was a bidding war, or if HBO sees Netflix as a competitor and thus wants to build up Amazon as a potential rival, short of a divide and rule strategy.

The same logic might explain why Amazon Prime video is available on Roku but not my beloved Apple TV. I can stream Prime videos to the Apple TV from my iPad but it’s much more of a pain in the ass than a native app would be. I suppose Amazon sees Apple as a competitor and doesn’t want to make too nice with it, or maybe vice-versa? Ahhh, wheels within wheels…

Eric18 (#4,486)

Makes me love Amazon even more! Band of Brothers, The Pacific, The Sopranos, The Wire, etc? Yes freaking please!

aetataureate (#1,310)

@Eric18 Oh man I forgot about Band of Brothers! HECK YES

aetataureate (#1,310)

This is so beautiful.

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