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Restaurant Week With Fair Labor Practices

Here’s a spin on “restaurant week,” which happens in various cities across the country and allows diners to try prix fixe lunches and dinners at participating restaurants for what is usually a fraction of the price: High Road Restaurant Week.

What is a “High Road” restaurant? Generally they have fair employment practices that include the following:

1. Providing livable wages
2. Maintaining a healthy workplace through paid sick days, vacation, or health insurance; and
3. Creating career ladders for employees through training and internal promotions policies

So with this particular restaurant week, not only do you get to try prix fixe meals at discounted prices, you also dine at restaurant with fair employment practices. Sounds like a great idea!

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Elsajeni (#1,763)

This is neat, but I wish they provided a little more information about how these restaurants are identified — whether the information about their labor practices is being provided by management or by employees, for one thing, and also whether there are specific minimum standards for things like “providing paid sick days, vacation, or health insurance.”

shallowpate (#1,701)

@Elsajeni This whole thing is a project of the Restaurant Opportunities Center, and you can find out more about their “high road” standards in the 2014 ROC National Diners’ Guide: http://rocunited.org/dinersguide/

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