Monday Check-in

Good morning! Still freezing cold out, huh? Let’s check in.

This weekend went as planned: I had dinner with friends and picked up a pecan pie and ice cream for dessert ($18), and ended up spending a little more at the grocery store than I was expecting due to restocking on some spices and olive oil ($73.85). I also got a ton of work done on Sunday. My estimate was $80 and I spent $91.85.

How were your weekends?

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annecara (#1,914)

Friday: May or may not have drunkenly bid on and won an eBay auction to the tune of $115, but I was able to contact the seller the next day and awkwardly ask to retract my bid (which the seller allowed), so technically $0.
Saturday: Did not go to Sephora, so that trip will take place today. Did order pizza, $15.
Sunday: Went to the ballet with my mom; she paid for dinner, I chipped in towards parking, $11.

Total: $26!

Stina (#686)

@annecara What did your drunken self try to buy on ebay?

annecara (#1,914)

@Stina A purse that I’ve been lusting after for at least a solid year. I would’ve gone ahead with the purchase, but given that I bought a new (and more expensive) purse last week…yeah.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Friday- as mentioned had lunch at a work event ($0) and spend $15 on gas to get home.

Saturday- looked at a possible new place for my horse to live (still not finding anything for myself), spent $1 on coffee, $4 on sewing needles because I happened to drive past a sewing/quilting store in a nearby town. Serendipity! I did not run, but should have since it was nice. Decided to try to get a discount at Dick’s Sporting Goods by signing up for their emails. I should hopefully only spend about $5 there when I actually make my purchase (thanks $100 gift card). Went to hang out with friends with per-purchased food, $0 until I got super low on gas again and spent $30 to get home.

Sunday- spent all day helping at a horse show where they fed me lunch, so I had no opportunity to spend money. Spent a weekend total of $50, but since most of that was on gas I’m cool with it.

ThatJenn (#916)

I managed my $0 weekend! I’m happy about that. We played my first-ever game of Magic: the Gathering using a friend’s cards on Friday evening, and then we didn’t leave the house until Sunday evening for family dinner (we watched Veronica Mars and read books and made cookies & quiche in the interim). We did end up having to order the pizza for family dinner but his mom got home before it arrived and paid for it, so still $0.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@ThatJenn Yay $0 weekend! We almost managed it, but not quite. We could have if we hadn’t gotten the cousin flowers, but I feel like it was the right thing to do since it was a recital! Plus I made my flowers look pretty with tissue paper and ribbon (free, from my craft drawer) and her boyfriend got the same flowers but left them in the wrapper.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@ThatJenn great job!!

Heather F G (#6,074)

Friday: Got a text while at Target picking up frozen pizza inviting me out to a dive bar… Apparently my friends have gotten wind that I’m a dissertation widow, and are doing their part to help out a lady in need. Which meant $18 sort of wasted on beer, an Italian candy bar, and impulse-bought rose flavored French mints for the night in I had supposed I was going to spend in. The beer was called Ashtray Heart Smoked Porter and was delicious when I finally drank it on Sunday. Another $20 went to stocking up on frozen pizza for my scholar BF and a box of ThinkThink bars for me because I was too excited to be among humans again to delay socialization for actual food. $6.50 went toward a drink for me and for my friend (This place was a DIVE I tell you), and then sharing the abundance of snacks she and her BF ordered at the end of the night was $0. Total: $44.50

Saturday: Dog park with Puppy, who had a BLAST and spent the rest of the day hanging out by the door of the apartment begging to be taken again- Free, but $5 for a lavender latte on the way. $11.50 for two Guinnesses during a basketball game, because my friends skipped the parade because the Cards were playing (I don’t know anything about basketball, but we won!) and the bar forgot to charge me for the Diet Coke I ordered in between (whoops!). $20 for Sushi and Icelandic chocolate from Whole Foods on the way home because it was 9 and I still hadn’t eaten. I could have spent less on fried food at the bar, but I’m trying to stay in shape for my wedding dress! Total: $46.50

Sunday, I sealed the deal on my addiction to lavender lattes on the way to class, where my kids and I discussed Transcendentalism and some people got it and some didn’t but that’s okay. $5. Dry shampoo/dog toys/ store-exclusive yogurt (cheaper than Kroger, too) and delicious tuna and cracker combos at Target ran $40. Then the grocery itself was $80, which I’m actually proud of. I got a mailer last week with coupons for things I actually buy, some of them free. All those years of Kroger tracking my spending habits finally paid off. $125

Total: $216, a little spendier than planned. But knowing that a friend in need is a friend indeed= priceless. I’ve got to get better at this but not next weekend because it’s my bachelorette party and I’m going to make it RAIN (on the Bourbon trail… this is going to be a bachelorette party cliche free weekend, thank you very much, so no anatomical jokes or barely clothed gentlemen.)

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Heather Funk@facebook I LOVE lavender anything! Lavender ice cream is my absolute favorite, and in the winter I make lavender hot chocolate. Most of my friends think it tastes like soap.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@andnowlights Lavender-flavored things get me ridiculously excited. They taste like heaven, not soap! I found out my local coffee shop had lavender syrup and literally spent a whole week trying to figure out what kind of drink I should get it in and every day I was like, “Okay, today I’ll get a lavender Earl Grey tea latte on the way home… no, tomorrow I’ll get it in coffee on the way to work…”
Lavender ice cream sounds AMAZING.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Heather Funk@facebook where does one acquire lavender lattes?

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Heather Funk@facebook Oh it is seriously the best. My mom makes it for me whenever I come home during the summer; I’ll try to get the recipe from her!

Heather F G (#6,074)

@LookUponMyWorks Monini makes a syrup! It’s really good just in a straight up latte, though I would think @andnowlights is onto something with it in a hot chocolate or mocha. If it’s not offered at your local place currently I would seriously pester them to get some.

lemonhead3159 (#6,051)

Friday: $0, as my BF was nice enough to pick up dinner

Saturday: $7 for fancy coffee drinks prior to lunch, ate so much good food at a friends St. Patty’s party that I skipped dinner ($0)

Sunday: $7 lunch, $23 groceries

Total: $37, which is way less than the $50-$70 I budgeted on Friday. I’ll take it!

andnowlights (#2,902)

Well, my grand total for the weekend was $14.93, which was a bouquet of flowers for my husband’s cousin’s recital and a jar of olives for the husband.

I estimated $200 because I had grand plans for productivity. Didn’t happen. Didn’t get a HRM, which is not that serious, didn’t bake for my students because my in-laws were in town for aforementioned recital, and my in-laws and my uncle-in-law paid for lunch and dinner out. It was a fine weekend, I guess, though thanks to the activities yesterday, it wasn’t very relaxing.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@andnowlights It’s always good to not have to spend money, but chill time should be mandatory on a weekend.

The great HRM debate always comes up when I talk fitness with people… what’s the motivation there? Is it something all people with heart rates they would like to elevate should consider?

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Heather Funk@facebook I think reasons for wearing a HRM vary! My friend wears one because she has a heart condition and her doctor doesn’t want her heart rate to get above a certain number while exercising. Some people wear them to make sure they stay in a “training” heart rate zone or not rushing their long runs (for 1/2 or marathon training). I wear one because I like to know how many calories I’m burning- it’s not exact but it gives me a better idea. Mostly, sometimes I am lazy during workouts and my heart rate should be higher. With a HRM I can just look at my wrist to see my heart rate and know whether or not I need to step it up! I am not really very good at figuring that out on my own.

Stina (#686)

Friday: Went out for pi day. Would have been w/in $50 budget but we picked up a whole pie (strawberry rhubarb) and “needed” to get whipped cream for it. Then a Girl scout and her Mom were in the check-out area with a cookie table.So we spent $1.75 on the cream and $11.25 for three boxes of cookies.

Saturday: Went to art museum paid $4 for parking. Then went to a burger place for lunch, spent $20. Was not able to sell group on going to Veronica Mars. Am seriously reconsidering the quality of my friendships given their lack of knowledge about Veronica Mars.
Also spent unplanned $10.99 on sweet almond oil.
Sunday: Church and grocery shopping. Had planned $30 but due to not eating beforehand, because seriously you’d think I would have learned by now, went banoonoonoos and spent $52.25.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Stina play hooky and go catch a matinee of “VM”!! It was sooo enjoyable!

halloliebchen (#5,373)

@Stina Mmmmm strawberry rhubarb

ATF (#4,229)

Went as expected for the most part.

Friday: ran and then ate at home before going to karaoke. Didn’t spend any money because my boyfriend bought my beers.

Saturday: took the Little Sister to Harvard Sq for sushi for lunch ($36) and to wander around. Spent an additional $18 on parking. Then met my sister/her wife/daughter at the Lego store to have my boyfriend help my niece pick some stuff out because he knows about Legos and her moms would NOT know what to do (free). Then my brother and his wife joined us all for dinner at Unos (free because my boyfriend paid).

Sunday: Craicfest 5K. Free because I paid the race fee eons ago but someone tripped me so now I have two skinned knees and a black eye. Then we went to brunch ($36 b/c I paid for the boyfriend) and to CVS (cold meds, prescription, and wrapping paper came to $34). Then to his parents house to celebrate his niece’s first birthday. Dinner and baby cake smashing entertainment were free.

So all in all I spent $124 which is about what I expected. Busy weekend.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@ATF sorry about to hear about the race injuries, but go you for running.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@ATF :( at tripping at the 5k. I am so nervous that is going to happen to me some day, especially at the beginning when everyone is all smushed together before the starting line. Get well soon!

ATF (#4,229)

@andnowlights This happened mid-race. The path was very narrow in parts so I kept getting stuck behind people that were running much slower than I wanted to. So at this one point I made a move to run up the gap between two groups of people to get ahead of them. Just as I was passing the second group of people on my right and moving over to the right, a girl in the group on the left suddenly sped up. As she did that, she stepped on my left foot. I went down HARD. I am very surprised I am not more injured.

Thankfully this is my first injury in five-ish years of running 5Ks. Next year if I run Craicfest, I’ll start closer to the front of the pack. Not that I’m fast but there were too many runners for people to ever spread out properly and sort themselves out by sped.

kentuckienne (#4,294)

My spending was pretty boring – Saturday I got a hair cut and bought a super cheap and actually pretty cute suit from Sears, where I had previously never bought anything in my life. I spent $71 in total.

We spent most of the weekend with my parents and they paid for everything, then I flew out for a work trip last night. I couldn’t even spend money at airports because I was so busy running around trying to get on a flight before the weather turned ugly (it sorta worked). Happy Monday, y’all!

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

I estimated $155 with the option to go over if my dog’s vet bill was higher than I thought, and it was, but I compensated in other places so I ended up at $160.56. Which included pizza and Veronica Mars, so that’s basically all I wanted out of life anyway. Man, I wish my vet didn’t charge me for a whole exam when my dog just needs a bordetella booster though, grr.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@BillfoldMonkey a lot of clinics will do vaccination only appointments, which are cheaper.

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

@LookUponMyWorks I know, and for a week or so after I pay for a whole appointment I think “I have GOT to switch vets!” and then I immediately forget until next time. That’s going to need to be my One Thing one of these days.

sherlock (#3,599)

I don’t think I estimated, but I’ll check in anyways:

Friday: Worked late, didn’t spend anything (other than dinner which I will get reimbursed for.)

Saturday: Worked again! Spent $8 on lunch; waffled over whether or not to submit this as an expense which I technically think I can do, but weekend lunches aren’t as explicitly detailed in the policy as dinners and it wasn’t that expensive, so I’ll just pay for it. Grabbed empanadas on my way from the office to a birthday party – $7. I wanted to pick up some beer to bring to the party, but the liquor store was closed and I was only staying at the party for a while, so oh well ($0.) I then took a cab to a second birthday party ($11), and spent $24 on drinks for myself and the birthday girl.

Sunday: Worked again, was so busy/stressed that I neglected to eat anything other than a candy bar until 8pm, so I decided to treat myself to Chinese takeout $18.

Total: $68

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

I didn’t do an estimate but I budget $100 dollars every week (starting on Friday) to cover all expenses except gas and bills. My spending has gotten out of hand and I need to move in August so this is an attempt to be more mindful and put my debit card on ice.

$47.15 — Kroger; food for the week
$12.60 — Virginia ABC; cheap vodka to infuse mandarin peels to make homemade surface cleaner
$20.69 — Target; Lemon Oreos, leggings, charging station
$3.15 — Staples; Grid paper notebook to start Bullet Journaling
$8.00 — Baker’s Crust — tip for brunch

$91.59 — Total

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@RVA_TXN good for you! But what is bullet journaling? Journaling using only bullet points?

RVA_TXN (#1,461)

@LookUponMyWorks Bullet Journaling

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

I estimated about $200, and was fairly close.

Friday I went for a run (free), spent $112 at Target for boring stuff, and watched “Hannibal” (free) & ate frozen pizza (delicious).

Sunday I had a deuce of a time getting out of the city due to a marathon (stress, free). Bought gas, $15, and tipped the masseuse $20 – maybe too much, but I felt guilty for being late. Lunch was $8.50, ticket for “Veronica Mars”!!!! was $10.25 (+ bliss).

Things went a bit off the rails when I got sucked in by the siren song of the outlet mall on my way home. I did not buy work-appropriate pants as planned, instead purchasing a swimsuit for $42 and three shirts and a skirt on major sale for $27. I am not proud…but I’m not ashamed either.

Sunday I bought a coffee for $1.75, took the dog out to the National Arboretum, and then to a self-bathing place, where she got a bath and a cow’s ear ($11.75). I spent the afternoon running, doing laundry, reading and watching season 3 of “Game of Thrones”. In the evening I decided that we didn’t have enough supplies if we truly had a snow day, so I ran to the store and bought cheese and wine ($15).

Woke up this AM to a snow day. So, if you’ll excuse me, I have more “GoT” to enjoy.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@LookUponMyWorks Those bargains! That snow day! I am jealous.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@LookUponMyWorks Marathon road closures make me nuts! I’ve managed to live in a midtown/downtown area in the last 3 places I’ve lived in (including here) and I feel like it’s always IMPOSSIBLE to get out of my neighborhood! Also, don’t beat yourself up about clothes- they are necessary!

halloliebchen (#5,373)

@LookUponMyWorks SO JEALOUS of your Game of Thrones snow day!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@halloliebchen @all ain’t gonna lie, it’s been a pretty great 72 hours.

beastlyburden (#6,122)

I estimated $168 and spent $134, but I ended up not doing laundry or getting my boots cobbled and buying more, uh, groceries (read: wine).

breakfast (#633)

Friday I bought gas after work($13) then got takeout (21) and beer (12). Went to trader joes after work Saturday, which means I spent more than anticipated (46). Then went to a friends house and bought a bottle of wine (12). Sunday was quieter, got some gardening in before the damned snow dumped on my plot, then did midterm grading for school today.
Total: $94 which is ok, I guess.

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

Well, this went south quickly. I guessed $215. I did not take into account a) an appointment with my doctor, b) actually wanting to buy souvenirs, which I never do but should more often because I visit cool places and like to remember them, OR c) successfully doing ALL THE THINGS in my friend’s town. Seriously, we hit a museum, 3 breweries, a distillery, and the zoo, plus did a bunch of shopping/walking/eating/drinking/hanging out.

Friday: $4.50 on lunch, $50 at the doctor, $20 on Donorschoose because they were doing a challenge and one of my friends needed more donors, $9 on Qdoba + $6 at Auntie Anne’s at the airport, $10 on a beer each after my friend picked me up from the airport.

Saturday: $8 on museum admission, $3 on a fancy root beer at the museum, $17 on museum souvenirs, $49 for two at a brewery, $27 for two at a distillery.

Sunday: $5 for morning bagels, $37 on zoo souvenirs, $28.50 at a brewery (with food!), $15 because we spotted a Barnes and Noble that was going out of business, and $6 on dinner at the airport.

Total: $295. I guess if you ignore the Donorschoose donation and fee at the doctor’s, I come pretty close to my estimate. I regret nothing. I had a wonderful weekend with a great friend, ate/drank a ton of tasty stuff, got to do some things my SSO doesn’t normally like to do (including having “girl talk” and drinking lots o’ beer), completely fell in love with a city in my home state (which is a new feeling for me), saw just about every touristy thing (plus a bunch of non-touristy things like locals bars, record shops, coffee shops, bookstores, college basketball, and friends-of-friends), and came home with some cool things to remember it by. Oh, and my college basketball team won out [and it is now bracket time!]. Go them.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Caitlin with a C sounds like a great trip!

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@Caitlin with a C You really hit the drinking cool drinks jackpot!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

@RiffRandell I hit the having cool friends to hang out with jackpot too. :) Most of our spots were my friend’s idea.

halloliebchen (#5,373)

I had the cheapest weekend ever and now I am getting into a no-spend vortex where I can’t bring myself to buy anything.

Friday: Puppysitting. Got paid in pizza + 5 € leftover.
Saturday: Woke up, ate cereal at home, spent 1,50 on a big water bottle on the way to the gym, came home, treated BF to lunch – 20€ – showered, did laundry, BF paid for groceries, made käsespätzle for dinner, watched a movie on the couch.
Sunday: Made breakfast, did the NYTimes crossword on the couch, went for a run, came home, ate leftovers for lunch, more laundry, took a bath, made dinner, watched tv. Spent: 0 €.

So my weekend total was €16,50 and I did a ton of stuff and had a really great, enjoyable weekend. Next weekend the BF is out of town and I am babysitting Friday and Saturday night, so it looks like my saving spree will continue!

sariberry (#4,420)

YOU GUYS I had a dream about the Friday Estimate this weekend.

I dreamt that I ended up in a bar (which was in a school cafeteria, but never mind that) with people that I didn’t like, and just wanted to get out of there. I had to pay my tab first though (in Turkish lira, no less). It added up to a lot more than I expected once I figured out the exchange rate, and I thought, “Damn, I didn’t include that in the Friday Estimate.” Heehee…

Back in real life, I think I did OK. I completely forgot to factor a few things into my estimate: $17 for a tip for my haircut; $9.50 on lunch. Then ended up spending another $10 in a coffee shop because they sold crazy yogurt flavors (butternut squash? carrot?) and I just had to try them.

On Saturday, my friend kindly bought me brunch. My husband and I each donated $18 to an anti-hunger organization that evening.

On Sunday, my book club brunch (we read The Goldfinch, SO good!) ran $27. I did a very small grocery shop too – $15. And last night I bought some cards on Etsy – $10.

I estimated $130 but only spent $106.50, thanks to my friend paying for brunch and less in groceries than expected.

pain (#661)

$43.50 – My boyfriend and I kind of take turns paying for stuff, so this weekend also included breakfast and a trip to the zoo on him and brunch on his very nice parents. Not a bad price for a pretty active weekend.
Friday: Dinner for two at a local Church’s Lenten fish fry – with beverages – $18
Saturday: Milk at the market $5.50. Coffee and tea at the market $5 Donation at a free concert $2.
Sunday: $12 admission for two to roller skating. $1 candy bar.

WalkinOnBy (#3,585)

Let me preface this with the fact that on Thursday night I found a $100 bill on the street. It is totally real. It is also all gone.

Bought lunch with my coworker $10
Dinner with dad $0
Many bars and several whiskeys $27
4am drunk food and a roommate reunion $3

Hangover brunch and roommate reunion part II $8
Party 1: $0
Cab to party 2: $5
Party 2: $0
Bar: $0 but I ended up with a beer somehow
Party 3: $0
I bought a friend drunk food $5, he probably doesn’t remember it, nor will he reimburse me

Hangover :( $0

Total: ugh I am too old for this shit and $58

erinep (#4,236)

I almost hit my estimate of about $85 on Friday night, ugh. I forgot that my co-worker and I were going to take our intern out for a belated birthday beer for her 21st. And we hadn’t done anything for his (it’s just the two of us plus our boss who is only here two days a week or so), so I bought the beers. And the cheese curds. And another round of beers for me and him. Then they left and my bf came by for what turned out to be two more rounds. and fried zucchini chip. Good grief. But, we always go right home to get the dog out and he had been home with him most of the day so it was like a quasi date night. SO, that was $67 with tip, minus his share, $12, so $55.

The dog was up and at em early on Saturday, so after I made the grilled cheese/tomato/avocado sandwich I had been excited about for breakfast, I got to jo-ann fabrics when it opened, before it got too crazy messy. I picked up a rotary cutter and mat that were on sale and fabric to make my mom a birthday present – there were shorter pieces tucked in the rolls which they gave to me at half the sale price as remnants. $49. Then my friend and I took the dog on a decent walk to the neighborhood pet store where we weighted him and he got ALL the treats for charming the socks off the ladies that work there and I bought him a chew, $8. It was nice enough, so I drove with him to Trader Joe’s, $8.50 my share, and then I went to the little sewing shop where I take my classes and paid for a class that I signed up for, bought some interfacing and a nice little tape measure. $31 after gift certificate.
Then my dog and I finally had our snuggle on the couch date. Excellent nap, FREE. The Muppet Movie, as great as ever. And dinner was a margherita pizza from TJs that needed lots of seasoning.
Groceries on Sunday, $22 my share. Spent the day doing some spring cleaning and cutting fabric with my new cutter, which is awesome, and had yoga at the Y.

ugh. $173. I slightly regret all the beers on Friday (but definitely NOT the fried food), but glad I managed not to eat out the rest of the weekend.

readyornot (#816)

Expo line ($1.50), dinner with out of town friends ($120)

We fetched my car from the metro parking lot, packed, and then headed down to San Diego for a wedding and some gorgeous weather! Pre-wedding sandwiches ($15), hotel room ($172), city parking at the venue ($2). Gorgeous wedding.

Our friends who live in San Diego couldn’t get together, so we went to the post-wedding brunch instead ($0!). After driving home, there were groceries ($75), drugstore run ($31), and air in my tires ($2). We made the most awesome springtime pasta – peas, asparagus, shallots, shiitake mushrooms, mint, and basil on big shells – then watched Cutie & the Boxer, which I’m still thinking about.

I estimated $460 and spend $418.5, mostly because we didn’t pay for Sunday brunch.

Hm ok.

Gas $36
I estimated $30 at dinner on Saturday, spent $40 to cover $10 of Mr Polka Dots’s meal, since he bought me lunch on Friday. I spent $10 on wine for us on Friday rather than exponentially more at Happy Hour, and $23.08 at Target instead of $30.

So $109.08 total. I think I had estimated $70-80?

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

Friday: Coffee and an egg sammie, $7

Saturday: Brunch again at Friend of a Farmer, $21. Then off to scavenge for free samples at Sephora and get in a little fitness at the gym, both free. Headed allllll the way up to the Upper West Side for mediocre margaritas, $20. Then straight across town to a friend’s bday party after that in the Upper East Side, but ghosted early in favor of reading and sleep.

Sunday: Bagels with the roommate, $8. Grocery run, $20, and CVS run (how am I always the only roommate to get toilet paper? Maybe it’s just THAT important to my happiness), $8. After that, my day was just sheer laziness with watching Game of Thrones and Portlandia.

I really feel like I forgot something but maybe I was just really lazy and thus financially responsible this weekend? Impressive, self. Went a little over budget thanks to the margaritas and brunch (estimated around $50) – spent a total of $84 this weekend. Not great, but not too shabby.

moreadventurous (#4,956)

I think I estimated $70…

Friday: $5 on breakfast tacos, and then I stayed in with pasta, wine, and netflix.

Saturday: $3.50 on coffee. I tried (and failed) to ‘do’ SXSW. I’m still not exactly sure what money I did spent though because two girls paid us $10 to cut in line, then my friend gave me $4 to go find us some beers to drink and then I paid $20 after we gave up, went to a bar where we turned out to know several employees and got hooked up with very cheap drinks. I biked home, and successfully did not make a bad decision regarding a midnight text message I received.

Sunday: I went to breakfast with my roommate and his sister; he paid despite my attempts. I spent another $4 on coffee studying for the GRE with my friend. Then $11 on thai takeout that I intended to save half of for lunch today… oops. I ended up meeting up with that friend who was in town for the week, and stayed out until after one which means I’m the sleepiest girl with no food for lunch today.

So only $30ish! But seriously, I own no food.

Friday – stayed in to start rewatching Lost since Grand Budapest Hotel was sold out near me already, $10 for beer.
Saturday – took my car in, splurged for tire rotation, found out I need my brakes fixed :( but decided to put that off until the next paycheck. Got a couple of cleaning supplies – total, $65
Sunday – Disneyland with mom! I have a pass and I had already bought my mom’s ticket and she paid for everything else so $0 spent.

I had guessed either $60 or $100 depending on the car stuff so I did pretty good!

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

This weekend I felt pretty anxious. I’m hoping it does not become a weekend phenomenon? I soothed myself with junk food, which is probably not a sustainable solution.

Friday: $9 for shake shack lunch (yum)and $10 for produce
Saturday: $72 for groceries (stock up on all the things that come in boxes or jars). My plans changed last minute so then I spent some time cooking and whining and generally being an anxious annie. I bought some shoes online ($50). Then I was partially soothed with beer ($7) and homemade pizza.

Sunday: Open house (e.g. I had to clean a lot and then leave). Brunch $42 (for 2) and a cookie ($4). Some emergency taco bell on the way home ($2) and then relaxing and cleaning [again] last night.

Total: $186 Hm. Not so bad from a dollars perspective, but having people (strangers!) in my home (without me!) was really upsetting.

EmilyAnomaly (#4,238)

I’m still waiting on Comcast to get my internet going and I didn’t get groceries this weekend. The only thing I accomplished was laundry, which means my total spending for the weekend was $1.75, $100.25 under budget. Wowsa

fivetoolmike (#5,164)

I ended up blowing waaaaaaaay past my estimate, even though my bf bought my dinner on Friday night. I estimated ~$90, and spent about $450. It’s ok, though, because it was mostly due to buying plane tickets to NYC in May to meet with our ring designer/visit friends. Otherwise, I also paid for another friend’s birthday on brunch on Sunday and spent $30 on comic books since I hadn’t been to the store in a few weeks.

I also got my income tax refund and bonus from work last week, so I feel like I did pretty well to resist splurging.

calamity (#2,577)

I never read the Billfold on snow days, so here’s my Tuesday check-in.

Friday: Had to pay back date in beer for the tickets he bought, then had to buy some for myself to drink too. Ended up spending $41. Egalitarian dating is expensive!

Saturday: $10 for a breakfast sandwich and a muffin. I’d say they were overpriced, except they were also both DELICIOUS, would pay for & eat again, etc. Napped, then $13 for a bottle of wine to take to a friend’s party.

Sunday: Slept embarrassingly late and … I think that’s it?

Total: $64, $1 under my estimate. Unfortunately I proceeded to spend $61 more on the snow day, but unless it’s a planned three-day weekend Mondays off don’t REALLY count in my book so I’ll consider it a win.

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