Monday Check-in

Good morning! Have you adjusted to Daylight Savings? Let’s check in.

This weekend, I picked up a bottle of scotch for a friend’s birthday ($65.31), which was held at Shake Shack at Madison Square Park so people could bring their babies and puppies. I spent $27.89 on burgers, frozen custard, and beer, and then another $8 when we found a bar in the area later in the evening. Groceries were $64.85 for the week. I had estimated $130 and went over my estimate by $36 at $166.05.

How were your weekends?


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PicNic (#3,760)

I had estimated $130 and came in at $136 and I don’t feel too bad. I spent a lot of money on cabs this weekend though, which I’m typically not a fan of doing.

Friday I cabbed it to the theater district ($7.48). My friend met me and we went to a terrible hotel bar with overpriced bad cocktails because every bar in the area was full. She bought a round. Then we went to the Wang and I bought drinks ($32). Then after Chelsea Handler we took a cab to our neighborhood ($11.60) and ate Chinese food (I owe her $15) and then I put her in a cab home, I paid ($5.56). I had anticipated spending $65 and it came out to $71.

Saturday I was running late so took a cab to meet friends near MIT. Uberx had given me a fair quote of 15ish and the guy kind of took me for a ride so it ended up being $21.59 (I’m still pissed). I paid for the first round ($27) and then we went to a second bar and one of my friends bought a round. Then one girl had a bit of a meltdown so went home and that kind of killed it. I had one more drink ($5) while we figured out what we were doing. I was hoping to make the train but didn’t so took an uberx home and it was only $11.60 (almost half what the fair there was!). I had estimated $80 but it only ended up coming out to $65.

Yesterday I did a bunch of stuff around the house I had been meaning to do and on-demand rented the 2nd hunger games movie and ate popcorn and napped. It was a glorious day by myself. This is the first week I don’t have anything to do during the week in a long time and I’m looking forward to laying low over the next few days and getting myself oriented after the time change.

Allison (#4,509)

Lunch on Friday with friends visiting: $11
Stop at the grocery store so I could feed myself with 0% effort + cider: $14

Saturday: Busy day. Trip to Sephora $70 and lots of smearing glittery things on our hands. $9 for lunch before $4 for a great cupcake. Kind of sad I only had one. $20 for dinner and $12 for a cab home after we realized the bus we’d already waited 10 minutes for wasn’t going far enough and the next one wasn’t for another 15.

Sunday: Brunch! $48 and a solid buzz because I did not expect that prosecco drink to hit me as hard as it did. Then I napped and my friend’s mom made a delicious dinner. And then I yelped a lot watching the end of True Detective.

Total: Like $190 but I kept it under $200! and it was great to hang out with everyone who was in town. But now I would like another nap and a day to chill. Instead work and packing because oh god I leave on Wednesday and that is soon.

lemonhead3159 (#6,051)

I estimated $55 and ended up spending $58. I would’ve been under budget had I not spent $10 on Giant-brand Swiffer-like cleaning products!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@lemonhead3159 cleaning products get me every time!

RiffRandell (#4,774)

I didn’t estimate because I was already en route to NYC, but mentally estimated $90.
Friday: Due to poor planning I arrived at the train station and spent $6 on a cliff bar and gum, both were absurdly over priced! Spent $10 to reload my MTA card, then checked out the gallery my friend works at. We went to the Barclay center for a concert (prepaid and excellent) and I spent $5 on a pretzel because beer is not a meal.

Saturday: Woke up hangry and mercifully had coffee and then brunch courtesy of my friend being in grad school and still on a meal plan. Lord I miss the days I swiped a card, spent prepaid money and got food! It was a typical cafeteria smorgasbord (eggs+ french toast stick+ lasagna? why not!) and glorious. Spent $7.50 on more MTA travel and met up with friends in midtown. Spent $20 on Thai food for dinner, which was more than my share so my friend paid my share of a cab to the east village. Since it was my Birthday I was treated to numerous free drinks.

Sunday- home way to early and literally slept the entire train ride. It is my birthday and I will occupy 2 seats while sleeping on my back! Spent $5 at Dunkin for breakfast, $22 for parking and then $10 on Chipotle for lunch. I chilled at home with my horse and used the magnets my parents sent to cover my fridge with photos. $86 very well spent!! (except for that damn gum)

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@RiffRandell Happy post-birthday! Sounds like a great weekend!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@RiffRandell Happy belated birthday!

I work on a university campus and whenever I get food from the cafeteria (OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED), I get so jealous of the swiping meal plan. They don’t know how good they have it (I didn’t know when I was in college).

Stina (#686)

@RiffRandell Happy Birthday RiffRandell!

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@Stina @andnowlights @LookUponMyWorks Thanks ya’ll!

callmeprufrock (#5,158)

Friday: Enjoyed a rare delivery dinner with a houseguest, $27.

Saturday: Took maximum advantage of the nice weather with a friends-and-errands day. Brunch with the same guest at Penny Farthing (go french toast!), $15. Late lunch with a coworker at the flawless UWS Fairway cafe, $10. Birthday presents for cousins, $32. Three loads of laundry and two dryers, $14. Round-trip Metro North ticket, $21.50.

Sunday: Nada, unless you count the therapy I will need to face a future without True Detective. Though time and DVDs are flat circles, etc.

Bringing the total to $107.50. I guesstimated $125, so happy to come in under budget!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

I didn’t estimate on Friday, which is okay because any guesses would have been far off. Lots of surprise activities happened this weekend (in a good way!). Brief sample: brunch, museum hangouts with an old friend, tasty beers at RFD, cupcakes, tasty beers at the new Heavy Seas brewpub, and extensive catching up on the DVR. (Don’t worry — Cosmos is a treat for later this week!) I spent about $120 on food and other things, and about $2080 on plane tickets. So… $2200. Yikes. (Good thing I’ve been saving for this!)

andnowlights (#2,902)

@Caitlin with a C $2080 on plane tickets? I hope you’re going somewhere amazing!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

@andnowlights I am! Multi-city foreign vacation! (…so also it’s important to point out that more than two flights are involved in these plane tickets.)

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Fun weekend and the sun was amazing! On Friday, I only had a few firm plans so I hoped to keep it around $100 for the weekend, which I managed to do.

Groceries, including flowers as a hostess gift: 29
Vase from TJ Maxx for flowers: 5.63
Thai takeout: 13.00
catching up with a friend, watching ‘Hannibal': free

Saturday I hung out on Cap Hill, so
Parking: $3
Biggest burrito ever (and drink): $9.50
Gas: $15
Party all night: free and fun (hostess gift purchased day before)

Sunday: kinda disappointing and very expensive yet alcohol-free brunch: $16.50
Target for toiletries: $14.30
Taking a long walk and stopping by the library for more books: free!

Total: ~ $108

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

@LookUponMyWorks Omg how great is Hannibal?

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@BillfoldMonkey So disgustingly great!

ATF (#4,229)

I didn’t have a solid weekend in place when I estimated Friday so I only had a guestimate as a number. Happily it all went swimmingly.

Friday: went over to my friend’s house for take out and a movie as they could not get a baby sitter. Spent $22 on cupcakes/cookies from Flour and then an additional $10 on my share of the takeout.

Saturday: took Little sister’s cat to the clinic to see about spaying. Got a distemper shot and orders to come back in 3-4 weeks for a booster. Shot cost $20 and I may well see about going elsewhere for the rest of it. The clinic was great and the staff lovely but it was also completely mobbed and it took 3 solid hours to get seen. I did give them a $10 donation. I also spent $33 on a tank of gas.

Then I spent $6 at Dunks and went to drinks/tots with the boyfriend (he paid because it was the Depths which is cash only and I had none). After that we went to watch the Revs season opener with a supporter club (boyfriend bought my beer as he is the Revs fan not me) and to Tasty Burger for late night drunk food ($10).

Sunday – never made it out of my pjs. Had pizza brought to me but boyfriend paid. Spent $0.

So I spent $134. Not too bad.

PicNic (#3,760)

@ATF I love the Lower Depths! best tots. best menu when you want everything deliciously bad for you! now that I know you’re a fellow Bostonian I love checking out your check-ins to see if I can find out new fun things I didn’t already know about in the city.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@PicNic Hey, I’ve been there! Those tots were delicious, wish I could transport the Lower Depths to the Mid-Atlantic!

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

Estimated anywhere between $35-55 and ended up spending $52 although the sad thing is when I sat down to add it up I couldn’t even remember what I spent most of that on–it was a trip to Target but for boring necessities like new toothbrushes. I feel like for $52 I should have had more joy than just what I gleaned from a $7 burrito at Chipotle. Sigh.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@BillfoldMonkey I feel you. I spent almost $15 at Target for necessary toiletries…if it weren’t for them, I’d be under $100.

PicNic (#3,760)

@BillfoldMonkey I totally feel you. My biggest pet peeve thing to spend money on is trash bags. They’re totally necessary. And ultimately it’s worth getting the more expensive ones that have the stretchiness because nothing. NOTHING. is worse than a ripped trash bag. And then you want to get the biggest box so you never have to buy them again. and then suddenly you’ve spent like $15-$20 on a box of trash bags and you feel like it is all for nothing.

@BillfoldMonkey I was so upset at myself for spending $30 at Target that I didn’t budget for, but have to keep reminding myself it was all necessary stuff – and heathcare stuff at that (well except for the batteries. Why are batteries so expensive??). I didn’t even include it in my check-in because I just want to stop. feeling. bad. about it.

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

@PicNic Best thing I ever did in my life was buy a Costco box of trash bags. I swear to god it took me three years to use them up and I stopped feeling the pain of paying for them like 4 months into that. Almost makes me want to get a Costco membership again.

breakfast (#633)

This Friday I spent $13 on Korean take-out, then saw some galleries in the neighborhood, $0, then $3 on True Detective snacks (candy) when I walked my dog later on.
Saturday I taught, and picked up a muffin and coffee beforehand, $4, Then got some groceries, $18, then went to the Print and Multiples Fair and bought my boyfriend a zine, $10. A trip to the other grocery for dry goods, $16, and then dinner out before another opening,$16.(2 weekends of eating out twice!!!)
Sunday it was warm and I got real antsy about gardening, so I bought some seeds and seedstarter mix, $36 (wayyy overboard w amount of seeds). Coffee and donuts for me and boyfriend, $5, then target trip, $21, but I used a giftcard from returning an ill-advised dress from a couple weeks ago. Total: $134.

andnowlights (#2,902)

Dermatologist: $63
Ulta: $8.73
Target (necessities: bananas, Reese’s Eggs, and a glass water bottle I saw two weeks ago and couldn’t stop thinking about): $16.05

Total: $87.78

I estimated $50, but the dermatologist ended up being more than I was expecting (office visit fee! bah). I did not get my heart rate monitor because I could not find them at Dick’s to compare them and could not find an employee, so that can wait until later in the week/month/year.

Also, on Saturday we went for a walk to our favorite park and while the weather was GORGEOUS, they drained the pond so it was super nasty and smelly. Way to ruin the ambiance, parks and rec!

ThatJenn (#916)

First day back at work after a week of vacation… oh, well.

We didn’t do a full grocery run this weekend after all – we spent $29 on some things to round out a couple meals but will go back after I’ve had a chance to review the sales. (I estimated $60.) That said, we have what we need for a few days at least, so maybe we’ll make it towards the end of the week and this will be good enough.

We skipped the geocaching event because I was just exhausted. So that’s a tank of gas and a fast food run saved!

However, we went out for brunch on Saturday because we slept in and got low blood sugar and I got too sad to make anything ($32), and THEN my husband got his acceptance letter to transfer to the university where he’ll complete his degree, so: celebratory sushi! ($52) I’d estimated we’d go out to eat with friends once over the weekend and also get lunch out, but this was a bit more expensive overall than I’d expected ($84 total vs. $60 estimated). Worth it for yummy sushi though.

Sunday was a $0 day! I made a pumpkin pie because I felt like it (my first ever – it was essentially the recipe off the pumpkin can but it came out great so I’ll stick with that), made pasta dough and filling for ravioli I’ll make tonight (also a first… we’ll see how that goes), and we went to the library and spent what felt like hours taking in its awesomeness. I was inspired by a trip to a bookstore the day before where we stared longingly at books we shouldn’t buy, and I know libraries are in no way a new concept but I just hadn’t been in years and suddenly wanted to do the same book shopping but leave with free books I could then unload when I finished reading. I use the Kindle book check out nearly every week but rarely go to physical branches, so it was fun. Like I said, nothing others don’t already do all the time but I felt like I was discovering the whole world over again. Then, archery in his mom’s backyard and family dinner and reading and bed.
Total: $113. I estimated $172. Excellent.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@ThatJenn Yay for celebratory sushi! It is way fun to have your spouse on campus (speaking from experience).

ThatJenn (#916)

@andnowlights Do you know how ridiculous I am? I actually forgot that this means he’d be right here every day! That’s pretty cool! We could have picnic lunches and stuff!

Heather F G (#6,074)

My BF ended up surprising me at work on Friday, so we grabbed lunch for $20. Dinner ran over a little bit because we OD’d on sushi, so it was $64. I took a pair of shoes back to Target Friday night and got a little carried away with clearance tops, which ended up being $50 WELL SPENT (Just because there are bikinis at the front of the store doesn’t mean they’re at the front of my “wearing any time soon” list, $3 turtlenecks are, however).

Luckily, since my fiance is dissertating, after spendy Friday he parked himself at his desk and left me and the puppy to amuse ourselves the rest of the weekend, which we did by making pizza at home, going to obedience class (paid for in February), practicing obedience class tricks, and working out, for a grand total of $0.

Sunday I DID get my latte, but the ensuing caffeine-fueled discussion of the Cold War, Postmodernism, and Donald Barthelme that I had with my middle school English Enrichment kids was AMAZING.

So this weekend came to a total of $140-ish, not counting wedding invitations (for which my mom wonderfully came through with a check).

calamity (#2,577)

Friday: Stayed in, slept a lot, messed up my circadian rhythms. $0

Saturday: Ran a few errands since it was so nice outside; stopped at Safeway for cheese and an avocado, left with $74 worth of groceries. (Amy’s frozen meals were on sale though!) Went barhopping with a friend who I owed money to, and spent around $30 on drinks for us.

Sunday: nursed my hangover at a birthday party for a dog. $0 because it’s my dad’s dog which means it’s basically mine which means I didn’t have to bring anything for the hosts OR for the dog, haha.

Total: $104 vs. an estimate of $60. Underestimated the groceries as well as whether I’d feel healthy enough to go out Saturday night.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Friday: Lunch: $11, Glasses: $95 (to be reimbursed via FSA account)
Saturday: Takeout: $11
Sunday: Lunch with friends: $10

Under the estimate!

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

I estimated $147.

Friday: No spending other than the breakfast sammie and avocados, $7.

Saturday: Swimming (free). Was lazy for most of the rest of the day, got an iced coffee ($4) and tried to study but the Park Slope mommies were out in full force so I had to leave the coffee shop before I went nuts. Went out to a cheap dinner and then a bar afterwards for a friend-of-a-friend’s birthday party, $20. Oh yeah I paid for the taxi from the restaurant to the bar even though I hate doing that because I have an unlimited MTA card, sigh, $14. I never know how to get out of those situations without seeming rude, so I end up spending money I really don’t want or need to.

Sunday: Brunch! $25. Game of Thrones marathon, free thanks to my parents’ HBOGo account (yay); groceries, $20. Then dinner in the east village with my friend who amazingly decided to buy for both of us; free! And unexpected but so wonderful of her to do.

So it looks like I managed to only spend $90 this weekend!!!

cawcawphony (#2,990)

I estimated $118 but spent way less because I didn’t get new pants, which I need but hate shopping for.

Friday: $20 for drinks consumed in bitterness and anger while fighting with an ex.

Saturday: $36 groceries

Sunday: $4 at coffee shop while working, $7 on cigarettes.

Total- $67

sariberry (#4,420)

Hosting breakfast for dinner on Friday night was a big success. It was a lot of fun and we had plenty of leftovers to keep us going for the rest of the weekend. And it was free (er, minus the cost of all those groceries earlier in the week).

On Saturday, we went to my friend’s birthday party at a bar; I had anticipated spending $25 on drinks but I actually didn’t spend anything. There was tons of food and birthday cake, and I am not much of a drinker, so I was happy just eating my cake :) And we took the subway to and from, so all in all an incredibly cheap night out in the city – $0 to be precise!

On Sunday I enjoyed the warmth and took a nice long walk before grocery shopping. My half of the groceries were about $21. We also ordered some household items and canned goods on Amazon – my half was $23. The rest of the day was spent eating and reading – what a great Sunday.

Best of all, nothing “randomly popped up” that I needed to use any more money on, so all together I spent $44. I’d estimated $80something. Huzzah!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

The theme of this check-in is apparently spending responsibly at Target. Good on all of you.

annecara (#1,914)

I estimated $75 but mostly wanted to stay under $100.

Friday: Did not get my nails or eyebrows done, $0!
Saturday: $5 on tolls, $1 for a coatcheck tip, $18 for takeout.
Sunday: $25 of groceries.

$49! I was doing so well! And then…

Sunday: $140 on a purse I’ve been coveting as an early birthday present to myself. (I’ll have my husband wrap it and give it to me on my actual birthday.)

Total: $189. Sigh. But we also got our tax refund, so that cancels it out, right?

ceereelyo (#3,552)

I estimated $320

Friday – picked up diapers for friend’s shower for me and my other friend going – $22. also figured since I was at CVS to get my passport picture taken for my renewal – $9.00. I had to pick up my husband’s shirt for the wedding from the cleaners and remembered I had a couple of items there and it was a point that I should really pick them up – $50. For dinner I actually came across a groupon-ish deal for the pizzaria I was already planning on going to! It was $15 for $30 worth of food – I bought exactly $30 worth of pizza (2 large margarita pies) and put the second pie in the freezer for Sunday afternoon. Score!

Saturday – friend’s shower. Ran hard in the nice weather so I bought a Gatorade – $2.00. Friend’s shower was delightful and ate a big lunch there and raided the candy and dessert bar. I love baby showers, all the gifts are so cute and I am going through the BABY NOW feelings right now. Dinner with husband’s BF and wife – ended up going to Houlihans, so it was a lot cheaper even with booze and dessert – $45 for our share.

Sunday – we went to our friend’s wedding that was so cute, so emotional, and such a good time. They got married in a historical one-room schoolhouse and had the reception at an Irish pub. I was hungover at 4pm and I took many succulent centerpieces I could stuff into my pockets. Plus I ate a lot of cupcakes. We crowd surfed the groom and a lot of beer and wine was spilled on me while dancing, so it felt like my youth and like we were at a show. $200 for our gift to them. Defrosted pizza from the day before to nurse our early hang over and ended up defrosting some stuff to make dinner later that night, for the True Detective finale (Filipino-style spaghetti-monster obviously).

=$343 a little over but it was a fun weekend!

pterodactylish (#2,321)

estimated 100 – 60 going out and 40 groceries. i went over, but feel good about being thrifty outside of going out, which is not something i am generally thrify about.

ended up spending $90 going out (burgers and cocktails for two, my bf got subsequent drinks and the cab home), $50 on a new pot (i ruined the other one last week) soap (hand and body, organic and fancy, what budget?), cleaner things, make-up remover wipes, and new tuberware that is insanely cute, $40 on groceries.

maybe not the thrifiest home improvements and boozing, but they’ve made my life much nicer, so i’m on board.

samburger (#5,489)

I didn’t do an estimate because I am in the middle of a GIANT SPEND. It was planned, but not with much accuracy so it’s all a big terrible surprise for my frugal self.

This weekend we fed $195 more dollars to IKEA, $201 more to Target, and $142 more to Homegoods. The good news is that we now have (pretty raw pine) kitchen storage, bath towels, knives, cooking utensils, and tons of plants. The only questionable purchase was a stunning Broyhill table lamp that is more decorative than functional.

We also did a $33 grocery shop and bought a classy $12 box of wine and an actually classy $26 bottle of whiskey.

Total damage: $609


kentuckienne (#4,294)

Estimated $160 and spent $134-$20 ($114).

Friday: Deposited $20 into bank from rebates, spent $6 on fast food lunch and $16 on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at the grocery store.

Saturday: $7 on snacks, $15 on gas

Sunday: $56 on groceries, $34 on gas.

I spent $10 for beer & pizza on Friday, a little less than the $10 I estimated for lunch on Saturday ($7) but then I bought lunch on Sunday too ($8 – we really had nothing in the house, ugh). I estimated $10-15 at TJ Maxx and spent $30, but I bought a gift for my dad’s birthday later this month and they randomly had my favorite kind of k-cups so it wasn’t completely unnecessary junk. The k-cups have already served me well; I slept exactly 0 hours last night and have had about twice as much coffee as usual this morning.

I did end up spending the $30 on Mad Men seasons 4 and 5, but no gas. I estimated $50-60 and spent $85.

readyornot (#816)

I didn’t estimate on Friday and spent $261.

Friday night we got Korean tacos from the brick-and-mortar outpost of a food truck near us, $20.

Saturday was so gorgeous, 80 degrees and sunny, that we went on a spontaneous, long, long walk in the neighborhood. $80 at the cleaners, $28 for tickets to see the Grand Budapest Hotel, $3 for parking, and $25 for burgers at the Apple Pan.

Sunday we got breakfast sandwiches ($25) at our coffee shop, headed south away from the marathon traffic for a little hike, got groceries ($80).

We also started watching True Detective this past week and are now through episode 5. I really want to tell everyone so obsessed with True Detective that they should watch Top of the Lake!

Total: $261

lp917 (#5,916)

@readyornot did you go to komodo?

readyornot (#816)

@lp917 yes, komodo! hello, fellow LA friend.

where was your brother’s dance troupe performing?

lp917 (#5,916)

@readyornot i love komodo! I can walk to their one in mid-city from my apartment. i go way too often. Try the meatballs by the way- so good.

His show was at the Alex theater in Glendale, he does them all over the city and abroad and I go as often as a can. It’s super fun.

lp917 (#5,916)

IIIIIIIIIII, am the champion… my frieeeennnds….Iiiiiii spent under my estimate….. :) Sorry i had to open it that way because after I spent twice as much as I estimated in my first check in, this time i came in under!

Limited myself to $50 for the whole weekend. Almost blew it on Friday when i found a place in LA that sells cronuts that actually taste good (my brother and I have been trying them all over the city and never found a good one) and went a bit overboard. I bought three minis, a maple bacon one, a regular glazed one (why I needed a regular size AND three minis of the same flavor i do not know) and a vanilla creme one. $14 on Friday donut gluttony! I thought about my estimate when she told me the total and had a brief flash of “eesh. How bad would it be to tell her to put back half of them?” before deciding this was important research that had to be done. Delicious, delicious research.

Saturday- went for a two and a half hour hike to the Griffith Observatory and beyond, swear I got sun poisoning or something because both me and the BF felt sick when we got home and turned into napping vegetables for the rest of the afternoon. I decided that sushi would make me feel better and got my favorite sushi combo for $10. Saturday night I went to my brother’s show, free tickets and he turns into a super divo on show days so he cancelled our dinner plans due to a costume emergency/mood swing. $3 for a piece of pizza, $0 for an amazing choreography showcase that made me feel really bad for my poor sedentary body. It couldn’t do any of the things those dancers were doing! Just sat there in a chair like always.

Sunday, went to Palm Springs to meet up with some friends, $1 mcdonalds breakfast, $4 ice blended coffee from Coffee Bean, $3 auntie anne’s pretzel bites. Lunch- free! friend’s parents paid for a lovely meal of crabcakes and mimosas. Hung out at their rental house for a while $0, drove back home that night and got my sushi deal again- it’s 3 rolls with soup, rice, and salad for $10, I couldn’t resist.

Total Estimated: 50
Total Spent: $45.

lizil (#2,780)

Didn’t estimate on Friday, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing this weekend.

Friday: Stayed in and ate leftover pizza. That’s all I remember.

Saturday: BF and I met up with our friend for diner breakfast. BF and I split the bill for all three of us; my share was $11.

Then went to Costco where I got two more workout tops ($9.99 AND long enough for my torso? YES PLZ) and a huge pack of microfiber towels in my attempt to use fewer paper towels, total: $39.15

Saturday night we got slices before the local university hockey game, BF paid for pizza and then we each got our own hockey tickets ($32!!! Never have I ever spent so much on a sporting event, and a university one at that. We lost 1-2, but it was still a lot of fun.)

Sunday, $5.35 on a deeeelicious breakfast burrito, then $3.78 on a medium latte at one of our favorite spots. Another trip to Costco to get meat for dinner, which BF paid for, but I ended up buying “Wild” because it hasn’t been available at the library at all and I am impatient($10.32). Target run for new moisturizer and hand weights: $25.97)

It was 70 degrees (!!!) so we played tennis at the local high school courts (free) and BF made dinner, which we ate while catching up on House of Cards. Total: $130.77. I’d say not bad for not knowing what I was going to do. It was a good weekend!

kitryan (#6,105)

Walked out to get the drycleaning on the most beautiful day in a long time-$32.00
The pipe for my table making project was bought by Dad, because he is surpassingly generous and he picked me up at the store as I was checking out, so $0, however I still need a few more pieces that the store didn’t have. The total that I did not pay, for reference, $145.77
Dinner with parents & sister $0
Picked up emergency hand lotion, tissues at the pharmacy $3.32
zipcar for 5.5 hours instead of 5, $78ish Everything took longer than expected.
wood for table top-found a nice piece for $27
Did not make it to Ikea, will have to make that trip later in the month
On my walk home from dropping the car off I bought a birthday gift for my Mom $23.95
and some cheese $11.07
So, $175.34, which would have been $321.11 if I’d paid for all the pipe.
Either way, project weekends are much more pricy than regular weekends, which are usually $0-$120.

WalkinOnBy (#3,585)

Didn’t go home yet cause I got really sick. Grandma and my mom are spoiling me.
Total for the weekend: $391 on amazing bras.

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

Friday: Veggies for $9.98, opened a box of wine we’ve had for awhile (prepaid? free?) unpacked, did laundry, hung out.

Saturday: Ordered things from ($32) but priceless because we have been out of tissues FOREVER. Then a little-kid birthday party (fun, overwhelming, fun) and dinner with bf’s parents ($0).

Sunday: Trip to NJ went about as planned. I didn’t refill my gas tank so I’ll put off the $20 for gas until this weekend. $12 for food, $4 for parking, $17.50 for unplanned coffee (bean) purchase, $5 for chocolate (worth it!) and then home to clean.

Total: $82ish. Under estimate. Bam!
After last week’s eating out / travel extravaganza I had no desire to order take out. Who am I? I don’t even know any more. I’m sure I’ll be back to my normal pizza-delivery ways this weekend.

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